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  1. I'd put my $$$ on ''drydock''. Sh'e d be just about due for a regular routine ''all over '' check-up maintenance.

    There is a major yard, well liked and often used by the cruise lines; Esquimalt Engraving yard, in Victoria.


    I like this option........We're doing a B-2-B May 12-27 and it would be nice to be on a spanking "new" ship............


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  2. Earlier this week...we booked a B2B cruise for 2016. I called later to tweak it a bit. The Celebrity rep asked if I had booked


    cruise with a CVP or with the Back-to-Back desk???.......Anyone ever heard of the B2B desk? What would the advantage be booking with them?



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  3. We are booked on a 2016 AK B2B with $300 OBC for each sailing. Will the casino cash me out on this type of OBC or is it only applied to purchases?.Tips are covered in the 1-2-3, we don't often eat in the specialty restaurants and we have enough cruise T&T to last forever..........I know someone will know!


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  4. Did the tour a couple of months ago......One our favorites anytime, anywhere! Seeing the canal from deep inside the lock was amazing. I actually touched the inside wall (above the slime line!!). I'd do it again in a heartbeat!


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  5. Great point. Last year we did a Pacific coastal cruise on the Solstice. We loved it so much we wanted to do another one next year. None to be had. Royal had a few on the Jewel, but the prices were more than double of what we paid before. I think not for us!

    We're booked on Jewel Sept 18 2015.........8 nights Vancouver to LA. Balconies currently $1,100........not too bad for an 8-night cruise......

  6. My wife and I are on the sailing bringing the Jewel from Vancouver to LA. I'm a-s-s-u-m-i-n-g it sails into San Pedro...can anyone verify that for me?


    We plan to rent a car, somewhere, and head to SD for a couple of days.....before returning on Sunday to fly out of Long Beach Airport

  7. I see that there is only one Hawaii sailing for next may. Any chance they will add others for spring 15 or just new ones for fall 15?



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    In the past....including this year....Rhapsody and Radiance did the Hawaii/Vanc run in April/May and then both sail back to Australia via Hawaii in Sept.


    In 2015.....Rhapsody will not be doing the Hawaii/Vanc run as it's being deployed elsewhere. Jewel OTS will be heading to the west coast to cover the sailings Rhapsody used to do......it will head back to the Caribbean after the AK season.

  8. My wife and I feel very blessed (from above) that we have the health and resources to sail as often as we do. All that could end in a heartbeat.....


    We didn't create cruising......we didn't build the ship....we don't own a cruise line.....so there's very little to brag about.....


    We are fortunate to be steaming towards D+ but that just means we're still being blessed.....


    When asked how many cruises we've been on, we usually answer "a few".....

  9. Thank you so much for your great review! Do you have any recommendations for a delicious, romantic restaurant in Seattle? (We leave in 10 days and will be celebrating our birthdays and anniversary!) Thanks!


    May I recommend 13 Coins? It's close to the Seattle airport. It's a fancier restaurant so plan to dress nicely or you'll feel way out of place......( not tuxedo's but not baggy jeans either).......


    Steak and Seafood are their specialties. Google them for their address and more info.......

  10. We were in CM in 2007. My wife got the "on the beach" massage...I think it cost $25 for 45 minutes. It took my wife the rest of the day to be able to walk straight.....it was that good!


    The massages actually take place in a open ended tent on the extreme left end of the shop complex at the pier. Private enough, very sanitary, and not connected with any other business (that we could tell).


    I only wish -I- would have gotten a massage, too. We both will if there's ever a next time in Costa Maya.


    Other than that....a very clean shopping area right at the pier.....most of the usual Caribbean items....sellers not too pushy and most dickered....



  11. I'm voting for my wife, too, by proxy...


    Kirk's on stage presence and delivery were only slightly above average...but he was everywhere!...very visible and approachable.


    Bonus points......Kirk has been the only CD to attend any of the M&M's we've been to on 8 cruises! He spent over 1/2 hour before running ( literally) to host another activity (probably his infamous line-dance class!). He made the rounds meeting and greeting all 70+ of us in attendance...


    Yup! Kirk gets our vote


    (Sentimental favorite vote goes to Clo!)

  12. He was our CD on Radiance to Hawaii in October. His on-stage performance was slightly better than average but..


    He was EVERYWHERE!!!....He hosted many, many daily activities


    I give him extra points because, in all our cruises, he's the ONLY one who attended our CC meet & mingle!.......he stayed for about 1/2 hour and spoke with all 70+ of us!.......


    Definitely the most approachable CD we've had.....


    (Sentimental favorite would be Clo.....)


    Never had a "bad" CD....just some are better than others.....


    Happy Sails to you!

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