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  1. Thanks for the info. A couple of early mornings would be okay, just not every morning. From what PigsCanFly posted it doesn't look too bad. Now the fun part: planning and booking. K
  2. Looking at booking an Alaska Cruise tour for May 2020. Land first and then cruise, with at least 2 days in Denali. In planning other cruises I have found lots of helpful info on CC and hope someone can help me out here. I have searched the forums but cannot find exactly what I am looking for. Hopefully someone has recently come back from such a trip and has a schedule of some kind. I am looking for an itinerary for the land portion, specifically morning leaving times. DH is NOT an early morning person and I would not want to book something where he has to be up and attentive at 6:30 am. I've seen lots of good options for the trip but the morning starts would be the deciding factor. Thanks in advance for any and all help. K
  3. Needed a good chuckle this morning. Well done.
  4. We were there in 2017, 2 ships in port; we tendered off and the other ship was at the "new" dock just outside of town. There was a shuttle, last call was about an hour before sailing time as it was about 15 minutes out of downtown. St Michael's Cathedral is well worth the time to visit. Lots of very interesting items from the early days of Sitka, many of which survived a fire. We also checked out the Bishop's House and took a walk down the waterfront and for a lark went into the Aquatic center. Very walkable city.
  5. We are also going Fort Lauderdale to Vancouver in April. I went to the Travel Medical Clinic at London Drugs, they researched the ports we are stopping at and made the recommendations. Yellow Fever was one of them, it is good for 20 years. They also suggested a current tetanus shot. Happy cruising. K2
  6. We are doing the full transit in April. Went and saw a travel medical pharmacist and asked what they suggested for the trip. She researched where we were stopping (much of the same as the OP). It was suggested we get yellow fever, malaria, and Hep A and B shots. All of the above last for 20 years or lifetime. Rather be safe than sick on a trip. JMO. Karen/Kevin
  7. We are doing the Skagway trip at the end of September. MIL wants puppies..... This seemed the most reasonable of the dog sled demos and includes other things to see. From what I have found looking at the excursions in Juneau and Ketchikan they are aways out of town so you spend a lot of time travelling. Skagway looks like it is only about 15 minutes out of the main part of town.
  8. Oscar13


    New company doing the bus transfers from Victoria/Vancouver - BC Ferry Connector http://bcfconnector.com/ Karen
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