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  1. A Radiance block will be a great "trophy" to remember the Macadamia Nuts cruise...............I wish that I had an extra one to trade with you.

    The "Nuts" group was the best!.....and that's part of the reason Radiance is my favorite. I'll get the block one day. Give MM a hug for us :D

  2. We'll be sailing out of Quebec in Oct. We're having a tough time finding private tour vendors who can accommodate wheelchairs. Most ports have tour vendors on the pier...is this true of the common ports on the Can/NE sailings?

  3. I was looking to book an accessible balcony on a specific cruise, but they are all sold out. Last week, someone in special needs told me that, if they had an accessible JS available, they would have given it to me for the same rate, but they did not. Today, my sales rep told me that there is an accessible JS available, but I would have to pay the JS rate. He asked who I had talked to in special needs, but I don't recall. Has anyone else run into this situation? Were you given an upgrade if the class you wanted did not have any accessible cabins available? Thanks in advance.


    We've been upgraded to the Jr Suite accessible, twice, when the accessible balconies were sold out. Didnt pay extra either time. We just called C&A when we were ready to book. YMMV.

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    r:-) f we were their parents and who was in charge. We had no problems at all.


  5. I complicated things by booking 1 cruise months ago and then just booked the second this morning with a different travel agent. Somehow I have to get these 2 reservations linked. If not, I guess I will just alert them at customer service, but who wants to stand in that line.


    Hoping I can either talk DH into going whale watching (which we have already done several times) OR hike Mt Marathon. I am pretty sure he will want to do the lunch, if it is available.


    Does anyone know if it is a special menu if it is in the MDR???


    There were at least 50 folks at the consecutive cruisers lunch in May. There is a "special" menu but nothing extremely WOW!....Good service,too, but I wouldn't skip Seward to dine there

  6. I was pushing my wife's wheelchair on a cruise a few years ago. A 40-ish woman made eye contact with me then cut right in front of us. Had I tried to stop suddenly, my wife would have been flung out of her chair. The footpeg clipped the back of the lady's leg. She shot me a look like she expected an apology. I just smiled and said "I guess I didn't see you, either" !


    Don't even get me started on able-bodied people running to beat us to the elevators!

  7. We just got off Radiance on Sunday. She was heading to dry dock in Portland for 2 weeks. Most work is being done on hull. Some cosmetic work will also take place.




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    Portland?......WOW!........right up the road and we're on her first post-drydock sailing. Wonder if we can catch a ride to Vancouver on her instead of flying!

  8. I have a question. This is my first cruise, so don't beat me up too bad, but I have been reading up on the tipping to get a feel on what is expected. However, I was just wondering when did we get to the point to where we have to tip everyone. I mean don't the workers (porters, greeters, etc.) all earn paychecks? Are the paychecks they receive only for them showing up then we have to tip them to actually do their jobs now? I am just confused on why I would tip a guy or gal for taking my bag from me and wheeling it to a rack or a big pile of other bags for someone else who is not getting tipped to take and place on another rack. I see people fear their bags not making it or being messed up if they don't tip. So you are tipping out of fear not because you want to tip. I thought tips were a bonus not their salary. I can understand tipping the cabin steward and waiter because they are dealing with you all week and you may need extra service from them. But making sure that your room is clean and kept neat is part of their daily jobs. I feel I am no longer tipping because I want to tip because you gave me great service. I am now tipping to make sure you do "your job and don't get mad". That goes for everywhere now not just on a cruise. I pull up to the starbucks and they have a tipping cup there. Why am I tipping you extra for you to make me a coffee? You are getting paid by the hour to make a coffee or latte. I can see if I went to the same Starbucks everyday and I knew the workers and they gave me a Venti cup instead of a grande cup for the same price. Then yes a tip is how I would compensate.

    To me the porters at the cruise dock are the same as the ramp people at the airport and when I get my ticket and they take my bag and place it on the conveyor beltI don't tip them either. The bag is going on the conveyor belt to someone else how do they know I tipped the first guy?

    I guess I'm just confused.


    You're not the least bit confused......you nailed the issue! Welcome to the exciting and addicting world of cruising. Don't let this minor issue ruin what otherwise would be an awesome experience. Happy Sails to you and yours.

  9. We stayed at a hotel pre-cruise in New York, when we arrived at the port, one of the porters got on the coach and basically hinted that if we wanted to see our luggage again he would require $5 from each passenger.


    Most Europeans are not fully tuned into the intense tipping culture of North America, we often sail from Barcelona, we once got off the coach, a porter took our cases, we tipped and then he proceeded to carry the cases all of 10 feet where he handed them to a cruise line employee. We don't tip the driver or the porters in Europe and I don't think it is that unusual.


    We tip in the US, probably not as much as the locals, but this is mainly due to a fear of what will happen to our luggage, not because we feel the service warrants it.


    The last sentence says it all!....and is probably the #1 reason any of tip someone who handles our bags for all of 45 seconds. What A Scam. I wish the cruise lines could provide the luggage handlers. I'd be much happier tipping them as I know how hard they work for us on board, too!

  10. If you look at the rates, for both 9/8/17 and 5/3/18, it is the rate that they charge when they attach the special rates: BOGOHO, 30%, whatever, but with no special rates actually attached. So, they will either fix their pricing downward or re-attach their special pricing. This has happened a lot recently for new releases, and it invariably gets fixed. You monitor the pricing and call for an adjustment.


    And if not, we will cancel -- but we did book, with the above plan in mind, and got the cabin we wanted. :)


    Of course......you nailed it!.......Better but still not great prices.

  11. The new Hawaii cruises are no longer showing on the website. I wonder if they came to their senses and realized how ridiculous those prices were? We decided after seeing those that we would book with Celebrity for Sept 2018 next year as soon as their itineraries were released, as long as Celebrity didn't follow with the same type of pricing.


    We have a 12 night Hawaii to Vanc booked with Celebrity in May 2018..... $2438 a piece for Concierge......looks like an awesome deal, now!

  12. You beat me by 28 seconds.....$3400 a piece for a balcony? Not going to happen!....not with us!


    and so much for a 24-hour head start for C&A members. Just verified the rate with a C&A rep......told him to hold on to his hat because the no-notice bug has hit, AGAIN!


    Might be an odd system error.....my wife can't even sign in. ( we were going to do a courtesy hold in case someone at RCCL sobers up and realizes what he/she did)

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