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  1. We are doing a progressive reopening. Here is what we have so far: 1.) Restaurants: Can have outdoor seating, and I believe today they can offer indoor seating. Customers must wear a mask when walking to/from the table to/from their car and when the host/hostess (if there are any) are taking their order. 2.) Schools are closed for the year, students are doing online learning. 3.) Retail stores CAN open up, but some are choosing to remain closed. 4.) Golf courses are open, but with restrictions. Eat T-off time is 15 min. apart and you must caddy your own things. 5.) Hairdressers are open for trims and touch ups ONLY. However, I work in a nursing home in the Recreation department, so I have even more restrictions. We've been on lockdown since March, so no families or vendors. None of the residents can visit their friends on other units. Since we can only have so many in a group (and the only groups we're allowed to have are on the MC unit, all others must be done in the hallways), many of the residents are facing potential issues with depression, boredom, and isolation. Even in public, I have to wear my mask and follow all CDC guidelines. If I get the virus, I could easily infect over 200 people, counting staff. Given the population I work with, people could die.
  2. Make it a 7 day cruise and go on one of the newer ships and you should be fine.
  3. I guess it all depends on when we can get a handle on this virus. Will cruising be back? Yes, but it may not be the same.
  4. Thank you! It's just hard to keep spirits up. However, we are doing our best: we often dance in the hallways or sing in the hallways for our residents. We have one LNA who is expecting her first child, a little girl, in July (so the baby will most likely be born in this pandemic), so the staff threw her a Baby Shower! We had to take a picture with everyone wearing their mask! However, the residents and I are also throwing a "Special Delivery" (no gifts baby shower) for her, since she'll be bringing the baby to work a lot. We wanted to do something special for her and honestly, it's been kind of a nice distraction from the pandemic. However, once we throw one shower, we have to plan another! Another LNA recently announced her pregnancy, so the residents and I will use the rest of the summer to plan for this baby, due in November. In the meantime, I'm trying to think of creative ways to make my surgical mask less intimidating to the residents. Many of them have memory issues, so not being able to see our smiling faces is a bit scary for them. If it's a special occasion, I've been known to use my limited drawing skills to draw on my mask. For instance, on Easter, I wore Bunny Ears and drew a Bunny nose and whiskers on the mask. We also had a Superhero day, so I wore my "Supergirl" costume and drew the "Supergirl" symbol on my mask. To celebrate the upcoming NASA launch this weekend, I'm making a fabric mask with stars on it. I'm making more masks too: one for each local sports team and for each of the holidays. So far I have one of pineapples (summer), two Eiffel Towers (it's my dream to go to Paris!) and I have one from Recycled Percussion (love that group!). I have material to make one for all the patriotic holidays and Halloween as well. When it gets closer to the holidays, I'll have some for Christmas as well, and so on. I figured if I have to wear them, I might as well have fun with them! Plus, my residents don't find the masks as intimidating. My challenge now: bring back Cruise Day for my residents. During the Pre-Corona days, we had a monthly social where we would do typical cruise activities. Unfortunately, I've had to forgo this social due to the pandemic, but would love to bring it back. The challenge is with all the new restrictions, how do we do it?
  5. I work in a Nursing Home here in NH, so I'm busy working the front lines. We have been shut down to the public (unless there's a special circumstance) since March. It's heartbreaking to see my residents spend so much time away from their families. It's scary seeing all of us staff members wearing masks and goggles all day long. It's getting difficult to keep everyone 6 feet apart as well. Wearing the masks and goggles all day isn't easy either. I've even had to stay away from my own family, except for my parents (whom I live with). My mom works in the hospital, so neither one of us can get this virus without potentially infecting hundreds of others. Half of my friends and family are all working the front lines of this virus, so in that regard, we're all in the same "ship"! None of us have seen each other in weeks, but we all understand exactly what is at stake and follow the CDC guidelines to a "T". We've even gone so far as to taking Vitamin C everyday and changing our clothes everyday after work so that we don't bring the virus in the house. Any of our work clothes get immediately thrown in the wash when we get home. As far as the State itself, we are doing a progressive reopening. Hair salons and golf courses are open with restrictions. Restaurants are open if they offer outdoor seating, drive-thru, or curbside pickup. Stores can now open as well, though many are still closed. However, because of the population that I work with, I have to limit my outings so that I don't bring it in to work. I'm terrified of bringing the virus into work because if I do, I would be placing over 100 lives (including staff) in danger, and potentially killing someone. When I do go out, I have to wear a mask, as do my parents. Some of the cities and towns nearby are requiring the same thing. Schools are closed for the year, but the students are still doing online learning. We have been in lockdown for almost 2 and a half months.
  6. Until this virus can be contained, we will have no definitive answers as to what the next course of action will be. Part of the difficulty with this virus is it keeps mutating. Only time will tell how this affects cruising to other ports.
  7. I guess the best course of action would be to practice the CDC guidelines and speak with your doctor before you go.
  8. This is why I book through an agent. Most of the time, they try and get you all the perks they can. Yes they get paid per booking, but they will also work with the cruise line to make sure you get the best treatment. Sometimes they even send you free gifts onboard!
  9. It may be best to reschedule.
  10. It's hard to answer, not knowing what the new normal will be. However, one thing is for sure: the ships will have to clear customs before allowing anyone to disembark for the day. Once the Port Authorities clear the ship, an announcement is made (this is usually done within a half hour of docking) stating that you can disembark. However, things may change once we're allowed to cruise again. You may have to go through some sort of screening or temp checks due to Coronavirus. I do this everyday at work, it's not a big deal, but when you have about 5,000+ passengers to disembark, that will delay your time getting on and off the ship.
  11. Easy fixes: 1.) No need to bring a pillow, those are provided by the cruise line. 2.) I just throw my snorkel gear in my carry on, no need to put it in the suitcase. 3.) Put everything for the formal nights on top of the regular clothes (the exception being shoes, which can be thrown into a plastic bag with your other shoes: flip flops, sneakers, etc. and packed in the bottom of your suitcase). You'll only need 1 or 2 formal outfits (I usually just do one for both formal nights). Any of the casual night outfits, I make sure that they're made of cotton so that they can be rolled up and thrown in the suitcase without being wrinkled.
  12. DEFINATELY Celebrity! NCL was so disorganized on my last cruise with them that it will be my first and last cruise with them! Never had an issue like that with Celebrity!
  13. Do NOT go on Norwegian Joy! I tried Norwegian back in Feb. and was not pleased at all! I was on the Bliss and there were long lines EVERYWHERE! Upcharges galore, not enough staff or elevators....the list goes on. Food was also repeated, and my friend experienced that issue as well on the Gem just 3 months before I went, Princess is good, a bit pricey. My mom's boss isn't a fan of the line, but I've tried it before and it was good. Service was excellent, the ship was beautiful, but I wasn't a fan of some of the activities onboard. RC is great, love that line. They're aimed at the young adult/adventurous crowd for lack of a better term. Their private island is fabulous!
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