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  1. Yes, Roy @rafinmd, today is the day for Come from Away - hooray! We'll be leaving shortly for a pre-play drink and leisurely walk to the Performing Arts Center. I hope you enjoy your concerts! It seems to be CC'ers night out. Thanks to all for this friendly place to be!
  2. BOOMER SOONER!!🏈 Even for this match-up, it was a crazy game. We are on the NS repositioning cruise next October, Quebec City - FLL 🤞 My mother and I did a land (bus) tour of Eastern Canada in 1987, and all the places being mentioned today sound so familiar. It will be wonderful to be back, for oh so many reasons. Happy weekend!
  3. We rented a golf cart, and had a wonderful time just putzing all over the island. Great day and a beautiful place.
  4. I've had good luck just talking to the person who answers the general number. PCC is a great concept, but I much prefer to get immediate assistance when I call (patience is not my strong point).
  5. @St. Louis Sal, all the music sounds wonderful. I would have loved to have been there for the flashiness of Rachmaninov followed by the haunting quiet of Debussy. Thank you for the big smile and melodies flowing through my brain.
  6. OMG! My mother and I were on that ship circa 1985. I’ll go back for another look. Thank you, @1ANGELCATfor that identification.
  7. Today is my day to do everything tomorrow. We had company over last evening, and I was on my feet all day preparing. Today I am achy-breaky! I expect a full recovery after a lazy day of watching sports. 🏈⚾️ I have fond memories of the custodian at my elementary school. Mr. Waldron was the embodiment of friendly kindness. Not all of our cars have had names, but my beloved Forester is Felix. DH had his booster last week, I’ll be eligible in November. Flu shots are coming up in a couple of weeks - I wait until mid-October to be protected into early spring. In the meantime, we are both masking up when we’re out. I laughed at the mouse tales. Even with a multi-cat household, we have mouse stories too. Best to all, stay safe, plan cruises!
  8. Very excited - I just found out that Come From Away is coming here! Tickets are purchased for October 16. I have enjoyed reading everything that has been posted by Dailyites, and now I get to experience it first hand. 🎉
  9. @cat shepard, another two thumbs up for Bosch dishwasher. Ours is wonderful. We have also had a Bosch dryer, which I despised, so you know I'm not just a cheerleader! 🤣
  10. Good news - Bruno popped up on another post. Much better - just busy.
  11. @tjcox9, I told those giraffes they have one of the best views in the world. That is such a wonderful place; thanks for stirring memories of an amazing day!
  12. I haven't seen anything from Bruno @atexsix since his brief post that he was released from the hospital and does have a diagnosis and treatment plan. Should he be on our concerns list? I will be more than happy to hear if I have just missed something, and he is actually off on the next adventure. Thanks!
  13. Hi @kazu, We are not doing the replacement cruise of Inca Exploration and Panama Canal, nor are we doing the subsequent (April 6 2022) Southern Caribbean on Nieuw Statendam. However, when faced with disappointment, what do good CC'ers do? BOOK CRUISES. We are now booked on October 8, 2022 14-Day The Atlantic Coast on NS, B2B with 14-Day Eastern/Tropical Caribbean, likewise NS. Interestingly, a similar East Coast tour was our first tour cancelled in this Covid mess. We are hopeful that we've come full circle. Thank you!
  14. Put me down in the "love aft cabins" column. I appreciate the fact that I'm on a ship in the ocean, and am happy to be reminded of that by the motion and the rhythmic creaking as the ship moves through the water, and I love being rocked to sleep. I find the sight and sound of the prop wash soothing and maybe a little hypnotic. If I'm being more practical and less romantic, I also like being out of the wind. My countdown says 192 days until I get to reaffirm all of this!
  15. Hello on a somber Friday. On a day when I would hope all world leaders would ponder the horrors of war, I’d like to suggest John Hersey’s Hiroshima. I think for many it was required reading in high school or college Lit classes, but I didn’t read it until about 10 years ago. It is a well-told account, first appearing in The New Yorker, for which Hersey worked. It is a short book, and a quick read, but unforgettable. My heart breaks for the shock and sadness of the excursion tragedy. Anything I would add here would be an echo of the thoughts already conveyed. More happily, welcome @msmayor! A word of warning though, it is an addictive place to visit. 😁 I’m thrilled to read the accounts of all the people finally enjoying a BHB. For the rest of us, our day will come! Best,
  16. Yes! on the face, also there is a horse at the top, at least to my eyes.
  17. Good morning all! The Seneca quote is very timely words to live by for me - today is Day 1 of my “afterlife”, as yesterday was retirement day. 💃 It was a wonderful day, there were so many kind words said, DH had a bouquet of roses waiting for me on my desk - celebrations everywhere. I need to finish cleaning my office (I’ve been home for over a year), and ship back my equipment. Love kittens! There is just not much cuter than baby animals playing. Our kittens are now 16 and 17. Best to all!
  18. Happy Sunday to all, and Independence Day for those of us south of our Canadian neighbors! We will include hot dogs and baseball in our day. Bar Harbor was on the itinerary of several of our cancelled cruises. Someday, I hope, someday! @mamaofamiI am so sorry that you have the stress of dealing with insurance bureaucracy. It seems that those presenting 👍 or 👎 have lost every ounce of compassion and don’t recall the Golden Rule. I am grateful you have your children to fight hard for you. @smitty34877 I totally agree about neighborhood fireworks. Whether inside or outside, the animals in particular suffer. @aliaschief you sound like a wonderful Pop Pop! Stay safe and healthy, everyone, BHB’s are in our future!
  19. Hi Jacqui, We are nothing if not persistently optimistic about cruising. You have our Westerdam cruise already posted (March 18 - April 4). We have created our own side-to-side. On another thread someone politely (truly) told me that there was an actual term in lieu of "sort of back-to-back". 🙃 When the Westerdam arrives in Fort Lauderdale, we're going to stay there for a couple of days, then join Nieuw Statendam for 11-Day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer April 6 - April 17 2022. If these cruises go 🤞we will achieve 4 Stars at LONG last after the Westerdam portion. I can only imagine that working on this is worse than herding cats - it's more like herding crickets! Thanks again!
  20. We have two cruises on HAL booked, back to back, sort of. They two are on different ships, and separated by 2 days when we’ll be hanging out in Fort Lauderdale. We are mechanically able to book air from the beginning of the first cruise until the end of the 2nd cruise on only the first cruise confirmation. It seems to me this would be more cost effective than booking two one-ways. Thinking of the protections offered by booking cruise line air, is there any reason we should not book the air in entirety on only one of the confirmations? I really thought this would be a common question, but the person I spoke with at HAL today understood the question, but was not certain. I’m going to try again tomorrow, but I’m hoping some of you will have encountered this situation. Thanks!
  21. I get a 200 - 300 each morning drying my hair. It’s a motivational start. 🙃
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