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  1. I'm sorry, I must have misunderstood. The articles did mention that they could start as early as mid-July. I'm sorry for any confusion I might have caused.
  2. They can choose whether or not to require vaccinations. The letter only states that 98% of crew and 95% of passengers need to be vaccinated in order to skip the test sailings. It's up to the cruise lines on whether or not to meet that requirement. If they chose not to, they have to go through the required test sailings, which will push their start dates back.
  3. As a matter of fact, I do. I found this online this morning with all cruise lines and when they plan on restarting operations: When will cruise ships resume sailing? A line-by-line guide (thepointsguy.com) Some are not restarting all their ships right away, while others are not starting them at all or are restarting them from countries outside the US.
  4. TECHNICALLY the cruise lines are allowed to start sailing again from the US on July 3rd, provided they meet certain standards. However, Royal can still choose independently on whether or not they restart at that point for everyone's safety.
  5. My niece is coming with me on my next cruise, and she is 9. She needs a test three days before we leave (which we were already able to arrange). My mom works in a hospital (and I work in a nursing home), so we're going to get her tested at the hospital (the hospital just told us to bring her in as the date gets closer). If Royal does require that they test before they board (and they've given no indication that they will), they will probably be BINEXED, which is a rapid test that will get you your results in 15 min. The PCR will take a minimum of 3 days to come back, so I don't
  6. I think there's a lot going on with the vaccinations. Crew are just starting to get their vaccines, and are probably waiting to restart until they take full effect. In the meantime, the companies may be working on guest policies and guidance, especially in regards to vaccines (will the unvaccinated be allowed on the ship, etc.) and what mitigation strategies they'll employ. The cruise lines do NOT want another outbreak!
  7. Simple: those with bookings stay on the ship. Those without will have to wait.
  8. Mine is seeing the ship for the first time in person! I don't care how many cruises you go on, seeing the ship in person is totally different than seeing them in pictures and videos! I cannot wait to see my niece's face when she sees Anthem Of The Seas in November!
  9. Glad you're doing well, but millions of people lost their jobs last year due to COVID. We need to get those jobs back if we want to recover financially from COVID.
  10. There's also not enough pressure to get the cruise lines going again. They're not considered "essential" like airlines are (due to business travel). I have a feeling that there will be increasing pressure to make cruising more of a priority. Hear me out: 1.) The economy: Like it or not, cruising brings in MILLIONS of dollars for the US. Every time we port, we have to pay a fee, not just per ship, but PER HEAD. This can amount to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in lost revenue that gets paid directly to the government...PER WEEK! 2.) Cruise lines support local businesses when we s
  11. On NLC, you can reserve the shows 90 days out from your sail date, and the shows (for the most part) are complimentary. As for the restaurant reservations, you can make those by calling Customer Service once onboard or through the Smart TV in your cabin. On some of the larger CCL ships, you can make your reservations ahead of time, probably very similar to the method used for making the reservations you want on NCL. The smaller ships, from my understanding, do not offer this service. What I do know for CCL, is that you can make your dinner reservations ahead of time t
  12. I can see it being used for things beyond travel. Businesses that have had to close down due to the pandemic may consider requiring proof of vaccination. Even businesses that are open now might start requiring it for the safety of their staff and customers. Performance venues might require them for everyone's safety as well.
  13. I have one in November and one in Feb. 2022, both on Anthem. The November one is leaving out of NYC, and I forgot where the 2022 one is leaving from. I have one in August too, leaving from Maryland.
  14. I was 5 when I took my first cruise on the S.S Meridian, my sister was 9 at the time (and this was also her first cruise). Years later, we took my niece last year on her first cruise...she was 7 when we went on Norwegian Bliss. She just found out she's going on her second cruise with us in the Fall of 2021...when she'll be 9 years old!
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