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  1. Thanks for the replies. We travel on March 22nd (w/6 yr old) so we have a little time to still make a decision and living local to Ft Laud. allows us to wait a little longer. I keep going back and forth on this but our final decision is going to depend on what happens within the next week.
  2. With the current circumstances (virus, possible quarantine...)have you cancelled your trip because you are traveling with your kids or are you still going?
  3. It was $12 to choose my own room or $517 for them to pick my room. When I priced it out it came to $397 for 3 of us. lol. We are already booked on this cruise with our free prime cruises otherwise I would have booked it just to see what would've happened. 😀
  4. We were there on OCT 5th ( the first night they did this) on NOS. We missed an email alerting us about the new Coco Cay at night but were pleasantly surprised They had quite a few things planned all based around little sheltered lagoon - An evening BBQ that included a couple roasted pigs, shrimp a bunch of other dishes as well as the usual burgers and hot dogs. - Junk-a-noo street band - Laser light show with a DJ - Fire dancers on the beach - 2 Water jet flyers - Fireworks at 9pm The best view was from the beach. Grab a couple bean bags a
  5. When we were there Oct 5th Twister is a tube ride for single or double tube which you carry up Slingshot is a tube ride (they did not allow single riders) which the large pink tube is already at the top for you Splash speedway you lay down on mats that you carry up and you can race against 3 other people. We went early (8:15/8:30) and the crowds were minimal so we were able to ride with almost no wait. It is quite a walk up stairs to the top (nothing like the walk to daredevils peak) It did get busier in the afternoon. There were lockers to the right afte
  6. They do have an option for that. I believe it is from 4-7pm? where you leave your child with them and they will take the kids to the windjammer to eat as a group. They do it for lunch as well. I'm not sure if it is offered every day.
  7. I did a quick search and didn't find anything but maybe it has been covered. Does anyone know why there are no cruises scheduled out of Ft. Lauderdale from June to Oct 2020? Are they not posted yet or just nothing going out of here? I know some of the ships leave for other ports but all of them are gone?
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