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  1. Would love to see the drink menu. We took the beverage upgrade as a perk.
  2. Hello we are going to be on the NCL SKY and looking for good or bad info since they refurbished it. I was on it on May 6, 2011. We will be on a 5 day cruise. We are Platinum members, Do we still get the 2 free dinners and which locations ?
  3. Yes almost all of them are included. There are a couple 22oz bottles that are more then the $15 limit however you just pay the difference. $24 beer: $24 minus $15 drink limit. It would cost you $9 plus 18% tip
  4. Customer service on the ship: For the most part 99 out of 100 crew will go out of their way( or just do their job) and are doing a good to great job. You might have 1 employee having a bad day. It is almost always the customer trying to get something free. Customer service off the ship: My last 15 cruises I have booked through a travel agent. If I call NCL directly I seem to be on hold for 30 to 40 minutes. Whenever they answer they are very helpful BUT 30 to 40 minutes on hold ?????
  5. We have booked the sail away. I don't remember getting a higher level room, however it can be a huge savings if you don't drink
  6. Pretty sure you have to booked and sail by 7/3/20
  7. This is our perk just like any other cruise with the Drink pkg. Adult Beverage Package Adult Beverage Package - Promo
  8. Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned on the ESCAPE in the Tobacco Road bar. $14.95 it is their drink. anywhere else on the ship its $16.95
  9. Was on the Escape in January and in the Tobacco road bar their special drink was the "Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned" Great drink. On the Escape it was a special so it was $14.95 so was in the drink plan. Normally $16.95 a shot. We will be on the GEM for 21 night and was wondering if anyone knows if it a special in the Maltings bar.
  10. I like the 10 to 14 night cruises the best. The 21 night that we have booked my only worry is everything repeating. Food, entertainment etc. I can find stuff to do.
  11. Hard Question to answer. Away: Pros: More stuff to do. Entertainment, more of and I feel is better Cons: TOO MANY PEOPLE. some areas get real crowded Gem: Pros: LESS PEOPLE Great Outdoors Spinaker Lounge Cons: Not as many options, Howl at Moon, District brew bar,etc I would go on either again, we actually just booked a 21 day panama canal cruise on the GEM
  12. What is the longest cruise that you have been on? What is the perfect length of a cruise? I prefer 10 to 14 nights. I have done cruise's anywhere from 1 Night to 14 nights. We just booked a 21 night Panama canal cruise from San Francisco to NYC.
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