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  1. The two cruises we have booked actually cost more with the new "sale", but I've read here this week that some people have saved hundreds. Some have lost the OBC, but still saved more than enough to make up the difference. It's worth a look and a phone call to find out.




    Tom....you old son-of-a-gun!........Where are you headed/when/which ship? Our 2008 Hawaii RT is still one of my all time favorites....

  2. Yes, the Radiance is scheduled for a Dry Dock prior to the Alaska Season 2016. Was told this at a recent welcome back/top tier party.


    I just looked and there is a gap in it's schedule from 5/1/16 to 5/15/16 so leaving 2 weeks for a drydock in the Vancouver area (which there are in the area)


    Not sure of any details though :confused:


    That's some really good news!.....We're sailing her May 20. until. June 3 next year...

  3. Years ago....we booked accessible rooms on 3 ships for the same timeframe. It was the popular Hawaii to Vancouver sailing. We weren't sure which we liked the best. One day....my wife said we should choose one and release the other two as there could be folks who might not be able to cruise as we were, in essence, hogging the accessible cabins.


    So.......YES!!!.....book the accessible rooms as soon as you're mostly sure you're going then. But, please...please....cancel as soon as you decide you're not going as others might desperately be needing that accommodation.

  4. HAL made the switch a few months ago and now Celebrity has followed suit. The number of lines with formal nights is dwindling quickly. I've no doubt that they will be gone by time we board the Allure in 2017.


    Followed "SUIT"???.........Nice pun! Maybe it's more accurate that Celebrity followed non-suit! Thanks for the laugh ( intended or not......)

  5. Thanks for all the info. I was actually wondering about the body glove cruise dolphin view and snorkel. Their site and accessible Hawaii both say it's very accessible but was hoping to hear from someone that has actually be on it. But if not maybe the Hilton is the way for us to go. Thanks for the insight on volcanos, very helpful and will add that to our trip.


    BodyGlove in Kona has an accessible water craft....The bathrooms were too small for a wheelchair but there is -plenty- of room on the 1st deck.


    As mentioned....Kona is a tender port. RCCL and Celebrity allow manual, folding wheelchairs on the tenders but not motorized WC's or scooters

  6. Just booked the Clarion for the end of May next year.....the prices are -not- on line after mid-May so you'll want to call direct.

    When the prices for "High Season" finally hit the website....they're expected to be appx $90 more than today's call in rate.( we paid $149)

    I verified free shuttle to/from the train station and the airport

  7. I'm curious as to the preference for Vancouver over Seattle or is it the round trip versus a one way. I'm planning a family cruise for my parents' 50th anniversary next May and have had my TA on standby for the last two months. I did send him a backup Princess cruise yesterday in case higher prices hold true for Alaska as well. I don't think the RCCL itineraries will ever be released at this rate!


    The Vancouver sailings.....RT or 1-way ....get you further north into Alaska. The first and last days of the Seattle RT can be a bit bumpy, too. The good thing about Seattle RT's is you don't have to deal with the Vancouver BC airport........


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  8. I was told C&A members would be able to book AK2016 today. I just called @ 6:15am Pacific time and those sailings have not been released,

    Was a little excited about Explorer doing AK sailings in 2016 until I found out she'll be doing the Seattle RT's.........pass on that itinerary.............


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  9. Hello


    We are planning an Alaska cruise for June 2016. I'm looking at the Millennium southbound cruise. We have never sailed Celebrity (only RCCL) I have a few questions.


    1. We will be traveling with 12 you daughter. I know we can't predict how many other kids may be on-board. Do they have planned activities for the young teens?


    2. I've read that on Royal, they let the kids use the covered pools in Alaska during certain hours, is that true on Celebrity? Is the Solarium pool covered?


    3. Is the 123Go package a good deal? or are they raising the standard cruise price to cover this? I would likely do the Concierge room so we can a cabin that is 190sq ft instead of 170 sq ft since there are 3 of us. DD likes to sleep on a sofa bed rather than Pullman.


    Anything else I should know about Millennium or Celebrity in general?


    Thanks for your help.

    Been on Millie and Radiance in Alaska. Both had solarium hours where kids were allowed in the pool. Radiance probably has the better kid's programs as RCCL tends to be more family focused than Celebrity. Yes, both solarium pools were covered.


    No wrong choice between these two ships..........



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  10. How closely does celebrity look at your profile with them? For example if your cruising during your anniversary, do you need to tell them or do they know BC it's in your profile?


    What does Celebrity do for anniversaries?????


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