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  1. My refund hit my credit card this morning. HAL cancelled our cruise to Alaska on April 15 (cruise was departing on June 13). We told our travel agent that we wanted a refund rather than a future cruise credit. So it took 70 days from the date our TA requested a refund. Good luck everyone!
  2. I am at exactly 60 days since HAL cancelled our Alaska cruise. We were supposed to have left Vancouver last Saturday, June 13 and they cancelled it April 15. Refunds seem to be coming somewhat after the 60-day point. I'll keep my eye on my Visa card.
  3. Yes, thanks again. This was lovely reading and such gorgeous pictures of Half Moon Cay. I was glad to read that you and your husband got home okay too.
  4. Thanks for posting the video. It is very touching. My husband and I were supposed to take our first HAL cruise this June to Alaska. Of course, it's been cancelled. I am looking forward to eventually sailing with HAL.
  5. Thanks again for this review. It is by far the most pleasant thing I've read on the internet since covid-19 began. I especially enjoyed your pictures - love the tropical plants and the ocean. My husband and I have only been on 2 cruises and we had a 3rd one planned for this June which was cancelled. We were supposed to be on the Koningsdam. So I like looking at pictures of the ship.
  6. Thanks very much for your review. And your pictures are lovely! I am glad you and your husband had such a good time.
  7. I loved the video too. We were booked for our first HAL cruise in mid-June to Alaska. Cancelled of course. It was lovely to see people's resilience in such uncertain times.
  8. Thanks for this thread. Kudos to the captains and the staff of those two ships.
  9. Yes, thanks for the lovely review - and I am looking forward to more. My husband and I were supposed to be going to Alaska in mid-June this year on the Koningsdam. That's not happening.
  10. Thanks for the lovely pictures of San Juan at Christmas time and the pictures on the ship.
  11. Enjoy your day in Vancouver! It is beautiful out. You will have a great view from Grouse Mountain. Looking forward to hearing about your cruise as a first-timer. My husband and I went on our first cruise two years ago - a cruise to Alaska. It was great. We both enjoyed being on the ship and Alaska was gorgeous.
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