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  1. ...not totally insignificant, as some have claimed....our recent Mexico cruise was many hours late leaving port in Los Angeles and tax for DH and I was over $20. Not a deal breaker, but was a surprise to us and many others.
  2. Wow, y'all are getting a much better deal than I'm seeing.....7 days on the Star to Mexico for $161/each.
  3. ...hmmm.....kinda stunned at the aggressive and judgmental responses this simple question received.
  4. Curious if anybody has had bids accepted for the minimum offer?
  5. Answering my own question.....NO drink card for me.... I booked Emerald Princess VIP through a Harrah's casino offer, cruised 5 days and played quite a bit of slots. Host wandered around and offered me one cocktail. One. No bueno, Princess. Lost my money, too...…. On the plus side, the bed was super comfortable.
  6. Thank you for the replies. Y'all are most helpful.
  7. DD is coordinating a group cruise on NCL and finding out that direct pricing is lower than her group pricing. No additional amenities are offered to her-any benefit is passed on to her guests. What's up with that? Seems like groups are discouraged if direct pricing is lower, especially since 3/4 free is not included in her group offer, but is available direct. The only competitive price she has is for those who book 2 to an inside cabin. Question: can someone book direct and then transfer into the group....or are we misunderstanding something?
  8. Fishywood: how long ago was that/?
  9. Do casino cruises on Princess also receive a free drink card, similar to what NCL CAS offers? (Free drinks in the casino if booked on a casino sponsored free cruise offer) If yes, can you please explain the offer? If no, then boo hoo....
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