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  1. yes, NCL studios is great, and you know what to expect... other solos 🙂
  2. Anyone doing Royal spring trip out of Cape Liberty? I'm considering (because it is local to me in NJ) but unsure what the solo scene is like. Feedback welcome!
  3. My next is May 2021 and I'm wondering what I'll do on Dec 26th when the final payment is due. The pain of waiting for the two cancellations this past year was tough, and waiting for the refunds even more. While I'm trying to stay positive... I wonder if 8 months away is enough. Maybe to build confidence they'll shorten the final payment time again, I believe for trips prior to May 1 it's 60 days.
  4. I see this is still available... thinking of doing it.... cant beat the price. Never sailed MSC before. What do they do for solos if anything?
  5. I remember seeing these sailings BC (before covid) and for weeks, maybe even months prior they had the solo traveler price, and it was very low from what I recall. I suspect that when cruising resumes we'll see the solo traveler discounts (NCL) again.
  6. I would book with Virgin if they would elaborate on the solos... I also like their solo oceanview cabin and would book one.... but without the information on the solo activities I'll stick to NCL for now
  7. Are there any other cruise lines that offer what NCL does for solos? I know some like RCL have single cabins (which sometimes doubles book) both interior and balcony... but do any have solo lounges and the dedicated activities director?
  8. IMHO I dont think Alaska would be good solo on Celeb... it's lots of families and couples. But, everyone was super nice. Solo Alaska I would always pick NCL.
  9. Solstice was mixed for me... What made it great is since I was traveling with my elderly father and the ship is much smaller than Epic (the prior ship I took him on) it was easier to navigate end to end. Much less walking even though I dont think the ship is much shorter. We had concierge connecting rooms then my brother and his wife were on the other side so what made it AMAZING was that we opened the partitions between the balconies and had a huge balcony. The connecting room with dad was convenient because we had the exterior double door to close which created a hallway, and we could leave our doors open between us to go back and forth, me checking on dad. Dining room was excellent, we chose the dine at your own time and our servers were fantastic. Lobster night was truly amazing, seriously. Specialty dining also great, especially the French. We negotiated prices for specialty while on board. We were on Alaska, we got all the way up Stephens passage to the glacier, much closer than I believe Joy or Encore can get. On the downside, we took the first (or second) cruise early in the season so much was still frosty, less wildlife, less whales and no 'glacier explorer' excursion that I really wanted. Ship was clean and well kept but some areas were tired. Entertainment was meh nothing special. Atrium bar just soso. I was with family so none of this mattered, went to bed early and got up early to just stare at the scenery. And I would do this one again in a minute. 🙂 But get aqua next time (but there arent connecting cabins, that's why we didnt last time)
  10. apparently the butler cannot bring you drinks that are covered on the drinks package.... only if you order a la carte from the room service menu. Sigh.
  11. I haven't been on the Bliss yet but I agree, the floor space looks bigger on. Studio. But the bed is also smaller! The studio is still 99 square feet. The truth is when you travel solo, unless of course you have a medical issue while you're on board like one of the posters had oh, you are never in your cabin except for sleeping and showering. I've even upgraded to an inside cabin to have a little bit extra space and a bigger bathroom, and I was only in the cabin 5 and 1/2 to 6 hours a day during sleep. Traveling solo you guys all know this, very little time spent in your cabin and alone. It's almost a good trade-off although I would love to have a companion to spend more time in my Haven balcony next time! 🙂
  12. Ditto I'll take a balcony any day and Haven even better. On one of my cruises my name is on my friends Haven room so I'm just using the studio to sleep. On my New York to San I will try to upgrade or I'll watch the prices and all switch to the prices drop. And yes you don't have direct access to the studio without the key card but on the Epic there's a glass door and your friends will let you in.
  13. I've stayed in a studio, small but enough for one. I'm in a studio in both of my NCL upcoming cruises in 2021.
  14. Yes, NCL EPIC, sorry i should have stated. I dont often see the promo to use two deposits. Hope to see some of you soon!
  15. I too cancelled two trips, W.Med (NCL Haven) and Alaska (Suite) so sad. But YAY I just booked: Dec 5 NCL NY to Puerto Rico - Studio cabin. Good value I think ends today, use two cruisenext deposits. Hopefully 2021 my friends!
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