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  1. That's exactly what I think of when I hear Ovation OTS. 😂
  2. I totally agree. Very relaxing with a great view!
  3. are you saying the vaccine will cut down on infected passengers, or that the swabbing will?
  4. Thankfully, I live in a free state that does not have a mask mandate.
  5. I would have loved that! Mine is solid black with the gold QE 2 embroidered on the left side ( I think) chest area. I thought I had a photo of it, but I can't find it now. Oh, I just remembered that I also have a red fleece pullover (crew neck) with embroidered Queen Elizabeth 2 across the chest. It's really nice.
  6. Hear, hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ditto for my family
  7. What a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine is next to new, I think I've only worn it about 3-4 times.
  8. Found some RCCL memorabilia in an old box.
  9. Found a few items in a box the other day. My mom on our Bermuda cruise on the NP Old luggage tags from SoN and SoA playing cards shampoo/lotion set me, enjoying a nice breeze on the upper deck. Not sure which RCCL ship, though 😁
  10. I wish I could help you, but I can't remember myself! LOL! I know I was up there on my 3-4 SON cruises, but I don't remember getting there by the outside stairs.
  11. Awesome photo!!!!!!!! I remember seeing this staircase in photo's of the ship, but for some reason, I simply cannot remember it. I know I was up there, though. On both SON and NP.
  12. That's a fact, thanks to our great governor, Rockin' Ron! He's been great to us residents and our economy.
  13. Same for us! No way we are getting a "brain biopsy". So many things could go wrong when an untrained person is shoving a foreign object up your nose. We are friends with several ER docs and every single one of them said if your "up-the-nose" swab didn't hurt like the devil, then you didn't get a good test. And certainly not if they give you the swab to "do it yourself".
  14. I've never had a drink package and never had any problems. Just like poocher says......they scan you card and you get a drink. Charges go to your account. Easy peasy!
  15. At least they are upfront about what to expect. I doubt there will be any significant # of unvaxx passengers that want to wear a mask or incur extra expenses.
  16. well, you said you would be unhappy if there was an outbreak by an unvaxx passenger. ( " I will be an unhappy cruiser if there is an outbreak among the unvaccinated") But no mention if it turned out to be a passenger that had been vaxx. That was what my comment was about . I would think there would be unhappiness no matter if the cruisers were vaxx or unvaxx.
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