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  1. Does Princess decorate the ship just for the Christmas cruise or do they for the whole month of December?
  2. I am hoping to find out the same. We did look at cabin sizes on another website that has cabin dimensions and they did look the same. We picked Regal B101and would love input from from other cruisers! Thanks
  3. Yes it looks like the $150 is only visible to people with failed AK cruises. Today is the last day to book to get that offer.
  4. Another quick Cabo question.... while at Cabo are the ships casino and shops open?
  5. We were on the first Royal Princess cruise to Alaska. We took the Dolphin! If you are looking for the size of deck the Dolphin and Baja are largest and partially covered. Cabin is same size and beautiful. Also we had no soot issues and spent a lot of time there enjoying the views!
  6. On this cruise.... news not good. Prayers to all involved.
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