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  1. I was on Empress twice in 2017, didn't notice any additional rooms off the back. My wife and I stared at the wake all the time on deck 6 and relaxed a lot on the back right behind Club Boleros. Unless you are talking about some of the upper decks. The only specialty restaurant they added was Chops which was midship. I haven't been on Empress before they moved the library but they were definitely in the Centrum area. Max capacity is 1840 passengers that is if you filled every room up with every guest which never happens. Both cruises I have been on there couldn't have been much more than 1000 passengers onboard. I love this ship and it still never to this day feels crowded.
  2. I have been on this ship twice, and was scheduled to go again Feb 25th but was cancelled for dry dock. The reviews are mixed because if you are used to all the modern big mega ships its almost guaranteed you will be disappointed. However I happen to love this ship and its one of my favorite ships in the fleet. I am kind of an old school cruiser all I need is an oceanview, a drink and a place to relax to be happy. I don't need water slides, ice skating rinks, bumper cars and etc... to be happy. I love Empress because of its intimacy the crew is awesome, the ship is loaded with oceanviews because she was built back before every ship had a balcony so they made sure that guests had plenty of place to view the ocean. The ship has glass all over the place and there isn't a deck you can't see the ocean, unlike Anthem of the seas which was enclosed and pretended to be more of a shopping mall than a cruise ship. If you hate crowds and don't need much to be entertained I would recommend this ship to you. It takes a certain type of cruiser to enjoy Empress. She is old, but she had a refurb in 2016 and the only thing I thought looked dated was the theater. Everything else especially club Boleros looked great. I sailed to Cuba on Empress last November and it was one of the best cruises I have ever been on. I just say when booking Empress set your expectations right if you love the big ships you will probably hate Empress. Past Cruises -Carnival Ecstacy -Sovereign of the Seas -Enchantment of the Seas -Majesty of the Seas -Carnival Victory -Explorer of the Seas -Mariner of the Seas -Empress of the Seas -Empress of the Seas -Anthem of the Seas
  3. Completely agree! Same thing I didn't hate the cruise but I won't book another Quantum class. I have noticed the reviews on the Oasis class are mostly positive and that class is bigger. So maybe I will give that class a chance. The Oasis class seems like a giant Voyager class ship to me similar design. I believe the Quantum Class is actually a Celebrity design that Royal Caribbean used. If you look at the Celebrity Equinox it is a similar design. The lack of Oceanviews I didn't like. I go on cruises in the middle of winter to escape cabin fever.... Sent from my SM-G892A using Forums mobile app
  4. That was my issue also most of the posts on Oasis class are the opposite of Anthem. It's not necessarily ship size its the ratio. They stuffed too many cabins and people on Anthem. Sent from my SM-G892A using Forums mobile app
  5. That was my main issue with Anthem it almost seemed like RCL forgot why we cruise? I want to feel like I am on a ship also. I understand RCL is competing with land resorts and Disney and going after that market is fine I just hope they don't forget their base. The new ships they have already planned past 2020 aren't really any smaller. It would be nice if they built some smaller ships along with the bigger ones like they did with the Radiance class when they were building the big Voyager class back in the early 2000s. Sent from my SM-G892A using Forums mobile app
  6. Empress is my favorite in the fleet going on Empress for the 3rd time next February. I love how simple and intimate the ship is. And the whole ship is full of glass there isn't a single spot on that ship where you don't see the ocean except an inside cabin of course but one step outside your cabin and you get that ocean view... Sent from my SM-G892A using Forums mobile app
  7. Enchantment is nice was on her way back in 97 before they stretched the ship. She was nice then! Tell you the truth I almost listed Enchantment instead of Mariner. I saw her pull next to us in Nassau last March while I was on Empress looked pretty cool with the suspension bridges. Sent from my SM-G892A using Forums mobile app
  8. Thanks Dan! I figured Freedom Class would be fine on size it looks like all it is a is slightly larger Voyager class. Good to know cause I was thinking about booking Liberty of the Seas soon. Sent from my SM-G892A using Forums mobile app
  9. Just to clarify, "Least Favorite" doesn't necessarily mean you hated the cruise, just wasn't your favorite compared to the other Royal Ships. I always say the worst cruise is no cruise at all. Unless the ship sinks any cruise is still better than staying at home... ;)
  10. Just to clarify, "Least Favorite" doesn't necessarily mean you hated the cruise, just wasn't your favorite compared to the other Royal Ships. I always say the worst cruise is no cruise at all. Unless the ship sinks any cruise is still better than staying at home... ;)
  11. Wow Nordic Prince! That had to been cool... Wasn't that when Royal only had roughly 3 ships in the whole fleet?
  12. Looks like you agree on Anthem, what didn't you like about her? Also how was Freedom? I would probably book a Freedom class, but probably no bigger than that....
