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  1. I don’t see the carnival gift cards anymore. Are they sold out or does anyone else see them available? Seeing a lot of people are having issues with the new site. I’d be afraid to buy anything from them till they get the bugs worked out but wonder why I don’t see carnival gift cards anymore. Just wonder if they took them down or they sold out or does anyone else see them?
  2. I had about 50,000 points left on rewards for good, I bought a lot of carnival gift cards on the site. Just logged in and they gave me 25,000 points to start plus 1000 points for logging in and 500 points for signing up for the email news letter when I first logged in. I have 26,500 points. I am not a paying AARP member though but might spend the $12 for the membership so i can get the carnival cards. Bad thing is i'm reading now is 1 card limit each $500 and $100 cards per month? Othing I notice is there is no organization to categorizing the any of the stuff. old site you could click on gift cards tab and select travel and there were the carnival gift cards. This new site I keep clicking "SEE MORE" button and i'll get 12 more rewards items and i've been clicking "SEE MORE" for several minutes and havent seen the Carnival gift cards yet. has anyone found a way to search for them or quick way to find them easy? Also I'd like to say like any new website that just came online I wouldnt order anything from or expect it to work very well for a few day till they get the bugs worked out.
  3. 225 days for us. I cant wait. i read review after review of Magic and it seems to rank among the top 5 best carnival ships. only other Carnival ships i've been on is Splendor and Glory. Splendor was a nice ship, Glory I wasn't that impressed. it got us from port to port and still had a good time but Glory was nothing as nice as Splendor. Now I cant wait to get on Magic because of the very high reviews i've read about it. and this time were sailing with my parents, my brother and his wife along with good friends and family members too.
  4. Shoot. Our Carnival Magic cruise booked in April of 2020 just a couple weeks before yours has gone UP almost $500 for a double occupancy balcony room. I'm booked on deck 9 forward and I did a mock booking last week and highest deck i could get for a balcony room was deck 6 for almost $500 more then my deck 9 balcony room wife and I have. Glad I booked when I did.
  5. purchase it with one of those gift cards from AARP at 10% off then what percent are you saving? LOL. I like to stir the pot up a bit.
  6. We'll be on Magic 2 weeks after that so hopefully everything should be back to normal.
  7. We sailed last April and that was pretty slick how they scan the edge of the info page in your passport book with that reader that was it. Our first cruise April 2016 was a bit more. walk in the door, up the stairs and thru the rope maze to get to the counter and give our ID, Passport and cruise documents then take our picture for the sail and sign card and add funds to it and we were done. still pretty quick but last April I had to ask a couple times after they scanned our passport and told us were checked in that are we done? LOL. i couldn't believe it. 20 seconds from walking in the door and staff member ask for our passport, they scanned it said your all checked in. I was like Whaaaaaa? they said you can go up to the FTTF waiting lounge unless you need to add funds to your sail and sign card and then proceed to the counter and they will set you up. And yes last April on the way to the gangway the guy with the tablet scanned our boarding pass and then took our picture. again took 10 seconds. Next April 2020 we sail out of Fort Lauderdale on Magic and we have FTTF again. Hope its the same quick process.
  8. last 2 times i've sailed we had FTTF and arrived at the Miami cruise port at about 9:30 am ish right as they were opening doors for priority check in and we walked right in, they scanned our passports, took our picture for the sail and sign cards and they said you are checked in, It was that easy. then on to the counter to add our Carnival gift cards to our sail and sign cards. 10 minutes from walking in the door we were done. If all goes as planned and the debarkation is done on time they will start calling to board Diamond, Platinum around 10:45-11:00 am and maybe a few minutes later they call people in suites and FTTF. By 11:30 they are already calling general boarding group 1. Last 2 cruises we had FTTF and we were on the ship both times before 11:30 am. last cruise we were stepping off the gangway onto the ship just a few minutes before 11:30 am just as you could hear them announcing the first general boarding group. They start pretty quick to get people moving once the ship has been cleared by customs to board to allow a faster check in process for those who have a later check in time. but there is times lines can get held up by slow people who need more time to walk down the gangway with small children or wheel chairs or stop and ships photographer or people stop once they walk into the ships lobby to take pictures and lookyloo while holding up the line behind them waiting to board as the ships staff members are asking them to please keep moving. LOL. I understand their excited and for some its the WOW factor. LOL.
  9. Found it. Yes Janet Jackson is part of the Tom Joyner foundation chartered cruise on Magic this week. Suspecting the crane I saw earlier was to load stage and concert equipment onboard. https://urbanbridgez.com/2019/02/20/janet-jackson-to-headline-the-tom-joyner-foundation-fantastic-voyage/
  10. Another case of lost the keys again. LOL. I saw on the webcam earlier today there was a big crane next to Magic maybe off-loading on on-loading stuff for maintenance reasons. We'll be on her next April 2020 for an 8 day cruise.
  11. Our April 25th 2020 cruise had FTTF available yesterday for about 6 hours and it was gone. We snagged it but a couple people in our family didnt get to it in time. maybe they just released some yesterday and they'll release more later on. I know its limited availability but maybe they didnt release all of the available ones yesterday. Who knows. I told those in our family who didnt get it to make sure when online check in becomes available to do it immediately and get a early as possible check in time and they would be right behind us in check in and boarding.
  12. Carnival actually stopped the E-gift cards because there was issues with them being stolen and hacked and others selling fake carnival e-gift cards on other sites. maybe they have a handle on it now?
  13. The way to sign up for Allstate is used your phone or iPad to download the Allstate mobile app. Their app has the drivewise built in that earns you the points for the rewards like the carnival gift cards. Once your signed up through the moble app on your phone then you can log into Allstate’s drivewise rewards website on a computer and earn more points and shop using your points for thing like carnival gift cards. BUT, I stopped using Allstate because the last 2 times I ordered carnival gift cards from them it took forever to receive them and MANY phone calls to find out why and when they are going to ship. I kept getting the run around from their on their way to you never order any from us to they were already delivered. After the last order taking nearly 6 weeks to get I stopped using them. I order from AARP only now and have always gotten them within the week and never have had an issue with them. I place an order of $1000 to $2500 and get told by Allstate rewards site you already got them there’s nothing we can do about it I get brain damage and then my mouth and attitude gets in the way and now customer service won’t talk to me anymore. That’s not good. Wife has to take over and deal with it and try to talk to them. $2500 gift card order lost by Allstate isn’t something I or anyone else can get over or let go and just go on like it’s nothing. Once I almost didn’t get my second order in a row for almost 6 weeks later I never ordered from them again. Many others on here have similar issues with Allstate too. I’m just saying becareful with Allstate.
  14. Not showing for our April 2020 cruise out of Fort Lauderdale yet. I’ve also been checking about every other day. Could be any time now.
  15. Some departure ports have a limit as to how many cards they will put on your OBC during check in only to keep check in process for others moving along. but once on board you can have guest services add the rest or you can use the automated Kiosks through out the ship. best time to use the kiosks is late evening, early morning and sometimes middle of the day. its really easy to add gift cards to your S&S card at the kiosks. Carnival gift cards can be used for pretty much anything Carnival sells onboard and online. Deposits for booking a cruise, Payments on your cruise balance, fun shops onboard and online, shore excursions through the cruise ship, WiFi packages, Drink packages. I dont know much of anything you cant use them for.
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