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  1. Here are some other options if you end up in Seattle: 1) Fly Kenmore Air float plane. This is a beautiful trip. You WILL have strict luggage limitations although they MAY be able to accommodate all your luggage for a fee. If you it looks like a problem you could drop your luggage off beforehand at the aforementioned Victoria Clipper terminal and they will transport it for you for the next day (afternoon) pick up. YOU will be responsible for clearing the items through Canada Customs (be sure you plan for this around weekday office hours). You will need between 45 minutes (using cabs) and two hours (walking) for the round trip between Clipper terminal (pick up paperwork first) and customs office to make this happen. The luggage cost will be $0.67US per pound. Personal items will be admitted without duty and taxes but that is not the decision of the Clipper staff - you will be shipping via a commercial cargo service. You may be able to get a customs broker to do the paperwork for you. 2) Take Dungeness Line shuttle from Seattle to Port Angeles and then Coho Ferry. You end up being stuck in Port Angeles overnight if the shuttle is late (I have no idea how likely that is). The drive through the Olympic Peninsula is quite scenic. 3) Fly a regular flight between Seattle (SEA) and Victoria (YYJ) airports. Neither airport is exactly convienient. 4) Take Amtrak train or Bus to Vancouver; transit/shuttle to Ferry terminal on Vancouver side; ferry to Victoria terminal; and then bus/etc to downtown Victoria. This is very much a "milk run" . 5) There is an additional ferry option with the Sidney/Anacortes ferry but as with the Clipper you will have the next day departure issue. If you work around the luggage issue, the first option is the most enjoyable as well as the fastest. All this somewhat assumes you want to be in downtown Victoria without a car.
  2. Club Class Mini-Suite passengers have the option to have breakfast in the Club Class area of the main dining room. BTW, full suite passengers also have that option. az2sea, is there a chance that you have been mislead by a travel agent calling a club class mini-suite a suite?
  3. We're booked in a similar cabin in the future. I fully expect that this is the emergency exit. It is not odd in any way what so ever. It is at the furthermost point along a passage way leading away from the primary staircases. Maybe not worry about it; but do NOT ignore it-it could save your life. Sea Hag, may I humbly suggest that next time you are sleeping in an unfamiliar place that you review the egress plan and not be dismissive of such.
  4. Hi, We were considering a cruise on the Star Princess at the end of April 2020 from Vancouver. I noticed that she is not on the Princess schedule from April 14th to 30th after her arrival in Vancouver. She was in dry dock in December 2017 and is due to go to P & O in the fall of 2021. Wondering if this is a dry dock visit or perhaps a charter. Any ideas? Is there a good way to find this out in general? The thinking here is that it is best to avoid a ship that may still be undergoing major maintenance when she sails with passengers. Thanks
  5. I completely agree that people should be washing their hands prior to eating at the buffet. Sometimes, there is a need to walk through the buffet to get elsewhere on the ship or perhaps get a napkin (touch it, it's yours). Judgement should be delayed until the offender grabs a plate.
  6. What gives then? The Fitness Center. I believe every Princess ship except the Island, and every other cruise ship I have been on, has the Fitness Center on an upper deck with water views. The FC on the island is interior on a lower deck. My favourite part about going to the gym on a cruise ship is the natural light and the views. I checked out the FC on the Island-the place was a dead zone; a couple of people were there. I decided that climbing the staircases was a more pleasant way to exercise. On the plus side, you will probably have your source of equipment.
  7. If you select a Northbound cruise tour, you will be able to enjoy the embarkation afternoon on the ship. With southbound, you will board the ship late in the afternoon or early evening.
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