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  1. @Wyoming2010 if you have time after your tour, there is a bakery in town that is wonderful. Gamla Bakariid. Many delicious items from which to choose. 😋
  2. I’m missing all forms of travel. Two cruises cancelled this year. A trip to Iceland cancelled, rescheduled, and cancelled again. Didn’t make my annual golf trip to Canada this summer. Won’t be making my annual golf trip to Williamsburg next month. I am ready to go!
  3. Ditto. The first and only time I gave info was for two cruises this year and we all know what happened next.
  4. October 2021. But I’m so antsy to go somewhere I’ve started looking at condos in Barbados for February since they’re letting U.S. citizens in.
  5. These cabins appear to be under the World Stage. Does anyone know how much the noise from the shows filter down to the cabins?
  6. Agree. Breaking out the knitting early this year as I’m going to have to cancel, for the second time, a trip to Iceland. First scheduled in March, then rescheduled to beginning of September. Fortunately, Icelandair Holidays is being very generous for anyone with a trip scheduled before 30 Sept. Offering a 100% travel credit, including air, good for two years to be used within three years. Good for any package, not just the one we had scheduled.
  7. I wish they’d have done an art tour on the Koningsdam when I sailed it. (Or if they did I missed it.). I took many pics of the pieces on that ship. Recently, I found out this piece was part of the 2012 Nomad Patterns series by Chilean artist, Livia Marin.
  8. I received the FCC email late yesterday afternoon although by then I’d already spoken to a HAL rep.
  9. Was surprised to receive this week the FCC for what was to be my transatlantic this October. Wasn’t expecting to see that until late August or into September. Quickly called HAL and had it applied to the deposit for the transatlantic I booked for October 2021 on the Ryndam.
  10. I submitted an inquiry this morning. The website now says opening delayed until 10 Aug. In inquiry section it says Global Entry approvals should be received in 3-5 months. So according to that, I should have gotten it, by their timeframe, at the earliest beginning in March before shutdown. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes them to tell me it’s not coming for another few months.
  11. I check it weekly. Because of Covid the website kept saying they’ve been closed and are not reopening until Monday, July 6th. But if yours was processed someone must have been working. I think I’ll try rattling some chains next week.
  12. Oh great. I thought waiting since the first weekend in December was extremely long. What I don’t get is that my friend did her application two days before mine and received her approval in about 10 days. Now she’s trying to get an interview because she initially thought she’d be able to do it when returning from Iceland in March, which didn’t happen.
  13. I loved South Queensferry also. Had a tour of St. Andrews scheduled before the Tattoo so I left the ship super early to check out the town and grab lunch. Such a nice town in which to wander around.
  14. I went in 2016 during the Northern Isles cruise on the Koningsdam. Our tickets, however, were part of the package as we were on a AAA tour. The seats we were given were on the right side facing the castle fairly high up, gave us a great view of the entire field, and we were able to hear everything fine.
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