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  1. So I'm looking at this Cruise. It is leaving a American port and returning to the same port. There is one Canadian port. Do think this would still cruise? 7-Day Alaska Round-trip Seattle: Glacier Bay, Skagway & Juneau SHIP Norwegian Bliss CRUISE PORTS EMBARKSeattle, Washington Juneau, Alaska Skagway, Alaska Ketchikan, Alaska Victoria, British Columbia DISEMBARKSeattle, Washington
  2. I know this has been discussed, but I can't find anything new. What is the OFFICAL statement on Alaska cruises? Last I heard there will be NO cruises to Alaska for the 2020 season. I also have seen Alaska is the 1st state to open everything up. We are looking to book a cruise for September.
  3. I have 28 cruises with NCL and we are looking at jumping ship and trying the new "Oasis of the seas". One reason is it looks like a awesome and huge ship, plus will be leaving out of New Jersey. I've read that the beverage plan can/will change per ship anywhere from $49 to $89 a day. Does that include Gratuities?
  4. I have not been on the JEWEL, however on every other NCL ship I've been on they have a Friends of Bill meeting. It is listed in the Freestyle and usually 5pmevery night in one of the board/meeting rooms. They usually will have coffee and some type of snack. One of my friends would go every cruise.
  5. Escape Breakaway Dawn Pre renovation Gem Spirit Sky We will be on the BLISS in January. I like the ESCAPE because you have a lot of options. Would like to try the ENCORE, However not sure if I'll like it, seems like they are taking a lot of free common areas away and adding areas that cost extra. Mainly the deck space to be outside. Haven and Vibe take the front, Laser tag takes over the Aft and no more Spice H2O, Go carts take Mid Aft.
  6. This is what happened when we was on the GEM. The group has a time they have to be all booked and then the rest of the rooms will open, if any.
  7. We was on the GEM in January several years ago Leaving out of NYC and a group bought the rest of the rooms and was sold out. The group had 1200 people.
  8. I just like being on a ship. SPIRIT: Was my 1st Ncl ship. Good size for the amount of people on. DAWN: Really like the Dawn when there was a Spinaker lounge. Was good size for the amount of people. Like the stadium like seating around the pool. SKY: Great for the weekend but that's about all. GEM: If you like to go on a cruise it's great ship. I prefer all the shows in the Spinaker lounge then in the atrium. BREAKAWAY: I really like the bigger ships, although more people more crowds. More things to do even if you only do it once. More
  9. We take our refillable full of ice and water and bring a bottle with us. I drink a lot of water.
  10. $53.94 for one 24-pack( 1 liter) per order before your cruise. they add 20% tip to your bill. The only reason I know is because we are doing a 14 night cruise and like to have a bottle to carry off with us when in port. While on the ship we just drink tap water in our refillable containers. I did see something that NCL will not have plastic bottles on their ships starting Jan 1st 2020. Changing it to cardboard boxes of water. We leave Jan 5th so we will see if we get plastic or cardboard.
  11. I feel I'll like to do it maybe couple/few times just to try it.
  12. We will be on the BLISS for 14 nights and are looking to see what the cost is. I've heard $15 per time and I also heard $199 for a weekly pass.
  13. We had the same issue flying back to Philadelphia using NCL's FREE air. We did the Hop on Hop off bus. They store your luggage until they take you to the airport. The only problem was you had to time it so you was back at their location at one of their times to take you to the airport. There was 3 times you could choose from, I think it was 11:30- 1:30- 3:30 if you was flying out of Miami. For us it worked because we used our $100 credit we had. NCL could of put us on a earlier flight but I think they chose the later so you will book a excursion and spend more money.
  14. We will be on the Bliss for 2 weeks in January. I would like to know if there is a 2 week pass. I know I've heard $15 per ride. The week long pass I've heard anywhere from $149 - $199, But not sure which one is correct.
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