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  1. Five cruise lines, and this is the first time that I have had to do this outside of the check in process.
  2. We got off the ship this morning from the November 17 sailing. I wanted to give a comprehensive review of the ship, especially considering that it was our first MSC cruise. Here goes: Beforehand: The sailing was supposed to go to Nassau and to MSC's private island, but we were told the day before the sailing that the private island was not open yet, and we would instead be going to Cozumel. No bug deal, we love Cozumel, but it would have been nice to know more than 24 hours before departure. At any rate, they gave us a $100 OBC for our troubles, to that was nice. Check-in:
  3. Exactly. This is also why Craps and Roulette earn very few comps. The Pass line in craps, along with odd/even or red/black on the Roulette table have the lowest house advantage in the entire casino. That is how I decide whether or not a casino is a good one or not- any casino that lacks a craps or roulette table is likely stacking the odds on every game in there- including the slots. Some cruise lines even make the craps table odds a bit worse by lowering the payouts.
  4. I waited and tried again an hour later. The website said that I had no upcoming cruises. I tried again first thing in the morning, and everything was working.
  5. I just tried to check in for the first half of my B2B, leaving June 2. Clicking on "check in" simply reloads the page. We tried it on three different computers, using both Chrome and MSIE. No luck. Call the RCCL help line, on hold for 30 minutes. The rep says that I need to log out, close the browser, and reopen it. I explain that this won't fix the problem, as we have already done that, and used multiple browsers AND computers. He insists that we HAVE to follow his script. Of course it doesn't work. He then tells us, "That must mean that your reservation is corrupted. There is nothing else I
  6. I still get that message, and my cruise is in 29 days. They told me that you have to be invited to be able to bid.
  7. I don't believe for a second that it is really random. I do believe them when they say it is by invitation only. What I think is that they have some sort of selection criteria that sends the invitations if you meet those criteria. What the goal there is, I don't know. All I do know is that your C&A status has nothing to do with it. So much for upgrade eligibility for upper tier members.
  8. We thought so, but when we tried we got the error message. So we called. We were told that you cannot bid unless you have received an email invitation. In order to be invited, you have to opt in to promotional emails, and you have to be selected by their RoyalUp team. The CS rep said that the selection was by random lottery.
  9. We got an offer for RoyalUp for our March sailing and were successful. We are doing 3 cruises this summer: a B2B on the Freedom, and then a 3 day on the Navigator the very next day. We were waiting for the RoyalUp offer for the first cruise of the B2B. We didn't get one. When we called C&A, reservations, and the resolutions office, we were told the same thing all three times: that the people who get the offer are randomly selected by a lottery, and the fact that we are Diamond plus means nothing. Crown & Anchor upgrades are a thing of the past, because the way that the system is set up
  10. I can't really see how RFID could EVER work. Let's say that you are at the Craps table. You put a $5 on a FIELD bet. How would the system know whose bet it was? There is no better specific place to put a field bet. Same goes for many other bets like COME and DON'T COME bets. With that being the case, the only way would be for the casino to keep a running inventory of which chips belong to which gambler. This would require a lot of computing power, and even then this would become a problem if two guests exchange chips away from the table. For example, a person giving some chips to a spouse
  11. In reference to my question in another thread, I just got off the phone with Club Royale, and they told me how points are supposed to be calculated, and I am convinced that the casinos onboard are not doing it correctly. Here is the answer: You are supposed to earn 1 point for every $5 spent on slots. When it comes to craps, you are supposed to get 1 point for every 10 minutes you are gambling for each $5 wagered as your average bet. Here is where I am convinced that the casino is shortchanging us. They told me that my wife had earned 16 points on the last cruise. They could not tell
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