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  1. Too risky for me... Baggage storage and handling is under control of the port until it is placed on the ship. Every port is different and the rules change by the minute. One port they would take our luggage but we were not allowed to leave the terminal, another they only took your luggage one hour before your scheduled embarkation, some ports had lockers. Another thing to keep in mind is even though we will be in port overnight it is possible the terminal and embarkation may close relatively early (union rules). Did Tellus know how long the hold was or did they assume you were going to d
  2. I think just saying "the fairground in xyz city" would work. It is a scripted question with no right answer. If you can't answer or if your answer rouses suspicion you might may have a problem. You have already been verified by your airline and passed through the Iceland entry process so it would take a lot for Viking to challenge the authenticity of your CDC card
  3. Can't say exactly what Viking will accept for US residents, but the airlines will accept a copy of the CDC vaccination card and if not on the card, the address of the final vaccination station. We used a copy of the appointment slip for the address but I think all you need is to know is the name and city of facility. As stated by others, you can use the VeriFly App. My experience with VeriFly is it is not worth the effort and at best, it will save you a few seconds at embarkation.
  4. On United it is under manage your trip, Since I am not booked on delta I found it in Destination and Travel Restrictions Map | Delta Air Lines I didn't check the other airlines
  5. as requested: Having just returned from an international trip I can confirm that the Airline is the gatekeeper and their rules determine if you get on the plane. Currently United and Delta require a PCR test less than 72 hours prior to departure from the US to Iceland. On our return flight American would not issue electronic boarding passes, and when you checked in they checked your paper copy of the anti-gen test and verified if the lab issuing it was on the approved list. They have an app (Veri-fly) that was supposed to do this but it wa
  6. We have had the same timing problem with flights from Athens and what we have done is taken a BA flight latter in the day that arrives in LHR early evening with a late morning connection to US. There is a shuttle bus to the airport hotels and your luggage can be held and transferred at the airport. Much more relaxing then a 3AM wake up call and dealing with tight connections and terminal changes. We also heard of customs not opening in Piraeus until after 7AM
  7. The fact that the major airlines had replacement aircraft available limited your delay to 3 or 4 hours. The smaller budget airlines without available aircraft either arrange for a charter or will have you wait out the repair. Our last delay was on AA DFW to Rio via MIA. First and replacement aircraft at DFW had problems. AA cancelled the flight and rebooked everyone on other flights some on other airlines, We were sent to Rio via Sao Palo and arrived ahead of our original schedule. We were scheduled to leave for Europe on AirBerlin the day after they ceased operations. Since we booked through
  8. Only worry is because of the small number of long haul aircraft, a mechanical problem on Iceland can cause very lengthy delays. UA and Delta are flying 757-200's UA is configured up front as Business Polaris ( lie flat), Delta is lie flat out of NY and Premium Economy out of MSP. Bus and PE fares are way out of line. Most of these flights have about 10% occupancy in main cabin so there will probably be plenty of room to stretch out.
  9. Booked 7/13 earlier today and Invoice says Jupiter.
  10. Not all of the August and September are completely waitlisted. Some still have one or a few categories available. My guess is the itineraries that have been previously fully waitlisted are likely cancellations and the recently waitlisted with little availability are being throttled back so O can reduce capacity for Covid compliance. Just an uneducated guess with wishful thinking so I don't have to move my FCC for a fourth time.
  11. Good move Thera are about a dozen ports between NY and FLA that have the connectivity and logistics to handle this summers cruise traffic with minimal disruption. Maybe DeSantis could celebrate his no vax victory as the ships pass by. Don't know if the out of work Fla longshoremen will join in.
  12. Hopefully the ship, in conjunction with the local authorities, could generate the necessary paperwork. Besides lack of internet some checkpoints we have gone through could not read or understand English.
  13. The fact that you have a pdf of the record does not prove it was not forged or altered. In AZ your health provider or school, who you have given permission to can independently verify the data. Can you imagine the embarkation process of verifying people from 50 different states plus foreign countries. I worked in an environment that required all visitors to be verified. Anyone with a passport or drivers license was verified in under 10 seconds and the same would be true with a vaccine passport.
  14. Even if everyone on the ship is vaccinated there is always a chance of a few coming down with the virus. They would be isolated and it is unlikely the cruise would be terminated or the rest of the vaccinated be quarantined (IMHO). I don't think think there would be a significant number of cheaters to alter things. I am all for a vaccine or green passport but do you think it is realistic we will have one in the near future? Hmmmm ..... maybe if the CDC proposed restarting cruises only for those with Green passports there would widespread support?
  15. Difference is your drivers license and passport are stored in a centralized data base and can be quickly verified. If your state does have it on a website I am sure there are HIPPA rules that prohibit anyone other then yourself from seeing it. Although many states do keep vaccination records they are not necessarily uniform or readily accessible. There is nothing to say that a cruise line can't accept the cards as adequate proof and then in the event of an "incident" sue you for presenting a fraudulent document.
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