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  1. I realize it's tough to get excited about future cruises thst may or may not sail. But, a couple of the Roll Calls I'm on havent had new posts in several weeks. Are we all waiting for a return to "normal" to invest time and thought on Roll Call posts?
  2. Holiday Inn Vancouver airport in Richmond offers a reasonably priced cruise package including ground transportation from the airport and to the pier. Breakfast included. Hotel is not located close to anything so not the best option if you want to see Vancouver
  3. October 2008. 15-night round trip from San Diego to Hawaii and back. Radiance of the Seas. Royal quit offering this itinerary shortly thereafter.
  4. I was lined up to get my coveted Radiance block but with all the cancels/reschedules it looks like Quantum will be the next one we get 😞
  5. I have a Monarch crystal block. I won't sell it for 10X what EBay sellers are asking for them!
  6. Any photosof the "suites w/balcony"?
  7. Our April 2021 Serenade sailing from Australia to Hawaii fell off the website last week. The Hawaii to Vancouver sailing that follows it is still showing. Seriously considering switch directions and changing to Radiance in Sept from Van-Hawaii-Australia
  8. No 125% FCC because they're substituting a different ship......glad we didn't wait to cancel our Jan 2022 ﹰB-2-ﹰB
  9. As a public service, nothing personal.....would you mind listing future flights/ cruises you have booked? Thanks in advance
  10. Family and Friends will call us reckless and crazy for cruising again. I've lost track of the times we've been told that cruises are a waste of money! I tell them it's our money to waste and their opinion doesn't matter until we ask them to lend us the money to go!
  11. Any recommendations? My wife can't do -any- steps/stairs.........
  12. On one RCCL thread, I read that the payoff date has been changed from 90 days to 45 days. C&A rep just said....."Nope.....still 90 days ". Have you heard differently?
  13. It would figure that the sailings from Vancouver to Hawaii will be scrapped as well. How and why would Royal send 3 ships to the northwest just to send them to Hawaii
  14. A few weeks ago I misdialed Royal Caribbean and got the same recording....not saying -you- misdialed but it could be an explanation
  15. I'm waiting for the official determination about the fate of Allure sailing from Galveston. We're booked for an early 2022 B-2-B. That'll change if a different ship takes Allure's place.....
  16. This will be our 1st sailing to Australia and New Zealand. Someone on our roll call said New Zealand requires a VISA (Maybe it was a different travel doc) that requires applicants to mail their ACTUAL passport to NZ. I don't like the sound of that......
  17. My wife said there's a place on RCCL'S website cruisers can use to get travel VISAs. She handles all the paperwork so I haven't seen the site myself.
  18. Have any of you used RCCL'S service for obtaining travel VISAs for Australia and/or New Zealand? How did price, ease of the process compare to going through the two nations directly?
  19. I'm guessing they're still trying to figure out summer of 2020........
  20. We're booked on Allure B-2-B in early 2022. Not interested in the other ship options for Galveston. I wonder what RCCL'S position will be if we choose to cancel (non-refundable) if they can't deliver an Oasis class ship for that timeframe.
  21. I'm waiting for the Vanc to Hawaii sailings for Sept 2021. Only Radiance is listed as of now. Also very curious about the Quantum and Voyager west coast rumors.....
  22. I'm waiting, anxiously, for the new Voyager itineraries especially if they turn out to be cruises out of southern California! Any clue when we'll see this sailings open up?
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