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  1. Is the pH listed on the can for the HAL water? I’ve been drinking Icelandic for several years which has a pH of 8.4. It helps with my reflux.
  2. I go to Quest for my bloodwork. Checked this out and, as usual, the website is not the easiest to navigate when you get to where you have to select a date. Had to try three times before it showed the date I was looking for; it kept skipping ahead too far. Have something scheduled but need to call to see what kind of PCR test they are doing. I need an RT-PCR prior to an Iceland trip in September.
  3. 👏👏👏👏. Hopefully the old Crow’s Nest will be returning next.
  4. Three years ago I went to Canaletto on my birthday and they gave me a cake.
  5. I thought it said boarding document, that’s not what is says. This was copied from the FAQ. Any other questions should definitely be referred to HAL. ”Original proof of vaccination will be required at cruise check-in and should clearly show the guest’s name on the vaccination card matching their photo ID, the dates of vaccine doses, and the name of facility administering the vaccination. Alternative proof may be required if there are questions and concerns about the submitted proof of vaccination.”
  6. Webpage said... -Health Questionnaire would be provided 72 hours before embarkation. -Vaccine Attestation must be original copy and show name, I believe the same as boarding documents, date of vaccine, where vaccine given, and which vaccine, must be a CDC emergency approved or WHO emergency approved. -Passage Contract and Risk Acceptance, I believe these are already available in the Check-in area
  7. I have AT&T and they have a good package for travelling overseas. I have also used my phone as a hotspot here in the States. Not sure about using it as a hotspot for an hour long Zoom, even with just audio, at sea. I may have to resort to the ship’s service.
  8. Glad I found this thread. I’m scheduled for a TA in October AMS to FLL but it will coincide with the last couple weeks of a Zoom class I will be taking that starts in September. With the time difference I wouldn’t be logging on until probably around 1130pm. Do y’all think I’d be able to use the video feature then? Or maybe just stick with audio? I’ll be on the new Rotterdam so I’m hoping the internet on it will be the most efficient. Lastly, would it be worth it to buy the Premium package before sailing or just wait until I get onboard and see what they may be offering then?
  9. When I talked to a woman in the HAL office on Friday about sending documents she still firmly suggested using a fax instead of email. Fortunately, my cousin has a fax machine for his business. So, Sunday evening I faxed all the info for the two cruises I have booked, Oct 2021 and Jun 2022. Received email mid-afternoon Monday stating OBC approved shortly followed by a revised confirmation of booking for each cruise.
  10. As was pointed out to me HAL’s contract specifies that it is the cruiser’s responsibility to make sure they have all visas/vaccinations needed in order to travel. Because of this I’m not sure HAL will change their stance. My question is who will be checking vaccination status? Will it be done at airport arrival? If this is the case, and unvaccinated travelers are denied entry and sent home, then no problem, they won’t be on the ship.
  11. I’d consider a cruise which allowed unvaccinated people. I would not have a problem having to wear a mask in public areas. My issue is what if an unvaccinated person develops Covid, will I as a vaccinated person then be confined to my cabin. If the answer is yes, then I’m not going. I have a final payment due in July and if HAL can not answer that question definitively, which I don’t believe they will, I’ll be cancelling my fall TA cruise and putting those funds toward the Alaska cruise of June 2022 I have booked.
  12. He must be thinking things are going to drastically improve in the next several months. There is a 14day Northern Isles cruise scheduled for July 18 with three stops in Iceland. Iceland’s current policy is that no one from outside the Schengen area will be admitted without proof of vaccination or of previous infection, and every person must still be tested. If this policy does not change by July is the ship going to tell unvaccinated non-Schengen people that they must remain on board when the ship makes its three stops in Iceland? Are the excursion people going to demand proof of vaccination before allowing people on their buses, in any country? I’m wondering if he had completely thought this through before making his statement.
  13. Agree. It should also be noted that Iceland continues to strictly control entry for those vaccinated or those with showing previous covid. All must be tested upon arrival, their testing app must be downloaded to phone (which is traceable), the person must go somewhere until the test results are received (either wait at airport or check into hotel) and not interact with general public. Test results take around 4 hours. So far it appears to working. Perhaps this is the sort of plan that will have to be in effect for other countries for a while in order to get tourism started again.
  14. The question is by July will the EU allow people in from non-Schengen countries? The Netherlands may have to “go rogue” like Iceland did and make the decision to allow people with proof of vaccination or previously having covid into the country if they are from non-Schengen countries.
  15. Contact them. When the dates were changed for my Trans-Atlantic in October I was told the same as you, the excursions would be transferred over to the new dates. Waited almost a month and finally called. They weren’t transferred, weren’t going to be, and needed to be rebooked. I suggest you contact them soon. I’m booked on an Alaska cruise for June 2022 and happened to check for excursions last weekend. Several only had one or two spots left open.
  16. The fact the Murkowski’s name is not on the bill would be a strong indication that I was not referring to her. And for all the reasons I stated in my previous post it would appear that I was agreeing with you that the proposed bill was, as you say, “tilting at windmills”. However, if still wish to take umbrage with my remarks 🤷‍♀️
  17. “Resume cruises by July 4” 😂😂😂 These clowns haven’t a clue. That is less than 10 weeks from today. Cruise lines would need to round up crews, all materials needed to cruise, all permits needed to access ports, and enough passengers willing to drop everything at a moments notice to fill these ships. Plus in Alaska, get Canada agree to allow a stopover of some sort to meet the foreign port requirement. It is nothing but another stunt to play to their base so they can say “See, we tried to get things open”
  18. Iceland is a favorite of mine also. I’m currently trying to plan a Ring Road trip for July/August as I have a credit to use from a canceled Icelandair vacation package from last year.
  19. @CruiseNH I believe you are correct in your assessment. I’m getting pushback for trying to schedule a trip to Iceland in July. Iceland is in the green for cases and is letting in fully vaccinated people with proof of vaccination. And, they do not hesitate to immediately deport people who refuse testing if not vaccinated or can prove they’ve had covid. As far as my scheduled trans-atlantic in October not much as been said but I think they think it won’t come off.
  20. When the 1st ship sails from, say covid hotbed Italy, & passengers become ill is DeSantis going to allow the ship to dock & disembark in Ft Lauderdale? Is he going to make sure all those passengers are sent to quarantine facilities like Iceland does with arriving people? Is he going to make sure everyone is tested and then tested again before leaving the quarantine facilities? It was my understanding from the get go that the CDC didn’t want ships coming into FL from overseas, hence, the ban. And considering the EU is way behind the US in vaccinations there is a good chance that someone coming here will be infected/asymptomatic. Someone I know with duel US/Italian citizenship had to go to Italy on a family matter and just returned. They are still in an almost complete lockdown. So even if Florida opens there won’t be any ships coming from Europe for a while.
  21. This was a date previously issued by the CDC which is why HAL pushed our TA on the new Rotterdam back 10 days. We are now scheduled to arrive in Ft Lauderdale on Nov 3rd.
  22. Perfectly. Apparently I was born for a pandemic. I had no problem not leaving the house/property, not seeing anyone and just talking on the phone when I wanted to. And, my yard last summer looked better than it had in years. Now that I’m vaccinated the family is expecting me for Easter. I guess my little solo party is over. 🤷‍♀️
  23. Absolutely, especially as I’m sitting on a $1000 credit from Icelandair Holidays from a trip that was cancelled last year not once but twice. Now all I need is for the passport people to send my renewed passport and for the volcano to settle down.
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