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  1. If you are doing a back to back take the proof of purchase for both segments with you. I and others paid for unlimited laundry last year and on the second portion of the cruise we all started getting charged for our laundry. It took several days to get it straightened out. I had to show them the charge on my credit card statement that equalled the amount for the entire cruise.
  2. I went out on this deck when we went through the locks leaving Amsterdam into the North Sea. Got some great pics.
  3. I spent over an hour on the phone with Delta last year the night before we disembarked in Venice because my first and middle names were run together. I had noticed this before we left on our cruise and while Holland corrected it the correction didn’t pass through to Delta; even though Delta said it was corrected when I checked before leaving. As a result, because I tried to input it correctly when checking in online I got bounced because it didn’t match Delta’s system. I was finally told I would have to be re-ticketed at the airport when I checked in.
  4. Take the ship tour. While we debated taking the train we ended up on the ship tour. When we got back to the ship they were waiting with bottles of water and sandwiches.
  5. If the ship docks at South Queensferry, as it did for us, the train station is close to where the tender docks. We were told it was within 10 min. walking distance. At the other end, Waverly is the closest station and is around the same distance to the castle.
  6. We were wait listed on the Oosterdam 15 months out from the cruise. We ended up keeping the open dining. We also ate most of our meals in the Lido after we realized we had to to make any shows as the service in the MDR was extremely slow.
  7. Call HAL’s excursion office. They can tell you which ones are limited seating and which ones fill up fast. I did that for my last cruise and was glad I did, got into an excursion with only 16 people immediately.
  8. We were on deck 6 in a veranda cabin and it only had a shower. Plus the veranda itself was a very nice place to sit and ocean watch.
  9. Had the same problem on the Oosterdam in April. Apparently, according to what I was told in the Lido, the menus are updated around 10 each morning so if we were checking prior to that it wouldn’t be that evening’s menu.
  10. If you only want to touch base while in port, I recommend looking into an International plan for your iPad. I did this recently on a Med cruise and it worked great. 4G connection would kick in as soon as we got close to port. And, it was cheaper than the ship plan.
  11. It’s in fine shape. I found the pillows too soft so our wonderful steward, Andy, brought me a harder pillow.
  12. There was a scale by the front desk on the Oosterdam in April. I’ve given up trying to weight going home. Just have credit card ready at flight checkin. Haven’t needed it so far. 🤞
  13. It is funny now, wasn’t then. And, it wasn’t my intent to disparage all disabled people, I have two in my family. HAL should have had serpentine lines set up rather than having over a hundred people being thrown together like a herd of cattle. I guess HAL’s opinion is that the cruise was over and we were no longer their problem.
  14. I was on same cruise through to Venice. Ditto to most of above. Worst issue was the cluster when we disembarked at Venice. No order what so ever in getting passengers onto buses to airport. Lots of walkers being used as plows in their owners efforts to be the first on the bus.
  15. Gotcha. Never knew there was a difference in the depth.
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