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  1. It's less bovver with a hover(craft)..
  2. I was going to sell this picture. I thought I was asking a reasonable price but was told it was too dear.... I'll get my coat!
  3. Our last was 4 nights on Ventura in Feb 20, it was supposed to be overnight in Amsterdam but the weather won and we ended up with a day in Zeebrugge and 2 days at sea. There were a lot of first time cruisers on board but most we spoke to didn't seem put off; I remember one chap being very enthusiastic and saying how he'd be booking more when he got home. I wonder if he ever did, and ended up frustrated like the rest of us?
  4. Can I cheat and use 2 photos? I can? Good! There's no smoke Without fire..
  5. Y for the dear old Yacht and Compass on Oceana, this was my favourite ‘pub’ on any P & O ship.
  6. More vegetables- art from the MDR on Azura
  7. U for Under the bridge. Ventura leaving Lisbon and Suez Canal on Oceana
  8. I doubt many of you will appreciate this but I’m quite often found here - S is for the Smoking Area
  9. Dogs keep us cheerful too - it’s hard not to be with these two around. They’re the one thing I miss on a cruise.
  10. R for Roof and Radar - this was going to go under M for mast but I forgot
  11. Promenade deck on Oceana and Ventura (I think) and Pigeon on Aurora
  12. The barrel is getting deeper and my scraping tool is wearing out, and to make matters worse my L has already been done. Nevertheless here’s Lifts on Aurora. I’m not giving up though I’ve got a ‘Y’!
  13. I’ve not had a chance to look at this for a few days and I’m impressed with all the pics that have appeared. I’m struggling to find anything interesting or imaginative but for a couple of I’s here’s an inside cabin (promenade view) on Navigator of the Seas and a rather sub-standard ice sculpture.
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