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  1. Steve-O, our family member is confined to a wheelchair and must also have a wheelchair accessible cabin in order to cruise. We also submit the form within a day or two of booking. I don't know if it is because of our past booking history over the many years or what, but Royal Caribbean has NEVER called to confirm our need for the accessible cabin we have booked.


    We would not mind them calling to double check. My discussions with Royal Caribbean Special Needs is that they only call if someone hasn't submitted the form within 30 days of sailing or if they have a question about the information on your form.


    I'm glad that someone has received a call from Royal Caribbean checking on this, but it is surprising that they are calling someone who has submitted the form. Was this within 30 days of your sailing?


    If not, I would like to know what someone has said that persuaded someone at Royal Caribbean to call and check the need of passengers who has booked the accessible cabins and submitted the special needs form. Or even better, who it was from Royal Caribbean that called, as I would like to be able to call that person to ask for a check of need of booked passengers when we are trying to book a specific sailing and the accessible cabins are already booked, especially as Laura said, the cruise is more than a year in advance.


    One of the two calls was less than 30 days before sailing...I remember because I asked if she was the

    accessible, upgrade fairy. In both cases, we had booked the cruise 18-24 months in advance so the call was more an inquiry if we "still" needed those accommodations. The calls were from the Special Needs dept.

  2. I've had my eye on a Hawaii cruise in 2018. Anyone have suggestions on ship or itinerary to watch for?


    It's looking like Radiance's Hawaii-to-Vancouver in May 2018 will be a 10-nighter with 5 ports/5 sea days. We're booked on Celebrity, then. 12 nights with overnights in Honolulu and Maui with a stop in Victoria BC. Newer ship but, alas, no stop in Kauai

  3. Erik, any prices on the 10-night Hawaii? I presume this is for September 8(?), 2017. Any Hawaii for May, 2018? We're not able to book yet, is that correct? I just checked RCI's website and they are not there yet. Am I anxious, or what? :D


    Now I see the 11-night Hawaii in September, 2017, and the 10-night (ugh) in May, 2018. Do you think that means we will be able to book it this week, perhaps?


    Hawaii May of 2018 (Radiance) is on Cuisecal but C&A said it's not in their system to book. Not sure I'd want to do a 10-nighter (no overnight in Maui.....so, no Luau!). C&A PROMISED C&A members would get a 24-hour headstart. Now, where have I heard that before?

  4. Has anyone ever taken this cruise or itinerary?


    I've only done Caribbean usually, I'm a sun/ocean beach lover and I did one transatlantic that was a little too long for my liking.


    I've always wanted to go to California but it's such a far trip from Ontario.....


    I saw this and the price was ok.


    What do you think??





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    You can rent a car in Astoria and easily make it to Seaside and/or Cannon Beach...both cute coastal towns with beautiful beaches. But.....these aren't necessarily warm, sunbathing beaches. Sometimes, the wind can cut right through you.....

  5. Just got a call to upgrade from our OV balcony to a JS for our Oasis cruise later this month for $200! Quick website search shows that if we booked today, it would be a difference of over $1200. We booked at a much lower rate than the current ones, so our deal is even better.


    And better yet? When I expressed some disappointment about being far away from our travel companions, the agent extended the offer to them as well.


    Best Wednesday ever!


    Anyone ever had 8632 or 8630 on Oasis? :)


    I'd have told the upsell fairy just what he/she could do with the upgrade! How dare they call trying to get even MORE money out of me after I've already spent a wad as it is! No, Sir!!!!....... Not for $2, Not for $200!

    Oh, Heck......who am I foolin'? The ugly green jealousy monster made me say it!


    Congrats and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think RCCL have to many D, D+ and P's, It time this should be revised maybe to the following


    180 = D

    360 = D+

    999 = P


    And I think should apply to all members (so if your D+ with 359 points you should be kicked back to D)


    Dude or Dudette..... April Fools day was yesterday but......nice try!

  7. Great news! I had asked RCI if they would contact the people in the other corner aft and ask if they would like the upgrade to Jr Suite and let us have their cabin and they agreed! So we still have a corner aft, just on the other side! :D


    Thanks to all of you who gave positive and helpful responses!:)


    That -is- good news! Still......if it were me....I'd still try to find out if my original cabin was in use. I wouldn't bother the occupants but there's a good chance your steward does both cabins.......he/she would know.

  8. My guess it would be the sept 30 2016 explorer sailing , for the last few days when you go to book website goes to RCL error page , I'm booked on this sailing too , it's a bit odd for sure



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    Yup......the Sept 30 Explorer sailing for the reason you listed........but that got me thinking of this question in general.

  9. OK........I have an eerie feeling an upcoming cruise we have booked is going to be cancelled by RCCL.

    The sail date is 180 days away.


    Made me wonder............in your experience, what is the fewest number of days before sail date Royal has cancelled a cruise you were booked on. I'm not referring to mechanical or weather issues.....just charters, etc.



  10. The Vancouver BC airport website has an excellent video on how air ravel with wheelchairs or scooters works. If I knew how to attach a link, I sure would have for you.


    I should have mentioned that even though this is a Vancouver BC video....the process is nearly identical at all North America international airports.

  11. I've read a lot of complaints about RCI's business operations now it's my turn.


    I booked a 7 night on Adventure for the Summer. Paid a total of $1,500 - $500 deposit and two payments.


    Then found a great rate on Jewel in June Greek Isles cruise and put a deposit on that waiting for DW to decide which to take.


    She finally decided on Jewel so cancelled the AOS cruise. OF course after checking on line which showed the three payments.


    When there was No email confirmation so I called. Rep said they don't send email confirmations, ok fine. Also said there was no record of me making any payment - not so fine.


    Of course they can't explain how I held a cruise form June to March with no deposit. Asked for a supervisor who said he would send a request to Accounting to research the payments. They have seven days then I'm calling BOA to contest the charges.


    First major hickup ever after many RCI cruises.


    We've been on a few cruises but have never made payments.....just the deposit and the final payment. Am I odd or ??? Maybe the payment requirements are different if booked from outside the USA.....dunno about that. We've always gotten near instant confirmations of new bookings w/deposits.

  12. Choosing a southbound route but don't know which is the best month? Prefer not to be on a ship with lots of kids but DW will want to see whales and wildlife.


    With persistance......... she'll see whales any cruise month in AK. Binoculars help for spotting them from the ship.......much closer view from a whale watch tour. We prefer May sailings. Usually a bit cheaper....more snow on the mountains.

    We've had excellent weather on 3 past May sailings........

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