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  1. @fatcat04 sharing your joy and relief at DS's miraculous close call. Thank heaven you get to have a joyful birthday party and the (um) "fun" of car shopping. And thanks for the cartoon smile.
  2. Good morning All, I just finished reading yesterday’s daily. Wonderful pictures, and a few giggles that are most welcome. @cruzn single every cog keeps the motor going. The mention of cogs always makes me think about a performance review my nephew, an outstanding employee, received once. His manager wrote that he was “a very important clog in our wheel”. Sigh. @Seasick Sailor we love having an assortment of critters in our yard (except that SPIDER!). We know they’re all just trying to get along like we are. It’s been a few years (too much building now), but one spring and summer we had a family of 5 raccoons that would visit our patio. Likely because we bought dry dog food just for them, and put it out. The babies were adorable. Now we have the occasional ‘possum, but mostly just birds and squirrels. DH will be proud to hear it’s “paperboy” day. He has many great stories about his childhood career. I am grateful to be on the Cares list. There is a bit of movement on the job front, but still a work in progress. I’ve requested a discussion for an exit timeline, and was told “a couple of weeks”. If it’s not forthcoming, I’ll just call the question and point out that the cooperation angle got no response, so here’s what’s going to happen. It’s good to know that you guys are thinking about me. Canadians, happy Thanksgiving! Everyone, happy weekend and stay safe!
  3. @kazu, thanks for that beautiful prayer. There is so much to hope for “when this is over”. @rafinmd I do love reading your cruise menu items, especially those fruit soups! Idle curiosity - is what you post what you had for dinner that night? I miss wine stewards and great waiters! Happy Monday, all.
  4. I am a fairly pedestrian wine drinker, which is good as I am not expensive! Several years ago we went to a wine tasting event on a Celebrity ship, and it was rather "stuffy". On one red, a gentleman said that he smelled hints of raspberry. The sommelier asked if it was red raspberry or black raspberry, which struck me as a rather fine shade of difference. I leaned over to DH and whispered "I smell baloney". Thanks to all of you for introspection, fun, and great photos!
  5. Thank you! I’ve devoted a lot of “think time” to affirming what I will do for me “after”. Which has me wondering - am I sure waiting is a good idea?? Stay tuned! I will keep you all informed.
  6. Good morning! Blaze of Glory sounds like a drink I would like very much! I will save that for whenever the day comes in the next 7-280 days when I announce my retirement. HOORAY! It took a minute of thinking to get the camel cartoon, but it was worth the thinking. Lucky camel tourist! It seems that a solid cool front with usher in fall for sure this afternoon. Any baseball fans? Today is the end of this irregular regular season. I hope your team did better than mine. There’s always next year. Thank you, everyone, stay safe and happy.
  7. I want to reiterate my thanks for this wonderful Daily. It’s great to get a feel for personalities of people I hope to meet (and some I have met) on cruises in the future. The pictures are great (except @Seasick Sailor that SPIDER); the at sea pictures, ooooh and the cruise menu items, take me back to where I hope to be again someday. Masks, social distancing, whatever - just put me on a ship. A special thanks for those of you who add to your comment on the prayers “for those of you who don’t think you need them”. I always put that in my heart as being for me. Work is a horrific struggle right now, I am so burned out, and I appreciate the support you don’t know you give me. I’m hoping for a mid-2021 retirement, but if I have many more weeks like the last two, I’m throwing in the towel. Anyhow, a huge shout-out to all of you! Safe and happy weekend, and may we all be planning the next adventure!
  8. @rafinmd Conventional wisdom says wait until the latter part of the window for shingles shot # 2. Anecdotally, I know two people who went early and had some reaction. 1 person (me!) held off until toward the end of the window, braced for the worst, and had no trouble. @rafinmd you have been a pin cushion today!
  9. I love reading these special Alaska memories. Thank you.
  10. And to United Flight 93. The stunning courage and action of those passengers defines heroism. May they rest in peace.
  11. Yep, iMac, iPad. All Apple, all the time. 🙂
  12. It would be great if the HAL blog had more "news" posted than merely the press releases. To me Blog connotes weekly or bi-weekly postings of some kind. We are all just sitting like mushrooms in the dark listening to the crickets.
  13. Good morning, all, and another thank you for the positivity and friendly chatter that goes into this board. Today’s pictures are just stunning. In this crazy year of mixed-up schedules, today is Kentucky Derby Day. So, I humbly suggest Mint Julep as the Drink o’ the Day. We have some mint that has taken over a good-sized planter. I doubt there will be spectators at Churchill Downs today, so we probably have enough mint to make juleps for ALL the broadcasters, grooms, jockeys, ad infinitum! @Seasick Sailor, the heat has come back in Tulsa, but it’s not too humid. A hot Labor Day is good for the area lakes (not going to talk about Covid 😐), and Tuesday we will see some real fall weather to make me happy! We don’t do lake craziness. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but just stating the obvious of I MISS CRUISING! We’re about 7 months out from two-weeks of California Coastal, and I would ordinarily have a fat notebook well underway of maps, walking plans, and maybe some excursions with cc’ers. I’m trying to remain calm until there are at least a few ships with passengers visiting US ports. Stay safe, everyone, mask up!
  14. It seems like the weather in Tulsa has taken a turn for the temperate! Our extended forecast has a little needed rain, and some beautiful fall temps coming up. I am reasonable certain there will be some more tastes of heat as we go along, but I am celebrating wonderful weather! @Seasick Sailor I hope some fall weather falls down toward Georgetown.
  15. What’s a picnic without chips? I’ll bring the Ruffles.
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