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  1. You definitely need to book online. There are choices on the site. You can be guided or use the audio guide or just wander. We got a taxi from the ship to right outside. Our booked time was 11.00 am and the guards manning the entry gates don't allow you to queue early during high season. We hired the audio guide and found it really good and informative this was also booked prior to visit. The inside is so different to the exterior. The sheer size of the columns and the beautiful Windows ......amazing. enjoy your visit.
  2. I agree the places we visit have been fantastic. This year Pompeii & Herculaneum, the Vatican all really worth seeing. However the itineraries repeat each year so maybe that's why we fancy a change. As to the vest guy...... his wife looked furious as she sat down. Don't think they exchanged a word all through the meal. Maybe his was making a statement as well as a stink.
  3. Yes it would....have you been on board? I don't want to sit close enough to someone who's just walked in off of the pool deck not showered and dressed like a beach bum. It did happen so yes it would put me off. This was our third Marella cruise so time to widen the search. We all have our own opinions and that's mine. As to Msc casual maybe ok.....I'd be happy with that but beach shorts and vest tops stick to buffet.
  4. We had 2 weeks on D2 in Jul 😕 this year and were also surprised in what some people chose to wear and allowed to wear into the MDR. The first week was ok but week two ......well. we don't eat in the buffet for our evening meal we like the waiter service. We are not old fogeys and have two teenage boys who's dress sense put some adults to shame. We like to dress nicely and the same if we go for a meal back home. We loved our first cruise on D1 and the next was on Crown Princess also fantastic. The only draw from Marella is itinerary but the pull is not so strong and we are looking elsewhere for next year
  5. As stated previously Hep A could be picked up any where. I live in the U.K. and on a weekend away on the South Coast I was infected. Believe me the last thing anyone expected. I couldn't eat for 3 weeks and turned a very fetching shade of yellow. My weight dropped by a stone and a half. Since then we've travelled all over the Mediterranean area, West Coast of America and the Middle East. My rule of thumb is .....buy nothing from street traders. My infection was traced to a burger seller in Portsmouth and I wasn't the only one.
  6. Lots of taxis available when we docked. Some were offering tour prices for Knossos worth pricing up. Agree about the museum. Took a taxi there and then walked back through the town to the harbour. Walked the wall to the Fort its only a couple of euro's for entrance and worth a look. Never bothered by beggars. It might not be a pretty place its a working city with all the blemishes. Remember not all of Greece is whitewashed villages but its all worth the visit.
  7. Yes, family of 4 and youngest was about 7 at the time. We've taken the extra hit each year since. However I can't understand that why as I'm booking a package holiday ......they cannot allocate 4 seats together with the booking.....after all they don't split us up in the accommodation. A package should be such.
  8. £620 from Gatwick and Luton this morning. We live 15 miles from Luton airport but this year flew from Gatwick.......we saved £825 by doing. Worth juggling the airport's.
  9. You've got to try the gelato at the coffee port.......well worth it.....didn't try the cakes but mmm looked delicious.
  10. Hi both times in last two weeks we docked as per the map above. One visit was because Roses tender port was cancelled. Safe trip home Sauspud...it's over far too quickly!
  11. We are just back from two weeks on D2 in the Med. We had two very different weeks. Hubby took tux teens took suits and me long dress, week one we were in the minority but the second week was a complete change and far more dressed impress. Even dining changed......week one we just strolled in 47 or Gallery 47 when we wanted.....week 2 they were both much busier and pagers were in use.
  12. Hi currently on Discovery 2 and did this itinerary last week. Palma sail time was 10pm so you'll get some time ashore. Ajaccio easy walking grab a map as you leave the pier. Maison Bonaparte is open Tues- Sun so closed Monday's which may be your port day unfortunately. Hoho bus is also a good option. Cost of Rome on your own is £46 per person with Marella same price for the teens.theres a 7 hour or 10 hour trip and the drop off is normally near St Peter's. From Marina di Carrara it's 45 mins to Pisa 1hour 45 to Florence. We went to Portofino £48 per person. St Raphael we crashed on board nice pool day. Barcelona grab map and shuttle bus buy return ticket and hit the street. Pre book Sagrada Familia on line before you leave if you want to visit.
  13. Hi I just had to do this...... I'm ON BOARD!!
  14. Thank you to Tony. Two hours till we leave killing time now.
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