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  1. We did a cab transfer this summer and absolutely no issues. Fixed rate from Piraeus to airport. I don't remember what the rate was but fairly certain it is posted online.
  2. We've always purchase it for our cruises. On our last cruise in July, I actually did it a little differently. I used the travel insurance from my credit card to cover up to the card's limit and then purchased insurance from a source other than the cruise line (don't know that it was better or worse, but like to spread the money around!), and then a small portion was left uninsured/self-insured. Now that I am on the "older" side of life, the full insurance is getting more expensive. Need to "save" for the cruises rather than the insurance! BTW, so far haven't had to use it. I hope to keep
  3. A couple of years ago, when looking for flights on the Celebrity site, I was using the "just looking" option vs booking. When I finally got around to actually booking something, prices didn't match. Imagine that! Just repeating what I was told: the just browsing option accesses a static view of prices and the booking option accesses "live" prices for flights. I can't independently confirm this, only relaying what I was told.
  4. We enjoyed a two night stay at The Athenian Callirhoe Exclusive Hotel pre-cruise.
  5. We were able to enjoy the water deck on our first SB cruise last month to the Greek islands. It guess it makes sense after thinking about it, but the rules are no one allowed in the water off the deck. Not intentionally, but we did fall over backward off the doughnut while being slowly pulled back to the ship. We didn't get yelled at, however, ...
  6. This post is NOT directed at any posters on this thread/site, only asking an obnoxious question. I ALREADY REGRET this post, but here goes anyway... What is the difference between a tip being accessed on a passenger at the end of a big box cruise line and a tip already being factored into the cruise total cost for a premium line? On big box cruise line, I (made up numbers) pay $300/day for the cruise, $15/day for gratuities, $$85/day drink package, and $30/day for wifi ($430/day "all in"). On a premium cruise line, I pay $500/day, but don't know how this payment is broken out for the s
  7. Back to my sample of one with my first SB cruise, I did book one night online for the TK and had the opportunity to book at least one additional night but never got to it. Before the cruise, all nights were booked. Again, sample of one, but in my case it would appear more than one person booked more than one night before the cruise departed. I am relaying what other people said on the cruise: even if a party of two were seated at a four top and volunteered to have another couple join them, the staff said that wasn't an option.
  8. After our cruise last month, we just got one of the taxis waiting outside the terminal. No issues getting to the airport.
  9. I don't think this is hijacking the OP's original thread. I didn't have a request, but feel this is SB going beyond what is expected without asking for something. My wife and I took our first SB cruise last month and were VERY PLEASANTLY surprised, early on the cruise, when we headed to a couple of deck chairs to lay in the sun and one of the waiters delivered two ice waters, before we were even seated, and then asked what else he could get for us. Something small, but something big!
  10. Last month, I was on the Odyssey for my first SB cruise, so a sample of one. For my cruise, no reservations for MDR, Colannade (most nights), and (can't remember name) the evening dining area on the pool deck. All three were first come, first served. The pool deck dining was the only location that I saw any issue with the limited seating. The Colannade had two nights on 14 night cruise (that I remember) that had reservations required. Once was for Thomas Keller fried chicken dinner and one other night (I think) was a steak special menu.
  11. I completed my first SB cruise last month and was able to get/use the first time SB cruiser coupon after having made final payment.
  12. Per my final documents for next week's cruise, I received newbie credit and stockholder credit. Tim
  13. I don't have a coupon to provide as I am a first time SB cruiser in 8 days and 18 hours.... But to your question, you can use a coupon after your final payment or at least I was able to use one after my final payment. I didn't see the credit on my account until I got my final documents from SB.
  14. Not sure how current this posting is, but it gives some additional options: https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=45
  15. My first SB cruise is next month and I think we are on the same cruise. Trying to approach this issue from another direction, if you know or can determine the brand of tv in the cabin, you might be able to download the associated app for your smart phone and have the control you need.
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