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  1. And just like that I was on the ship... Total time from drop off 40 minutes... They said rooms are ready now, so I'm heading up to unpack before lunch...




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    I love Malcolm Burn!!

  2. Tabyana Beach is beautiful, but, the swarms of vendors ruined the whole experience for me. Granted they (vendors) are not allowed to come up to where the chairs are, but you have to wade through them to get to the water, and they're all yelling to get your attention while trying to sell their wares. Not a very peaceful environment in my opinion.

  3. Make sure you pick a ship that the Aft pool is adults only. Definitely helps to minimize the kids impact. Also I generally cruise early February which ensures that most of the kids are in school at that time. And before anything is said about me not liking kids, I have 10 grandkids so that argument is invalid! I just happen to enjoy some adult time while cruising.

  4. Looking for suggestions of AI's in this area. Basically looking for some relaxing beach time. I looked on the Ports of Call board and saw a lot of questions but not many answers to the questions, so I'm reaching out here.

    Thank you in advance for your time and suggestions

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