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  1. Her husband must be a saint for putting up with that! I'd say so! They were sitting near us in the dining room and whenever we'd hear her say "Frank" we'd start laughing! I forgot to mention one thing: When the 5 year wife explained why she was so embarassed, the CD-Marc Walker, was like "well looks like you've just borrowed your last thing from Jim and Nancy!"
  2. i found this thread and have been reading all 9 pages for over an hour hysterically laughing! Here's my experiences onboard Enchantment of the Seas (1st cruise ever). don't know if they compare, but i found them to be a riot: 1) The Newlywed Game: The question is asked of the wives wheres the craziest place you've... so the newlywed wife and the elderly wife each give their answer. The wife married 5 years gives her answer as "the kitchen table". Husbands come back and the question is asked of them. When it comes time for the 5 year husband to answer he immediately goes "in the back of our friends Jim and Nancy's SUV after we borrowed it to move furniture." wife jumps up, face beet red, about to run off stage, but husband stops her. CD asks why she's so embarassed and she turns looks at him and goes "Jim and Nancy are sitting right there" and points to the front row! 2) In port at Costa Maya we decided to take the tour of the Mayan ruins..It was the end of august and easily 100 degrees that day, and we were on a bus with no AC...after the tour we're waiting for everyone to get back on the bus and this woman gets on the bus with her 3 kids..we'd noticed her on the tour, she was one of those loud people...so she gets on the bus and immediately begins looking for her pocketbook (we'd been assured that we could leave our stuff on the bus and it would be safe). she's opening the overhead bins and not finding the bag, so she starts yelling, accusing the bus driver of stealing the bag. she's screaming at her kids, telling them to look, and they're just sitting low in the seats trying to hide...so then she starts yelling out the bus window to her husband "FRANK, THE f***ING BUS DRIVER STOLE MY BAG". i guess frank knew better than to come running over when she was like this cause he took his time coming back to the bus..Meanwhile she's threatening to call royal caribbean and demanding a refund telling everyone to check their bags cause the driver might have stolen their money too. the bus driver was just sitting there all confused, until someone came running to the bus to translate. Finally after screaming for her husband to get his a** on the bus, and berating the driver and his translater saying how she knows he took her bag, her husband comes back on the bus. The second he got on the bus he goes over to her seat....HER BAG WAS ON THE FLOOR IN FRONT OF HER SEAT. she's flabbergasted, and her husband just calmly goes always gotta make a scene don't u? she takes one look at him and just goes OH SHUT UP FRANK in this completely annoyed voice, since she's just made a fool out of herself..To his credit he made her apologize to the driver...to this day 3 years later, when someone is mad at another, we'll go oh shut up frank! needless to say she was quiet the rest of the way back to the ship and she hightailed it back on board 3)During muster drills, everyone was standing there all decked out in their life jackets. there was one cabing in our station that wasn't showing up, so the muster man kept yelling 7525? are u here? i need 7525! i guess they were the only people who didn't show, so employees were sent to their cabin to get them after they kept repeating that announcement over the system that cabin 7525 please report to your station. so we were kept at muster for about 15 extra minutes until they finally arrived...when they did the muster man made the annoucement "ladies and gentlemen, cabin 7525 had finally arrived!!!" they checked in with the muster man to a round of applause!