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  1. I think its possible that they might start up in "some" capacity in 2020 but very unlikely if cases start trending upward again. I wouldn't have said this earlier but MSC, Costa, etc have started up in Europe this month so there is a small glimmer of hope. But I don't think cruising will resume in the USA until 2021. I hope so as I have a cruise in March booked.
  2. I was thinking latest dry dock too but I think it was just scheduled for routine maint and not any major changes? But the itinerary might have more to do with it because Fascination was scheduled for PR and that was all cancelled. And I guess I read somewhere that Ecstasy just recently had a dry dock earlier this year so that might be factor as well. Still interesting though because she is still 3 years older.
  3. Any reason why the Fascination might go before the Ecstasy or Sensation? It is three years newer than the Ecstasy and I think it has the same balcony upgrades as those two. I would have thought the first four Fantasy class ships that would have got sold off first would be: Fantasy (Oldest and no balcony upgrade) Ecstasy (Oldest ship with the balcony upgrade) Imagination (No Balcony upgrade) Inspiration (No Balcony upgrade) Leaving Fascination, Sensation, Paradise and Elation. (The four newest Fantasy class ships with the upgrades)
  4. You bet! I am suppose to go on August 22nd 🙂
  5. I saw that as well. We usually fly in the day before the cruise, but now we are considering flying in two days before just to give us more cushion for any issues. You never know with connecting flights, etc.
  6. I know a few people personally that flew to their destination the day before their cruise in March, just to find out their cruise was cancelled after they arrived in Florida. This was when the pause happened. So I am preparing myself for the same situation in case a break out happens or something goes down. Like I said, I am preparing for all options in this uncertain time, but hoping for the best. Wish I lived closer to the ports so I can drive so I wouldn't have to worry about flying, on top of the cruise. I am very jealous of the people who can just drive haha but it is what it is.
  7. I am sailing on the Horizon in August so I have my fingers crossed, however with 6 or 7 trips cancelled so far this year, I am skeptical. But I will defiantly be doing a review/vlog if the cruise happens. We can speculate all we want, but at this time, the only one thing we know for sure is: that we don't know what will happen in August and beyond. I can picture my group flying to Florida, getting to the cruise terminal, and then them announcing that the cruise is cancelled right before we board. (Didn't that happen to folks when cruises paused in March?) So I have a billion back up plans and trip insurance to try to cover the unknown. The world is so uncertain right now. Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst.
  8. I will be on the Legend June 2021 - going to England, Scotland and Ireland 🙂 John H will be on the ship as well.
  9. View of the White Cliffs would be amazing! Thanks for the tip. And yeah noise does not bother me, I can usually sleep through anything if I am tired enough. And soon you next June! So excited 🥳
  10. Hey Cruisers - especially cruisers who have sailed on the Spirit class ships - I need your help! I am set to sail on the Carnival Legend (Spirit class ship) next year on my longest cruise to date - 9 Night England/Scotland/Ireland cruise. This will be my 9th cruise and I always book an interior cabin. I am the type of cruiser where I like to spend the minimum amount on a cabin and use the rest elsewhere since I am normally never in my cabin (Drinks, casino, excursions, etc). So when I booked this cruise (before the pandemic happened), I booked an interior room in hopes of maybe getting an upgrade offer down the road possibly. If the offer came, great! - if it didn't, it didn't matter to me since I am used to cruising in an interior cabins anyways. Due to COVID19, a few of my cruises this year and other non-cruise vacations have been cancelled or postponed and I now have more money in my vacation money bucket than expected. With this cruise being the longest cruise I have taken so far - I want to "splurge" on my cabin and finally upgrade to something other than an interior or ocean view. So before I upgrade I need the following advice/info: 1). Normal balcony or extended balcony? Or is a suite worth the price? (I am still Gold with Carnival, so I do not have platinum/diamond perks yet.) 2.) Which deck do you prefer? (I do not mind stairs or walking long distances. I rarely take the elevator anyways so I don't need to be by one.) 3.) Port? Starboard? Aft? 4.) Any specific cabin category or specific balcony room you have stayed in and loved? Thanks you all 😎
  11. I have a travel companion in the same boat as you and she plans to bring her birth certificate and other documents in case she doesn't get her passport. We sail on August 22nd. Keep us updated! 🤞
  12. I will be *hopefully* on the Horzion in August. Probably not going to happen (I have had three cruises cancelled so far this year) but I will let you all know as well. 🤞
  13. UPDATE on Spectrum of the Seas Sailings: Dear Royal Caribbean Cruises guests, Royal Caribbean Cruises is highly concerned about the recent outbreak of a new coronavirus. According to the requirements of relevant government departments, in order to further meet the current needs of epidemic prevention and control, and to ensure the health and safety of our guests and crew, we have launched the following free cancellation and re-registration policy for voyages departing from China's home port before February 8, 2020 (inclusive) ,details as follows: Royal Caribbean Cruises will suspend the operation of Ocean Spectrum on February 4, 2020, and provide a free cancellation policy. The Ocean Spectrum voyage departing from Shanghai on February 8, 2020 will provide guests with a free cancellation policy. Guests can choose any plan to plan future cruise itineraries according to the situation: 1. Free cancellation and full refund 2. Reschedule to other Royal Caribbean voyages departing from China's home port from March 1, 2020 to April 30, 2020. Ferry tickets and port taxes and fees will be refunded and replenished, and extra credits will be given on board. as follows a. Change of short voyage (≤5 nights), each cabin will receive 200 USD on board b. Change of long voyage (≥6 nights), each cabin will receive USD 300 on board 3. The Royal Caribbean voyage departing from China's home port (including but not limited to Shanghai, Tianjin, Hong Kong) from May 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021 will be rescheduled. Will receive an extra $ 100 on board 4. Refund of full port taxes and fees; get future voyage credits excluding the equivalent of tax tickets. The voucher is valid for one year from the date of issue, and you can get an extra $ 100 onboard consumption credit for each cabin in the room where the voucher is used * For specific usage rules of future voyage credits and on-board consumption credits, please contact the staff for details. * This refund policy also applies to pre-order voyages suspended from China's home port before February 8. https://www.rcclchina.com.cn/Rccl.CustomPage/RcclNews/Detail?newsId=1121470&offset=0
  14. I sail on the Spectrum of the Seas out of Shanghai on Feb 13th and haven't gotten any updates or emails about anything yet. I will let you know if I get anything before I go. I doubt anything will be affected. Shanghai isn't quarantined and I bet they will just screen for any sick people before you are allowed to board. And I also heard if you have been in in the Hubei area (like Wuhan) areas in the last 30 days, you will also not be allowed to board.
  15. Can you pre-apply for the other TWOV's as well besides the 144 hr?
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