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  1. lv2cruiseanywhere

    Do You Purchase Welcome Photo

    Yes, I do like to purchase the Embarkation photo when I will be doing a photo album of the cruise. It shows who we are traveling with, where we are going, and on which ship. It's a nice way to start the album. Also, we don't have to fly when cruising from LA. If it's another port we always fly in at least one day early. If I am not going to do an album, I don't purchase the photo. (We have been on over 30 Princess cruises; so only some are album-worthy). I too was happy last month on the Star Princess when they had photo specials. It will be great when we are cruising with family.
  2. lv2cruiseanywhere

    Production Shows - Royal Princess, where did they go?

    We were on the Star Princess last week and saw Born to Dance. It was the best production show I have seen in over 30 Princess Cruises. Don't miss it if it's on your ship. It's the new show produced by Stephen Schwartz (composer of Wicked). It's new so there was a full-house for both shows.
  3. lv2cruiseanywhere

    Princess just cancelled a few 2018 sailings due to redeployment

    I was excited to see this cruise in April 2018, but I want to take the kids and grandkids to Alaska in the Summer (July). This RT out of Los Angeles would be perfect. Three kids in school and one teacher makes summer our only option.
  4. lv2cruiseanywhere

    Coffee Cards

    On the Coral Princess earlier this year, it was one punch for the Black Forest Freeze (think frappuccino) (any size) and it was very good. I had several since I have a glut of coffee cards (I don't drink the alcohol in the free mini-bar setup).
  5. lv2cruiseanywhere

    Move over offer

    We have received four Upsell offers, but they were all from a Balcony to a Mini-Suite. We took three of the four. It's fun to speculate, but I think that's all it is.
  6. lv2cruiseanywhere

    Majestic @ Fincantieri, Monfalcone

    The ship photos are beautiful. Too bad it's specifically designed for the Chinese market. We won't see it here in the USA at all. I still miss the Sapphire, Diamond and Golden.
  7. lv2cruiseanywhere

    Crab Shack on Coral - In Horizon Court at lunch?

    We were recently on the Coral Princess (April 5-15) and they offered the Crab Shack on day 7 in the Horizon Court, from 6:00-9:00pm for a $20 cover charge. We did not attend.
  8. lv2cruiseanywhere

    Comedians on Princess

    Carlos Oscar. We have seen him several times on different ships. He is still very funny and a "G" rated show for everyone.
  9. lv2cruiseanywhere

    Yes, there is an upgrade fairy!

    It is far more likely that you would be offered an Upsell than receive a free upgrade. In that case you will know exactly where the new cabin is located and how much it will cost you for the upsell. You can accept or refuse the offer at that time. We accepted one for last month and refused one for the end of 2015. You can look at your cruise and see how many cabins appear to be available. That will give you some idea if an upsell may be possible. Enjoy your cruise.
  10. Thank you for your beautiful review; we will be on the Coral Princess in April. You said you didn't go to any of the shows, but did you see the entertainment in Crooner's Bar? We are big fans of Ray Coussins and I was wondering if he was on your cruise. We are looking forward to listening to him nightly in April. In fact he is the reason we picked this cruise. We have been through the Panama Canal several times. Thanks again, the Coral Princess looks beautiful.
  11. lv2cruiseanywhere

    Upsell offer

    [quote name='Dudleydog73']Just curious, but are those getting these upsell offers in mini suites at a minimum?[/QUOTE] We were in a Balcony cabin and received an upsell offer to a Mini-Suite a couple of weeks ago for our coastal B2B beginning on January 22. Since they were able to give us the same cabin for both cruises, we took it. We received an upsell last October about a month out, but did not take it then.
  12. lv2cruiseanywhere

    How do you feel about Princess TODAY?

    We were recently on the Ruby Princess and never had to arrive early for any show. However, we prefer Late Fixed Dining and go to the show after dinner. Never a wait, plenty of seats, no problems. We then go to the Casino to finish the day.
  13. lv2cruiseanywhere

    Future Cruise Deposit oddity

    We were on the Ruby Princess in October 2015 and I was able to purchase the FCC's that I wanted on-line. I had to use the computers in the Future Cruise area (after setting up an account) but it was so easy. The FCC were immediately on "My Princess" and I was able to use them to book a future cruise (or two). I do use an on-line TA, but I booked them by email while still on the cruise. It worked great and I didn't have to wait for the paperwork in the drop box.
  14. lv2cruiseanywhere

    Bingo Ripoff?

    We sailed recently on the Ruby Princess RT Hawaii and the Bingo was no longer "Snowball Jackpot Bingo" as it was in the past. Now on the Ruby it was $5,000 if you got the cover all in 50 numbers or less (almost impossible). They used to increase the number each day and then give away the Jackpot on the last day no matter how long it took. This was not the plan on the Ruby Princess. After the first couple of days when I realized what the new game was about, I stopped going. Also, the crew doing the bingo games were boring and did not make it fun in any way.
  15. lv2cruiseanywhere

    How far out have you been able to use the Casino Rate?

    I used the "casino" pricing on two cruises in 2017. The Star Princess 15-day RT Hawaii on 2-7-17 and the Ruby Princess 7-day West Coast on 4-22-17. Try again.