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  1. DH surprised me with a trip on the cog up to the top of Mount Washington when we were in New England for my work once. It was fun (and windy), and I have a fun picture of me hanging on to the chain. My very first job as a teenager was at the public library. My pay rate was 90 cents/hour, and I pocketed less than $35/month. Oh my! We are supposed to leave from San Antonio for a trans-Canal next March. Fingers crossed tightly!
  2. @VintageGeo, Thank you for the Pelican Whisperer! I love seeing pelicans! Also, thank you for the post about Ronald. All of us here miss cruising - definitely a first world problem. The impact on so many of the people we depend on at sea has been catastrophic. I hope HAL is working hard to get its crews lined up for cruises to start in July. It will be so exciting when they begin sending ships to Indonesia (and other places) to fetch them!
  3. I have had a busy couple of days! My cousin and her DH arrived Thursday afternoon, then she & I made the trip to Ada for our 2nd Pfizer shot on Friday morning. We are fully vaccinated! Both our DH’s (older than she & I), are ahead of us and were already complete. In 2 weeks, she will get to see her 90 yo parents for the first time in more than a year, and DH and I are going to visit my DS and DBIL. Still masking, still washing and sanitizing, but feeling a little more confident about life and CRUISING! As I mentioned earlier, our experience with the Chickasaws was just wonder
  4. I will be thrilled to be on a cruise ship knowing that everyone I encounter has been vaccinated. I'm curious about what, if any, impact Florida's rule forbidding a vaccine requirement with have on Florida ports of call or turnaround calls. Will cruise lines take a new look at Mobile, Galveston, Baltimore for example? Will Florida blink? I do realize those answers are unknowable at this point, but I do still wonder!
  5. @Quartzsite Cruiser, your rabbit cake is just adorable. Thank you for sharing!
  6. Thanks for mentioning the razor wire. I noticed it and wondered if that was what it was why it was there. Wow.
  7. @ger_77, Paris was never on my short list, for reasons I could never put my finger on. We’ve now been 4 times (maybe 5), and I would go back in a heartbeat. There is a wonderful apartment in Montmartre that we rent, and we feel so at home. I hope, if and when you go, you fall in love with it as I did.
  8. Great memories to start the day! We’ve had several unforgettable trips to Paris. I vividly remember my first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower. 🥰 We spent a day in Tenerife on a Celebrity cruise, and saw some spectacular rugged scenery. Thanks to all, and stay safe!
  9. Oh, @fatcat04I expanded your signature to see where you are off to in 6 months. Then I read the Montgomery quote which took my breath away and gave me tingles. Thank you!
  10. To our Canadian and Irish friends, Americans in general have always been essentially ungovernable!
  11. I’m still enjoying my vaccination high. When at the vaccination site, we were told they will vaccinate everyone who is (medically) old enough, > 16. We immediately called my cousin, the only one in the close family who has not been allowed on any list. She signed up, drove from beautiful north Arkansas to Tulsa on Thursday, and she and (my) DH made the trip to visit the Chickasaws on Friday (I had to work, darn it). Efficient, you bet! She and her DH will return in 3 weeks, when she and I will once again drive south to finish the job. After which we will have a celebration like no oth
  12. Yes, we’ve been to Busan. I think 2008. My sharpest memory is the fish market. The smell and the sight nearly did me in. I beat a path for the nearest exit and some fresh(er) air! I don’t do well with open air fish markets —- Best to all on St. Pat’s.
  13. Doing the dance of joy!! The Chickasaw Nation (bless them) has open vaccine availability to anyone in Oklahoma. We have to drive two hours, but who cares, I get my first shot on Thursday morning! Then we have to hustle back so DH can get his second on Thursday afternoon. The next step toward stepping on a blue-hulled beauty in December.
  14. @DeeniEncinitas, Such beautiful art - I love it when you post your work. Thanks so much for sharing your talent!
  15. There are going to be some long dark winter mornings. I think I am most curmudgeonly about DST. My world was just fine when Standard Time was — well, Standard! Happy Pi day though!
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