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  1. Lgarth

    Cruise with your toddler they said!

    That was truly awesome....Your daughter is beautifully cute!!! :):)
  2. Hahaha, another great suggestion, love it! :D:D
  3. Hahaha, what a totally awesome idea, if it would only work!! :D:D
  4. Yes, they most certainly do! :):)
  5. Lgarth

    Latest storm news from Carnival

    I'm so sorry you will miss your cruise, as they are so looked forward to. Hope you are able to re-book soon and enjoy your cruise...:(
  6. Lgarth

    C'mon Carnival...Make A Decision!

    Actually, hurricane season is June 1st through November 30th. Just saying....;)
  7. From the words of the OP, sounds like it's gonna be a good choice! :):D
  8. Glad to see this post pop up however old it is, lol...We were offered an upgrade from 6384 to 9275 for $10.00 on our 10/20/16 cruise. Also glad to hear all of the positive feedback!! Thanks! :):D:D
  9. Lgarth

    Carnival Ship Class Chart

    Thanks for sharing! Very handy information :)
  10. 40 days and counting!! :D:D:D
  11. Lgarth

    Victory Questions

    According the the e-mail we received, it's only on the 3 night cruises that leave on Thursday.
  12. Lgarth

    Victory Questions

    I really don't know if there's a way to see what decks have been completed, however I do find it strange that they would not have done it all at one time, like other ships that have gone to dry dock. But, then again, I'm kind of a newbie.....Perhaps someone else can shed some light on it, just putting in my pennies worth....:D:D
  13. Thanks so much for this great review and awesome pictures.... :):) Hubby and I are sailing our 1st cruise on her in October. You've eased my mind tremendously:D:D Also glad to hear about your Mom....
  14. Thanks so much for the great review and pictures!! Awesome job!! :)
  15. Can't wait to see pictures and read your reviews on this ship. We've only sailed on the Sensation a few times and are looking forward to a different class ship, although we're gonna miss the Sensation. :):) Enjoy your cruises!! :D:D