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  1. Thank you for posting but is it possible to increase the size? I'm doing the four night on Indy in 9 days! Glad you had a great time!
  2. I think I would have snapped a photo of him and told him I'll know who to coming looking for if I had any issues. I suppose you are right though. Probably would have made things worse.
  3. When we sailed out of either Miami or Fort Lauderdale about 8 years ago, I handed the porter 6 dollars for our 2 bags. He said, this is what you give the person in charge of your luggage? I was so stunned and pretty intimidated so I just said yes and he looked at me a second and put the bags on the cart. It was an awful way to start the cruise. Looking back and being older and braver I would have handled that quite different today.
  4. Damian Joyce is supposed to be in the pub on my Indy cruise leaving this Dec 10th.
  5. Thanks for all of the feedback. Most of the responses made me feel better about sticking with the original plan and bringing my son on the cruise. We have so much fun as a family just hanging out together, I'm sure we will have a good time even if the onboard activities are limited. Thanks for the reminder that just spending time together is enough and even if we can't potty train him before then, we can still have a good time. I like the suggestion of bringing him a backpack with some of his smaller toys and crayons. The alternative would be leaving him at home with my mother which is what we have done the past two years. The first year he got the flu while we were gone and the second year he locked my mom out of the house and she had to break a window to get back in. Haha. When you look at it that way, looks like bringing him might be easier on everyone. ;)
  6. I'm driving myself crazy trying to decide if we are doing the right thing by bring our son on his first cruise in December. He is turning 3 in October and we are doing a four night on Indy. He hasn't fully mastered potty training yet so if he doesn't get that down he won't be able to use all the pool facilities. I'm not comfortable with the idea of dropping him off at the kids club until he gets a little older so I'm concerned that he will be bored and it won't be a fun trip for anyone. We are taking the trip to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary and wanted to take him because I miss being away from him for even one night and hoped that he would enjoy the trip and we would have fun as a family. Now I'm starting to worried about everything; him climbing the railings, being bored, getting seasick. I need opinions, please!!! Thanks so much!!
  7. Thank you for sharing your cruise with us. My DH and I are boarding in a month for our tenth anniversary and we are very excited. Have you noticed, by any chance, if there are Goldfish slot machines in the casino? I love them fish. :D
  8. Hello. Does anyone know if any Royal Caribbean ships have Goldfish slot machines or Wild Cherry Bonus Pie machines? I have seen the Wild Cherry machines on a few ships but they seem to be taking them out. Thanks! :)
  9. Thanks everyone for the input. I'm leaning towards Liberty at this point but really dislike driving 4.5 hours to FLL vs an hour to PC. I'm not going to completely rule out Explorer though. I tend to prefer smaller or mid-sized ships. I miss Monarch. :( We sailed on Enchantment in June and in December of this past year and both sailings were lackluster. On our last cruise in particular, our toilet didn't work in our room and overflowed once. The food was consistently overcooked in the dining room. It seemed that no matter what temp we ordered meat at, it came well done. One of the cruise director staff was creepy and kept announcing that it was his last cruise so "all the rich people onboard should buy him gifts and give him money." He kept stopping trivia events to hit on girls passing through the lounge. It was just weird.
  10. Trying to decide which cruise to take for our 10th wedding anniversary in December and for the first time I'm have loads of trouble committing. We have sailed on the Enchantment the past two cruises and found it extremely lacking in good service, food, and quality entertainment. There is just something very "off" about this ship. We live very close to Port Canaveral so it is frustrating that our closest and most affordable ship is a stinker. Freedom is nice but now that we have a baby at home, 7 night cruises aren't ideal. It looks like Navigator will be relocating to Port Canaveral at the end of the year. Does anyone have an opinion on this ship, versus driving further to Fort Lauderdale for Liberty or Independence? I just can't make up my mind. :cool:
  11. Hi there, Looking forward to the rest of your review. I am boarding Enchantment tomorrow! :) Lisa
  12. Hello all, I heard there has been changes made to the RCCL Visa points program. I have a cruise coming up soon and applied some of my points to an onboard credit for that sailing. My question is.. can I still use those points towards anything I want on the cruise? Typically we will take cash off our account to use in the casino. Will we still be able to do that? Thanks in advance! Lisa
  13. I did an interior cabin with four adults on the Monarch last year. It wasn't fun but it didn't ruin the cruise. We had to get dressed in shifts and I didn't sleep well on the top bunk. If you have the choice, I would do the two interiors. Tomorrow I'm leaving for another Monarch cruise, this time with three adults in an interior cabin. Maybe I'll sleep on the pool deck...;)
  14. Hi all, Can anyone confirm that activities can be booked once you are on the island or do they have to be booked in advance? We aren't sure if we want to do the coaster or maybe rent a kayak. Thanks, Lisa
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