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  1. Are people not liking the Royal Princess?
  2. I've narrowed down my summer 2021-first-timer-to-Alaska search to these three ships. The itineraries are similar, with Coral having Icy Strait vs Star and Royal having Ketchikan. Which of the three ships would you recommend for Alaska? Please expand on why. Thank you.
  3. Fabulous ideas! I will present this possibility to Mom to gauge her interest in doing these instead of Butchart. You just may have presented an incredible solution for us!
  4. This will be my first time to Alaska, but my mother's 2nd. She visited Butchart Gardens on her previous cruise and found the short shore excursion time far too little for what she wanted. Ideally she wants 8+ hours to spend in the gardens. I don't find any itinerary for summer 2021 that has that long of a stop in Victoria. Therefore I'm considering having a pre- or post-cruise extended stay to include the time in Victoria to please mom. However, my mind is boggled trying to figure out the logistics of getting there. If our cruise ends in Vancouver and we plan to do Vic as a post-c
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