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  1. 30 minutes ago I got my refund check from my credit card company!!!! My cruise was cancelled mid March. I notified HAL that I wanted a refund not a FCC early April. July 1 HAL refunded to my credit card company. I asked for a check from the credit card company July 7th. Today I got my check. Four and a half months!
  2. Just saw the refund on my credit card for my June 20 cruise for 2 staterooms. All payments, deposits and FCC used for cruise deposit are credited. 100% refund. Cruise was canceled mid March. I requested a refund, not a FCC early April. Very happy!
  3. Still waiting for a sign that the refund is coming. Our cruise was scheduled June 20th. It was canceled in mid March. I filled the form to request a refund and not a FCC in early April. I have not seen any sign that anything has happened. For those of you who have received refunds, what is the expected sequence of events? I am expecting this sequence: 1. my booking will be canceled, 2. some notification from HAL of the refund to my credit card and 3. credit show up on my credit card. Anything else? I am waiting.
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