  13. Curious what didn't you like about Oasis? I wasn't a fan of Anthem cause I thought it was too crowded was Oasis also too crowded? I know its huge and bigger than Anthem, but figured maybe they spread everyone out enough on this ship...
  14. Oh for a more detailed review here is a link to the review I gave after getting off the ship: https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=609333
  15. I am sure I will get criticized because there are some people who really love Anthem and that is fine to each their own. I didn't like how overcrowded Anthem was. I don't necessarily oppose bigger ships having been on Explorer and Mariner which are still pretty big ships even with today's mega ships. Explorer and Mariner never felt crowded or claustrophobic, Anthem did. I also wasn't a fan of the ship's layout it was almost like they forgot about the Ocean when they designed her and though she is built for colder climates, she was still too enclosed for me with lack of oceanviews. Most ships have a bunch of observation decks, not Anthem. Anthem mainly had the crowded pool deck to view the ocean, a small deck off the Windjammer (Which was also crowded), and barely an outer promenade that had dead ends where most ships it wraps around the whole ship. Even after booking activities months before the cruise we still waited in line for everything! It felt more like an amusement park/shopping mall at sea instead of a cruise ship which call me old school, but that is not why I cruise. I cruise to sit back relax and enjoy the ocean air. Everything was mainly inside, the Esplanade looked a lot like a shopping mall to me and was crowded most of the time. That being said do I regret booking Anthem? Absolutely not, the worst cruise is no cruise at all! However would I ever book a Quantum class ship again? Absolutely not, I like the other Royal Caribbean ships better and I will probably not book anything larger than a Freedom Class in the future. (Though I suspect the Oasis Class might spread the crowd out enough) Now that I got the negatives out of the way, here are the highlights of Anthem that were positive, like I said it wasn't like I had a terrible time I was still on a Cruise Vacation instead of sitting at home in the cold! She is just my least favorite ship in the fleet that is all.... Positive Stuff: Great Cabin, probably the biggest nicest cabin I have ever had on a cruise ship so if a cabin is important to you then you will like Anthem. (I don't care much about cabins cause I just mainly sleep there) 270 Lounge and Cafe 270 was cool, this was one spot you could get away from the crowd. Overall the ship is beautiful full of nice decor and elegant artwork. Solarium was very nice. Shows and Entertainment very high quality. (Cabaret and We Will Rock You show was great, The Gift was ok but still worth seeing, comedians and music was good also) Food was excellent once you got into the dining room. Waiter, Assistant Waiter, and Cabin Attendant were great. Negative Stuff: Ship design doesn't really let you appreciate the Sea. Too many people, even though she is a large ship they stuffed way too many people on this class and didn't spread them out enough. Crew seemed stressed and service level was inferior to other Royal Caribbean ships probably because they had to handle way too many passengers.... (With exception to the waiter, asst waiter and cabin attendant) Even after making reservations in advance waited in line for everything forget about doing anything in the Seaplex it was jammed all the time, pools were also too crowded. For a new ship believe it or not lots of stuff was broken like the xBoxes my niece and nephew wanted to play, drink machines and etc... My Time Dining is a big Cluster F. Anthem for some reason, where it hasn't been on other RCL cruises I have been on. That was just my opinion you very may well love Anthem it really comes down to the type of cruiser you are. I will say though since you have traveled on Carnival in the past Anthem is very different from the rest of the RCL ships, so don't judge the whole line on this one ship. I to have sailed with Carnival and I like both lines, majority have been RCL just because of the loyalty points, and I always thought their ships were slightly more elegant than Carnival, but both lines are pretty comparable to each other.. Best advice I can give is book everything you want to do on the website well in advance, you will still wait for stuff but won't wait nearly as long as the people who book on the ship. Also if you are going to dine in the main dining rooms just pick an early or late seating instead of the My Time Dining option, it may not be as flexible but you will get into the dining room faster. If you can afford a Balcony Cabin, spring for the balcony as I said the ship itself lacks a lot of views best just to get that view from your cabin and to get away from the crowds. Good luck enjoy your cruise! Past Cruises: Carnival Ecstacy Sovereign of the Seas Enchantment of the Seas Majesty of the Seas Carnival Victory Explorer of the Seas Mariner of the Seas Empress of the Seas Empress of the Seas Anthem of the seas Future Cruise Booked: Empress of the Seas again! Love Key West this ship goes there a lot....
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