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  1. On the back end of a 3/4 Monarch B-2-B, we were seated at the Captain's Table all four nights. Of course, the Captain was never there but the service was impeccable!
  2. I know there's an email address to inquire about shows/entertainers for a particular sailing but I can't find it. If you respond, I promise to write it down somewhere for next time. TIA
  3. For my 2 cents..... I'd suggest you consider doing a northbound sailing out of Vancouver in May. Why?? 1. The farther north you go, the prettier Alaska gets. 2. May is the "dry" season in AK (YMMV) 3. May sailings tend to be cheaper 4. The whales are back by May 5. The snow hasn't melted by May 6. The seas the first day out and the last day back to Seattle -can- be a bit rougher 7. Hubbard Glacier 8. The stunningly beautiful train ride from Seward to Anchorage
  4. 60 days prior to your sailing
  5. 60 days prior to your sailing
  6. Doubtful they'd ever flat terminate C&A but that would motivate me to check other cruise lines. Loyalty should be a 2 way street
  7. Have done it twice. Both times, the M&M was the first Sea Day. By then a lot of CC folks had done a fair amount of M and M-ing already!
  8. Thank you..... I forgot to mention the accessible transportation!!!!
  9. We always use Dolphin Jet boat tours for Juneau whale watching. They have a boat w/c users can roll aboard and stay in their w/c. No stairs/steps at all. Tell them your needs when you book. AWESOME company!!
  10. An airline with the color of the sky in its name used to have a link in their website to all, current residence rates offered by the major cruise lines. Not sure if they still do
  11. I'm asking here instead of the roll call so more people can respond. We were docked in Sitka last year but our Ovation docs show we'll be tendering in May 2019. Any clue why??? (We were on A smaller ship last year)
  12. It's been 3+ months....thought I'd try again on the chance there are new readers....
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