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  1. gandkinFL

    Vison 5 night menus and compass

    I'm interested in this too. Leaving on Monday.
  2. gandkinFL

    Vision of the seas

    Good to hear. We will be on Vision in two weeks.
  3. My husband is a retired firefighter/paramedic and we did manage to get the discount one time. Usually if we get a discount now, it's the over 55 discount!
  4. Really enjoying your review and photos. My husband always takes lots of sunrise and sunset pictures also.
  5. Even though we live closer to Miami, we chose Enchantment when we took a 3 day cruise last year. Enchantment is a nicer ship and we prefer PC as a port over Miami.
  6. Loving this review! The pictures of Charleston were beautiful. One of my favorite cities. So glad Judith is feeling better. Looking forward to Bermuda.
  7. gandkinFL

    --> My View of the Vision <--

    Thank you so much for your observations concerning Vision. We will be on her in 4 weeks for the first time.
  8. Looking forward to your Vision review. We will be on her for the first time in 4 weeks. Considered this cruise, but decided to save up for a TA next year. Have a great cruise!
  9. Enjoying your review and pics!
  10. gandkinFL

    Whats not to miss in Windjammer

    Another vote for the bread pudding. Also love the sweet bread. I agree the Honey Stung chicken is hit and miss. Our cruise on Enchantment last month it was pretty good.
  11. We were on Enchantment recently and I did notice that the portions seemed smaller. It wasn't a problem for me. Left more room for dessert!