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  1. Definitely not me. After 17 cruises Im going to call it a day. I had the virus. It wasn't fun but 99.9% of people survive. The country has gone crazy and become science/fact deniers. Go to the cdc.gov website. Those at risk (over 70, diabetic, obese and or hypertensive) have a 6-8% mortality rate which is not great. Those that are not at risk have less than .0001% overral chance of catching and dying from the virus. The liberal media has straight up lied about the risk. Once again cdc.gov to see anything I posted above. Also for reference I’m a registered nurse of 20 years, I see people die from this virus- As well as hypertension, cancer, heart disease, obesity, suicides, car accidents, sepsis, falls, pneumonia, the flu, liver failure, kidney failure, old age, etc etc etc. Have a wonderful day everyone! Cdc.gov for the most up to date info.
  2. This photo is amazing. I love it.
  3. Ok awesome thank you. That answers my question. Online is faster.
  4. Im curious because I've cancelled excursions in the past and the refund was processed that day. It would avoid the cancellation red tape.
  5. Hi! Does anyone know if it is quicker to cancel an excursion through the website as opposed to on the phone when a cruise is cancelled due to COVID? I've heard horror stories on the length of time for refund. The $379 will come in handy when I schedule my Florida trip if August 1st cruise is cancelled. Thank you in advance! p.s. the cruise stays there until you address it so I would have time to do that.
  6. I think the airlines are refunding tickets d/t covid reasons as well but don't quote me on that things change daily!
  7. I was able to call and cancel my Fly2fun. I just booked straight with the airline due to the huge difference.
  8. Yes of course I will. Diseases will continue. As will car accidents, and heart attacks and cancer and etc. Once again seasonal flu (despite vaccines, etc) kills up to 80,000 Americans per year. Corona is currently at 10,000. Do you worry about the flu on your cruises?
  9. I know this is anyone's best guess but....does anyone think Carnival will do away with the OBC's for 100 share stockholders in lieu of recent events? I'm not saying the C word, but the stock has plummeted significantly for obvious reasons. I'm wondering if they will use this as an excuse to get rid of that perk... (I want to pull the trigger and buy the 90 I need to make 100...😂😂) Thoughts? Thank you!
  10. Update, I got through to Delta after about an hour and its fine. LOL....he said if its a MS or MR they are fine with it being added on.
  11. Yes same here. We don't sail until August. We should know tons by then. It might just blow over. I'm a nurse and my gut tells me many many people have this virus and we just don't know. Mortality is pretty low so that's encouraging. Cautiously optimistic!
  12. That's me! I'm only slightly worried about quarantined (who can check out of life for 2 weeks? LOL) and zero percent worried about the actual virus d/t my relatively young age. People shouldn't cruise over 65-70 right now in my opinion.
  13. I just added on Fly 2 Fun for our cruise, it was 250 dollars cheaper. However, when I signed in to Delta website to choose seats our names were spelled with a "ms" after each first name (we didn't enter names, it was automatic). I'm hoping this is on purpose? I know airlines are super strict with name spelling. I tried to call but that's a joke right now. It says 3 hour wait estimated. Anyone use Fly 2 Fun? Was your name correct?? Thank you!
  14. Only cruiseaholics will appreciate the value of these pictures/countdowns.....Love your live blog. Thank you!
  15. Haha no way! Just kidding we do RCI occasionally but Carnival is my number 1. Go Navy.
  16. HA that would be a wild scene! 😜 We had many priority folks on our last sailing. Standing room only and it was pretty early. Went fast though.
  17. I find this interesting after reading this thread. I am currently living with an adult step child (well he with us) but he is Red and we are Platinum. He receives offers constantly in the mail. Nice huge flyers in color begging him to sail. We never receive anything. Its a joke in our house that they know my husband and I are a sure thing so why market to us.....😕
  18. No, its not always cheaper when you book in advance. That is what this entire post is about. The OP said her prices had dropped. Price protection gives you the money in OBC if you are paid off or takes it off the top if you havent paid it off.
  19. I agree. lol. Never too early to book! I love price protection. Its a great marketing strategy.
  20. I fell into a bad review well re: leaving from Charleston. Was about to hit the "book it" button for Sunshine out of Charleston in August but super hesitant now. I don't usually fall into the bad review trap, but they sounded convincing. Traffic jams and delays and Ubers refusing to even take people there?! The police even had to be called to fix a gridlock?! I'm guessing it could be true because Charleston doesn't really NEED a cruise ship.....Does anyone have any firsthand experience with leaving from there? (without a car, we are flying in to airport). Thank you!
  21. We just got back from the Magic and loved it. The first day is obviously a nightmare re: the lido deck with everyone in the same place at the same time. We just found a spot to hang out and areas where it wasnt super crowded (head towards the back). The sports deck is great for kids. It has foosball, ropes course (I think your 4 yr old is too young though), putt putt, etc. The Magic when I checked was exactly half the price of a comparable RCI cruise so keep that in mind.....
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