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  1. TODAY........it should have been today. 😪 instead it's pouring with rain here and of all of the " Everybody loves Raymond " they are showing the one on the cruise .......seriously that's just cruel. Looking to book when things improve but who knows. New spikes over in Spain and Brits now have to self isolate on return to UK. Hope you are all well and stay positve.
  2. Last summer we passed Stomboli at night. Our Captain had been informed that an eruption was likely so he sailed to viewing distance. We could make out the looming shape in the dark and as we drew level almost on cue the lava began. It was an amazing sight and I wondered how close to the little lights of houses along the edge it came. We watched it flow to the sea. Above more to see as a burst of shooting stars passed. A truly amazing evening. We had visited Pompeii earlier that day and Vesuvius was quiet. However Etna had a little smoke on our visit. Kotor is like sailing through the F
  3. Cold, rainy .......could describe any month in the UK. However since lockdown in March we've had warm sunny weather and here in Buckinghamshire hardly any rain. It has meant that being at home has been made better by being able to sit in the garden. Didn't have the usual April ☔ showers.
  4. Well we would still be interested in a cruise. There is a 14 day next year on Island Princess or hubby said we could by a campervan and the dog could come too. We had looked to buy a holiday home in Murcia Spain but Brexit hit that idea on the head so the travel bug is still there.
  5. We should have been on a British Isles cruise on Regal Princess on July 28th and we live in the UK what's wrong with that? I've never been to Scotland and we would have had stops that included visits to places like Stirling Castle, the Kelpies at Falkirk, Kirkwall Orkneys, Invergordon for Loch Ness and Edinburgh. Again same for Ireland.....never been but again much to see. We have loved our Med cruises and have had some great adventures but just fancied something different. Also as I have 2 elderly parents if there is a health scare getting home would be easy. I have to say both are doi
  6. We are booked on 27 July from Southampton on Regal for a British Isles cruise. I booked 2 obstructed balconies and we were upgraded to 2 mini suites. Not going to happen is it. can't decide whether to push it back a year or try for Sky heading to St Petersburg......who knows what will happen. I work in a school and cannot see being in a normal situation there for ages with social distancing set to be imposed for a while to come. We all have to make changes so we can beat this. Stay safe all.
  7. Our cruise is due 27th July British Isles from Southampton so a local cruise for us but doubt that will go ahead .I had 2 obstructed balconies booked but have been upgraded to 2 mini suites should be dancing around the room but life has more to be thankful for. Stay safe everyone.
  8. We are due to sail out of Southampton on 27th July on Regal Princess so don't see that happening. Final payment changed to end of May but no loss either way if we cancel or Princess. We haven't yet cancelled our private excursions as the Crown is sailing the same route next year so we'd swap out for that. Our government are the only ones who can decide where we go from here. They will review our lockdown on Thursday. We are all healthy and that is what counts even if we are all stuck at home......
  9. Our cruise is due 27th of July so ....well you can guess we're not confident!! Shame because we had 2 obstructed balconies on Regal and got upgrade to 2 mini suites we should be hopping round the room with joy but we need to be real about this. Stay safe everyone we can get through this.
  10. 115 days for a British Isles cruise. I can only hope......... Especially as we've just been upgraded from 2 obstructed balconies to 2 mini suites as a freebie.......that doesn't happen very often.
  11. Hi. Looking forward to all your views. We board Regal on 27th July our second Princess cruise. Any photos or tips would be fantastic. Have a lovely time.
  12. Last summer we took a taxi into the old town. He dropped us near the Cathedral and we were able to go straight in with no queuing. When we can out the queue was really long. Lovely area to wander round. We walked back to the ship it was a long walk but we stopped for a drink and ice cream.......loads of bars along the way.
  13. Loving the photos. Giving me lots of tips and ideas for our British Isles cruise in July. Keep them coming Thanks.
  14. 201 days ......just booked Regal Princess British Isles cruise. Off to plan my days.
  15. Our cruise from Palma Majorca had a rough start in July. We caught the back end of a storm en route to Corsica. We were on Marella Discovery 2 and people were dropping like flies. Passengers and crew alike all suffered from the pitching and rolling. Hubby and eldest spent the day in bed and they were ill! Later in the cruise we missed Roses in Spain and diverted to Barcelona as the sea was deemed to rough to tender ashore. Just goes to show even in the middle of Summer the weather can throw something at you.
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