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  1. Holiday Inn Vancouver airport in Richmond offers a reasonably priced cruise package including ground transportation from the airport and to the pier. Breakfast included. Hotel is not located close to anything so not the best option if you want to see Vancouver

  2. 7 hours ago, ONECRUISER said:

    Yeah with Serenade leaving US for now, have dozen Cruises Booked on Brilliance and Jewel over next 18 months . Still...do remember first went on Voyager 20yrs ago, was her 8th sailing Cruise #008(were numbered back then) and my first Balcony Cabin.

    Our April 2021 Serenade sailing from Australia to Hawaii fell off the website last week. The Hawaii to Vancouver sailing that follows it is still showing.


    Seriously considering switch directions and changing to Radiance in Sept from Van-Hawaii-Australia

  3. 13 hours ago, ONECRUISER said:

    Trust me I remember. Cruised week of 9/11, was in Florida Oct2001 week of Anthrax attack. Though was surprised when got to airport after a Dec2001 Cruise where having everyone take shoes off. Was within hrs of Reids attempt. But Feb 2002 my now Ex and I got to airport boarding plane and started our Cruise no problems. Was interesting as she left home without any form of ID. Fortunately I'm always ready, brought her Birth Certificate which was only thing 2 different Airlines, Security and Cruise Line needed from her. At least Disney World was frisking everyone and had tables set up going threw every bag weeks after 9/11... All that happening then 4 of 5 yrs I was on Cruise a Family Member at home Died. Within 15 Month Period Flying 2 different Planes had Flat Tires, another one had Cracked Windshield, another Electrical Cockpit Failures, another had lighting issues, another had no AirCon, and one had broke toilets. All causing returning Airport, Gate or Emergency Landings at Alt Airports. For while nobody wanted travel with me...

    As a public service, nothing personal.....would you mind listing future flights/ cruises you have booked? Thanks in advance

  4. 16 minutes ago, molly361 said:

    Apparently Royal got their request for a delay approved.  Still doesn't answer the burning question😇

    I'm waiting for the official determination about the fate of Allure sailing from Galveston. We're booked for an early 2022 B-2-B.  That'll change if a different ship takes Allure's place.....

  5. 1 hour ago, Merion_Mom said:

    I agree - easy and inexpensive to get those visas online.


    (my memory is poor on this issue; I remember getting the Australia visa; I don't remember there being a visa for New Zealand.  Is it new?)


    This will be our 1st sailing to Australia and New Zealand. Someone on our roll call said New Zealand requires a VISA (Maybe it was a different travel doc) that requires applicants to mail their ACTUAL passport to NZ. I don't like the sound of that......

  6. On 1/30/2020 at 12:13 PM, springaussie said:

    That Voyager Port Bookings Singapore to Los Angeles you can now add Cairns 5 June 2021. 

    Darwin 1 June

    Cairns (Yorkeys Knob) 5 June

    Airlie Beach 6 June?

    Brisbane 8 June 

    Sydney 10 June

    Honolulu - Oahu 21 - 22 June

    Lahaina - Maui 23 June


    I'm waiting, anxiously, for the new Voyager itineraries especially if they turn out to be cruises out of southern California! Any clue when we'll see this sailings open up?

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