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  1. They cancelled Magic’s transatlantic cruises starting from Miami to and around European cruises during that time to leave it in Miami to take over the cruises that the Breeze was to do out of Fort Lauderdale. I was booked on Breeze out of Fort Lauderdale April 24th 2021 they moved us to Magic out of Miami with same dates, itinerary and cabin room number. I just looked and our cruise for April 24th is still in my booked cruises. I even tried a mock booking and it let me. Prices sure are higher than what I paid.
  2. Had an April 25th 2020 cruise canceled right at the end of March. I rebooked same cruise for time time next year. All my cruise credit was transferred over within 3 days. I received refunds on my booked shore excursions on gift cards cause I used gift cards to book them, got those within 2 months. Still waiting on refund for WiFi package I also purchased with gift cards. Don’t know what number to call and ask about it or what email to inquire about it though. Not that I could probably get through to anyone anyway as busy as the lines are from what it sounds like. Not just going to forge
  3. I got the same letter for our cruise out of Fort Lauderdale on Breeze in April 24th 2021 it’s been moved to port of Miami and will now be on the Magic with same itinerary. Basically all it said for the minor inconvenience of having to change ships on us Carnival will add $200 OBC tou our accounts. Didn’t say anything in there that it was not applicable for those who have already rebooked from a previously canceled cruise by carnival since March 2020. So ya, it sounds like we will have $800 OBC. We also got in on the deal when they did a promo code of 20% off Cheers drink package online tha
  4. I’ve been checking every day and usually multiple times a day for weeks now since this thread started for our April sailing on the Breeze and it still shows not available. Seems like every ship and sailing it’s been released except late April Breeze sailings. Right now we’re waitlisted for 6 pm dinner seating and our PVP said 8 pm dinner seating it will be the same. Only option we have is YTD. I don’t like YTD cause we never get the same server or table. There is 6 people in our group again and last time we tried YTD they tried each night to seat us separated cause they didn’t have a ta
  5. Still no FTTF for our April 24th sailing on Breeze
  6. Got our gift card refunds today by FedEx for our cancelled shore excursions that was canceled by carnival for our April 25th 2020 cruise. Our cruise credit we already had all of it applied to our rebooked cruise the day after Carnival announced on March 30th the extended pause in cruising. We did not get our refund for the WiFi package yet though and we paid for that with a carnival gift card also. Don’t know if those orders get processed differently or by a different department? And still waiting for our credit for faster to the fun to be applied to our credit card also.
  7. Today would be the day we would be debarkation Carnival Magic in Fort Lauderdale from our 8 day eastern Caribbean cruise. We are rebooked for next April 2021 on Breeze for same cruise out of Fort Lauderdale for 8 days, same itinerary.
  8. That’s the thing though is one couple in our group had no refunds from shore excursions or other online purchases due because they made no extra purchases and their cruise balance shows paid in full. It shows in all of our cruise bookings and orders that we paid the same amount for the newly rebooked cruise as we did for the cancelled one to the penny.
  9. My April 25th cruise was canceled on March 30th and we had our PVP rebook our cruise 1 year later for same time next April. Within 6 days all of our FCC was transferred to the new booking. The new booking was about $190 more then the canceled one but he did something to make it all come out even and we didnt owe anything extra. He said our extras like shore excursions, Wifi packages, FTTF and such would be refunded back on to original form of payment. We used Carnival gift cards for all that and we keep checking the balances like this morning and still hasnt gone back on them yet.
  10. I got it. Ya I found his post on going through already booked then organizer access and so on. We got it for $784.66 total with gratuities for a 8 day cruise we’re as before it was $980 total. Also we used Carnival gift cards that we got at 10% off to purchase it for even more savings. The $600 OBC we get for rebooking from our cancelled cruise we are basically only paying $180something out of pocket for Cheers.
  11. I have a booking for next April a cancelled cruise this April and we were looking at using the $600 OBC they were giving us to help us buy the Cheers package for our cruise in April 2021. But I go to my cruise manager and add cheers to my cart and it still shows original price of $51.xx a day. I didn’t get the email either and looked through my junk mail and didn’t see it. Wish I would’ve gotten it cause I would have definitely purchased it now. Is there a promo code? Or just a add discount to cart by clicking here thing? those that got the email have you purchased cheers befo
  12. same with ours. 7 days and our new booking showed paid in full, gratuities, taxes, fees and all. And showed in the cruise documents that we had a $600 OBC. We actually thought we would have a small balance left because the new booking showed it was about $184 more then the cancelled one. And this is why I love our PVP cause he fiddled the numbers and made it come out even and paid in full, didn’t pay an extra dime.
  13. Our PVP said all the funds from our canceled cruise could take a week or more to be transferred to the new booking. Give it a few days and call or email them and ask for an update.
  14. We were on Glory in April of 2018 also. Bought the value WiFi plan and it was like you said un-usable. Told guest services if WiFi isn’t even usable then we want our money back. Instead they upgraded us to premium WiFi for free and it was just as bad. Back to guest services and they refund our money but let us keep using the premium plan, not that we could use it though. The very first dial up internet speeds back in the early 90s were faster then Glory’s WiFi. 2 years prior to Glory we were on Splendor and had the value plan and it was pretty quick. We even made Facebook messenger video
  15. I wonder what ever happened to this supposed WiFi upgrade Carnival said they were going to do on all ships by the end of the summer in 2018. Cause by the sounds of it a lot of people have mentioned it is still as slow as it’s been for the past few years. No noticeable speed increase has been noticed if they really did upgrade the other ships. https://cruisefever.net/carnival-cruise-line-rolling-faster-internet-every-cruise-ship-fleet/
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