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  1. Hello. We have just booked a cruise on SD2 for my DH birthday and after 20 plus years of cruising we are ready to try something new. We understand that SD is “Yachting Not Cruising” and that’s fine with us. This year we sailed on HALL MS Eurodam (Neptune Suite) which cost us as much as a deck 2 category on SD without being all inclusive 😟 and were very dissatisfied with the overall experience for the cost. We were happy to discover SD. Where we need some guidance is how bad is bad when it comes to motion sickness on these yachts? Do they have stabalizers and if not what has been your experience regarding their ability to handle rough seas? We do take sea sickness meds as needed and wear wrist bands but we don’t want to be taking meds the whole week and not enjoying the complete experience. Some reviews have indicated issues with the ship rolling to the point that most guests were sick and ports were continually adjusted to minimize the weather issues. Port adjustments are not an issue for us we appreciate safety first. Any feedback or advice from the SD community would be appreciated. Thanks and happy yachting!
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