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  1. Welp, might as well get off the ship now. Mask on and on and on. 😬😷
  2. Usually the $100 cards come via postal service. YMMV
  3. Our 10/6 Mardi Gras still says Grand Turk as well. Awaiting the change.
  4. I had a hard time logging in yesterday, but I did get in. Try clearing your cookies/browser history and what not.
  5. I wonder if 4 vs 2 requires more postage, so the 4 comes in a “heavier duty” envelope??
  6. On “elegant night” lobster is available at PIg and Anchor, ChiBang and Cucina as well.
  7. They were in the cardboard, 8x10, rip open “envelope”.
  8. I’ve been watching JH’s lives from the MG and I don’t see anyone wearing masks. Young, old, 95%, 5%. He’s shown several children and they didn’t even have masks hanging. Thought that was pretty brazen.
  9. I also just ordered 4 $100 cards and received them in 6 days.
  10. I’m pretty sure it starts cruising in a few days with passengers.
  11. I’m thinking about doing that as well.
  12. Sad it’s over, but on to the next. Have a safe flight!!
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