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  1. We were there on OCT 5th ( the first night they did this) on NOS. We missed an email alerting us about the new Coco Cay at night but were pleasantly surprised They had quite a few things planned all based around little sheltered lagoon - An evening BBQ that included a couple roasted pigs, shrimp a bunch of other dishes as well as the usual burgers and hot dogs. - Junk-a-noo street band - Laser light show with a DJ - Fire dancers on the beach - 2 Water jet flyers - Fireworks at 9pm The best view was from the beach. Grab a couple bean bags and hang out. This pic is from the picnic tables by the BBQ before we moved to the beach. This is also a good place to see the water jets but not good for the fireworks since they seemed to come from behind the water park. After we moved to the beach. To give you perspective the 1st pic is from under the orange or blue sail to the left. We also sat close to the water so nobody would stand in front of us. Have a great trip.
  2. When we were there Oct 5th Twister is a tube ride for single or double tube which you carry up Slingshot is a tube ride (they did not allow single riders) which the large pink tube is already at the top for you Splash speedway you lay down on mats that you carry up and you can race against 3 other people. We went early (8:15/8:30) and the crowds were minimal so we were able to ride with almost no wait. It is quite a walk up stairs to the top (nothing like the walk to daredevils peak) It did get busier in the afternoon. There were lockers to the right after entrance to the water park but we did not use them so I can't tell you if they were free.
  3. They do have an option for that. I believe it is from 4-7pm? where you leave your child with them and they will take the kids to the windjammer to eat as a group. They do it for lunch as well. I'm not sure if it is offered every day.
  4. I did a quick search and didn't find anything but maybe it has been covered. Does anyone know why there are no cruises scheduled out of Ft. Lauderdale from June to Oct 2020? Are they not posted yet or just nothing going out of here? I know some of the ships leave for other ports but all of them are gone?
  5. It showed on our trip as well in Dec and it was not served on the night it showed.
  6. This bar is more a novelty bar then your normal bar on the ship. A lot of people just watch and while some do order drinks and hang out for a few minutes the turn over is rather quick. A lot of times nobody was there. Unless something has changed since we were on ( Harmony Sept 2017 and 2018) your son will have no problem watching the robots. My 3yr old ( 2017) and then 4 yr old (2018) could watch them for hours. He couldn't wait to see them again this year when we went. He wasn't able to reach the drink but you could order him one. He wasn't the only child watching as it is pretty cool for adults but is fascinating for kids.
  7. I read on a previous thread how people ordered a package prior to their cruise and certain things (cake) didn't make it or they were out of something. With that in mind for my Wife's 40th b-day cruise in March I hit Party City and $ store to collect what I wanted. I spoke with the maitre'd on the first night prior to dinner and ordered a cake ($25) for a surprise at dinner on Day 2. Everything worked out great except for the surprise part at dinner. They brought the cake out and left it on the prep station for about 10 mins and our 4 yr old and his cousin said there's your cake :). Surprise!!! They eventually sang happy B-day to her. The cake was very good. One of her friends (who wasn't traveling with us) ordered her a surprise package and it never made it. RC called us and offered my wife a towel or beach bag as a gift. They left both for her in our room.
  8. I called yesterday to inquire since neither my wife or myself received the email on our tier level. The agent verified our email addresses and said she would put us on the "resend" list. I also inquired on the friends and family discount and using what I figured my tier level would be (choice) and a cruise I already have booked the cost savings was about $120 for an interior room.
  9. We were on the Indy in the Middle of March this year and we purchased two 10 punch cards for family members that came with us for my wife's B-day cruise. We purchased them at the Windjammer bar and everywhere they went to use them they were treated like I printer them off on my home computer. What are these, where did you get these...They would eventually take them but it was not a good experience for them. I'm not sure if there are different cards or why the confusion.
  10. When we were on there last week they had the places list in the Compass where they would be showing them. They did have it on the big screen in the pool one time I walked by. I would say check the compass and decide which works for you. They did have it on in the bars and Casino if your teenagers ditch you :p
  11. I just got off the Independence Monday and they had the games on ESPN in the rooms. In the casino the games were on as well as TVs in the bars. I even saw it on the big screen at the pool one time with sound late day or early night before the movies they play. You should be fine.
  12. A tip for Wrinkles, do not spend your money on Downy wrinkle releaser anymore. Simply add a small amount of fabric softener to any spray bottle and add water. I would say in a 16oz bottle add 1-1.5 oz of FS. (adjust if you only need half a bottle or less at a time) When traveling bring a 3 oz bottle of FS and bring a small empty 16oz spray bottle. Then you will have multiple fills when you get to your location. No need to transport water. At home make a bigger bottle. .My wife figured this out a while back and I haven't ironed in years.
  13. I was in Vegas in January for CES. I took a copy of my C&A page showing I was Emerald to the Mlife desk at Aria and within a couple minutes I was presented a Gold Mlife card. I wasn't able to take advantage of the perks (other than the 20% bonus on points and comps) since we were staying downtown.
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