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  1. Interesting comments. I too, had Covid last August, had most of the pretty symptoms for several days including loss of taste. That was just weird. Plan to get the vaccine as soon as I can, hoping the powers that be will determine that those of us who had Covid illness will only need one shot. Wishing the best for all those that have cruises booked later this year get to go.
  2. Are you on the Feb. 4th sailing Bliss Panama Canal Cruise? I am on this cruise and my reservation is showing this banner notice. I did contact my PCC on Friday to inquiry, he stated that it is a system glitch that happened when NCL cancelled all sailings thru April but instead of showing just on the April sailings the system kicked the message to most sailings fleet wide.
  3. My cruise on the Bliss, Panama Canal, Feb 2022 shows this same thing. So does my Alaska southbound cruise on the Jewel in July of 2022. I do not have a payment due on either. So..... ? Been holding off on calling my PCC to inquiry hoping it's a website glitch and NCL would correct the issue. And I too, saw this same thing happen on 2 of my cruises in this past year that were cancelled just prior to being cancelled. 😬
  4. Isn't part of the process of the CDC requirements for any cruise line, that a ship must be docked or in US waters for a certain amount of time before they can begin the cumbersome task to gain approval, green, yellow or red, etc..... ? If that is the case, I believe there are only three NCL ships that meet this initial demand of the CDC. Gem, Jewel & POA. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  5. Probably a lot of us that have a cruise booked and paid for using FCC from a canceled cruise earlier this year. I had a July Alaska cruise that canceled after I made final payment, so ya, that 125% FCC plus the 20% added if you booked right away thing, double points and OBC was pretty sweet. So I did rebook Alaska, fortunately I booked for July 2022. Hoping cruising will be back healthy and strong by then. I too, have a Feb 21, 2021 cruise that no doubt will not happen. However, the 10% off of a future cruise isn't a big enough carrot for me to make final payment on it if NCL doesn't ca
  6. My experience with booking shore excursions has been one can do this a few different ways. On my most recent cruise on the Getaway, January/Feb 2020, if I booked the shore excursion online via MyNCL account I had to put the full amount of my cost on a credit card at that time. Paid up front. If I called the NCL Shore Excursion desk, I could reserve the shore excursion without payment at that time, my onboard ship account was charged for the shore excursion 24 hrs prior to the date of the excursion. I did have the option to cancel or change the reservation if done so 24 hrs prior to that excurs
  7. So many unknowns. Dang. I too, have one of those longer cruises booked, 16 day ocean to ocean Panama Canal, Miami to LA, Feb 21 to March 9 2021, Bliss. Awesome intin. We are certain this cruise will not happen. Hoping NCL will cancel prior to final payment, if they don't we will cancel. And hopefully NCL will extend the expiration dates for using FCC from prior cancelled cruises as well as Cruise Next certs purchased while on past cruises. Have some of both applied to this Panama Canal trip. Like farmersfight I am also retired and much prefer longer cruises!
  8. So sad. 😞 We were booked on the Jewel for Alaska, Seward to Vancouver on the 27th of this month. Rebooked for July 2022 using our FCC. Our next cruise is booked on the Bliss, 16 day ocean to ocean Panama Canal sailing Feb 21, 2021. Keeping the hope alive! 🤞 Stay safe and healthy everyone.
  9. We knew it was coming. Alaska July 27 on the Jewel now cancelled. I believe I will take the FCC + 20% business. Cruise shopping for later next year or 2022! Next, call my PCC! Good luck everyone!
  10. Barbados is one of my favorite cruise ports. Was one of our ports of call in March of last year. A wonderful cruise aboard the Jade. People and tour guides there were so friendly, knowledgeable, and FUN! Beautiful place! Would love to see Barbados on a future cruise itinerary someday. Peachypooh, Hope you get to go there sometime on one of your future cruises.
  11. Shouldn't be too long before we all hear via email from NCL regarding the cancelations. At least now we can start looking at future plans and replacement cruises down the road a piece.
  12. I see the same thing for my July 27 sailing on the Jewel. Would appear that NCL is in process of dumping/canceling these cruises. Been expecting this.
  13. I see the same thing as Dar & Bob when I login and look at my Alaska July reservation. I think we were booked on the same cruise.
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