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  1. Needed a good chuckle this morning. Well done.
  2. We were there in 2017, 2 ships in port; we tendered off and the other ship was at the "new" dock just outside of town. There was a shuttle, last call was about an hour before sailing time as it was about 15 minutes out of downtown. St Michael's Cathedral is well worth the time to visit. Lots of very interesting items from the early days of Sitka, many of which survived a fire. We also checked out the Bishop's House and took a walk down the waterfront and for a lark went into the Aquatic center. Very walkable city.
  3. We are also going Fort Lauderdale to Vancouver in April. I went to the Travel Medical Clinic at London Drugs, they researched the ports we are stopping at and made the recommendations. Yellow Fever was one of them, it is good for 20 years. They also suggested a current tetanus shot. Happy cruising. K2
  4. We are doing the full transit in April. Went and saw a travel medical pharmacist and asked what they suggested for the trip. She researched where we were stopping (much of the same as the OP). It was suggested we get yellow fever, malaria, and Hep A and B shots. All of the above last for 20 years or lifetime. Rather be safe than sick on a trip. JMO. Karen/Kevin
  5. We are doing the Skagway trip at the end of September. MIL wants puppies..... This seemed the most reasonable of the dog sled demos and includes other things to see. From what I have found looking at the excursions in Juneau and Ketchikan they are aways out of town so you spend a lot of time travelling. Skagway looks like it is only about 15 minutes out of the main part of town.
  6. Oscar13


    New company doing the bus transfers from Victoria/Vancouver - BC Ferry Connector http://bcfconnector.com/ Karen
  7. Just saw this thread, yes it is an old thread but it has come back to life somewhat. We always take a small stuffed cat with us on vacation. We call him Road Trip Kitty and that is what he does he goes travelling. He has been on cruises, has traveled in my tank bag on my motorcycle, saw Minnie Mouse in DisneyWorld (and had his picture taken with her) and has been to Vegas several times. He was given to me by a friend when my step brother passed away, so I decided I was going to take RTK on trips that my step bro should have gone on had he lived. Lots of world to see so lots of miles to travel. Next up Alaska and then Panama. K
  8. Oscar13


    Depending on what time you dock and are released, I would second the museum. World class exhibits and specialty displays. Enjoy your visit. Karen
  9. A couple of hours is enough for a visit to the Gardens, unless you are someone that has to look at each and every flower.... One thing not to miss is the sunken garden area. I used to be a taxi driver and one of my passengers mentioned that they were told to avoid the sunken gardens as they were boring. I talked them into checking it out and they were amazed that someone had told them to avoid it. Enjoy your visit to Victoria. It is a beautiful place, this coming from someone who has lived here since 1968. Karen
  10. You are better to go to the Gardens during the day. Traffic can be a bit of a headache with the ferry traffic. They are already starting to have visitors to the Gardens, and it is only March. If you do downtown area in the later part of the day you are only 10 minutes from the terminal. I deal with the ferry traffic everyday going to and from work... Just saying.
  11. Thanks for the info on the Navigator. Will have to research. Karen
  12. I notice on Princess they have Intranet so you can keep in contact with family/friends while on board, using your cell phone (but not using WiFi). We have traveled on HAL before but never with other family. We would be traveling with 2 couples both in their 80s and would like to "keep" track of them on the ship.:):) Thanks in advance.
  13. White Pass is a must see. We have done it twice. First time we went up and back, stopped just before the border. Second time we crossed the border into Canada, actually had to show passports. Then we boarded a bus and came back down on the other side of the pass, stopping for pictures along the way. Added a side tour to a gold panning camp. Got to do a little gold panning and learned about the history of the gold rush and watched a small stage show.
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