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  1. This last week Symphony was Brian Leavitt. I never really cared who my cruise director was, I guess I only had good ones. We didn’t think Brian was good at all.
  2. I only had the shack burger so can’t compare but the bun and sauce were very good as well as the burger. Worst case she walked 2 minutes extra for a burger that isn’t an A+++
  3. On now and everything is great. The first few days there was some boat movement, no stops missed. Windy but nice weather, St Maarten and San Juan were hot and nice. Coco Cay tomorrow, no one seems concerned with health scare, lots of hand washing and the crew is seen doing extra cleaning.
  4. On Symphony currently and had the same response as OP. It only lets you book 1 comedy show and I have no idea if it is the same comedians all week, Hiro has been cancelled twice already, no headliner. Honestly, the amount of shows has not been enough I do see iSkate 2.0 on the schedule though. I understand why Hiro has been cancelled, but throw a movie on in the theatre then.
  5. That is my thought. Guess I just don’t know if I want to call attention to this when boarding.
  6. We are a family of 5 booked into adjoining rooms leaving tomorrow. My wife and 2 of my kids, who were all assigned one room will not be able to travel last second. I will be traveling with my son who was assigned to my room, although we planned to have the 3 kids in one room together. Will we lose access to the other room when they no show? If we can only keep one room theirs has the second bed and I’d rather have that one.
  7. We’ve always loved the Windjammer for dinner. It’s our first choice over MDR.
  8. Had nothing but good luck on Anthem WJ for dinner. - 03063dad Let me break it down for you: "Had nothing but good luck" - An earlier poster said the windjammer for dinner on the Anthem quote "It was a terrible experience for us - crowded and poor selection and quality of food." For those who read through this thread I wanted to let them know Anthem was not 100% bad for dinner. We didn't run into crowds, poor selection or poor quality. "on Anthem WJ" - Anthem of the Seas - a RCCL ship, WindJammer restaurant. "for dinner" - also known as supper, last full meal of the
  9. Had nothing but good luck on Anthem WJ for dinner.
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