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  1. Hi Kel, Of course you are correct. I remember when we were tendering in to Grenada and seeing that beautiful view of the QM2, what an amazing sight. 15 days and that wonderful itinerary, no wonder we were so impressed. When they changed to 12 days, they said it was to accommodate families with children. That sounded reasonable, but now I'm wondering if it was just to "slow things down". Anyway, yes, it was amazing. Thanks for reminding me.
  2. I think that it was 14 days with 6 ports, but yes, it was wonderful.
  3. That's right.....the whole point is a balloon drop.
  4. Thank you, John. I'm still not totally convinced, but I'll be very happy to be proven wrong. It would offer some wonderful photo ops for the QM2.
  5. The lobby is filled with balloons on NYE.
  6. Has it been stated anywhere, specifically, that the stars are actually attending? I've attended premiers that hosted all those involved in the production, but the stars didn't attend as they don't have much desire to mingle with grunts. And I'm rather doubtful that boarding the QM2 is much of an incentive for this group.
  7. Very sad news. I always made it a point to read Salacia's posts because there would be, either some informative information, or something lively. Goodbye, Salacia R.I.P. Thank you Pepper, for posting.
  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to report. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I couldn't keep your new friends straight....but so glad that you enjoyed them so much. Lovely read and the pictures added the final touch.
  9. No, that ship has sailed, so to speak. When the rest of the ship went non smoking....cigarette smokers naturally invaded Churchills. Instead of being the serene environment that the cigar smokers want....it became a nightclub atmosphere....and crowded. Obviously Cunard got complaints, although I never did see an unhappy cigar smoker. But I understand their point. As others have said....Churchills can be a moneymaker.
  10. I don't see where it would be any more of a problem than the cigar smokers now. In the past (a few years ago), the Churchill staff seemed very happy to be serving there. It was always a congenial room with extra tips given.....and most importantly, manned by a staff member who was a smoker. The staff have a smoking bar......so it is possible to arrange the same for passengers.
  11. It's lovely. People started protesting having to be in lounges where smoking was allowed. One by one the lounges became smoke free. Then the casino because they couldn't gamble with smokers. And then the last.... G32. Now we've come full circle. It's no longer about second hand smoke....it's about being offended that smokers have the audacity to smoke outside, in a designated smoking area....AND they can be seen through the windows. How absolutely ludicrous that non smokers only get to have 99.9% of the ship as smoke free. The inhumanity is appalling.
  12. That is one of the nicest, smoothest, videos I've seen. Enjoyed it very much.
  13. We've sailed the Southern route on RCL twice. Me personally, I think it makes a big difference. I feel safer going the Southern route while on a "cruise ship". Both trips were in April and except for rainy days, the weather was fine with no rough seas whatsoever. We sailed from Miami with stops in the Caribbean and the Azores. Loved it. Have a wonderful crossing.
  14. As mentioned.....we have been able to get good fares by booking in segments...but in the same cabin. I would highly recommend to stress that you want a cabin that is available for both segments. It is still an inconvenience to change cabins even though they help you. First......they are excessively busy on turnaround day and it makes more work. You still have to be out of your cabin by 8:30 and your new cabin has to be cleaned before your things can be moved. Sometimes it's easy...sometimes it's a hassle. We have crossed many times in April-May, and really enjoyed it. Have a wonderful trip.
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