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  1. I had the same thing when paying a balance last week. Website just hung there saying ‘processing payment’ and after about 10 mins of that I phoned P&O who answered about 30 mins later and told me that the balance was paid.
  2. Went down to Southsea last night to watch her sail. Looking forward to checking her out on the inside in August.
  3. We are on Ventura on 3rd October so, as others have mentioned here, will be boarding a ‘sterile’ ship which does indeed seem a bit of a strange thought. I say that optimistically as I’m pretty sure this cruise will get cancelled in due course, in fact that’s what I’d assumed the email about vaccines & tests was before I opened it.
  4. Good to be able to view the on-board account without having to go to reception. It was handy to view it through the cabin TV on Ventura and Azura before they removed the option.
  5. Thanks for sharing your memories and bringing back a few of ours. Our first cruise was on Ventura in 2010 and so was our last in Feb 20. We’ve cruised on her a couple of times in between, including a visit to Vigo. We’re booked on her in October and are just hoping we get to go.
  6. I’m not familiar with the cabin grades on Scarlet Lady or VV’s pricing policy so don’t know what the difference between the suites is, but I’d say if you’re not losing out financially then go for it. If I had the choice between going on a cruise and not going then going would win every time.
  7. The android app is up and running now too. Anyone else on the 13 Aug sailing?
  8. You’ll be getting on the day we get off then. We’ve also booked Scarlet Lady, the price did seem a bit high for 3 nights but as she’ll be virtually parked on our doorstep it seemed rude not to...
  9. Smoking on the prom deck on Ventura is starboard side forward. It used to be the whole of that side but they restricted it. The smoking areas on that deck seem to be related to the ‘pub’; on Aurora its port side aft outside of Champions and on Oceana was port forward accessible from the Yacht and Compass.
  10. Ahh - you won’t be surprised that I can’t help with that one. We must be one of the few that pick cabins because they are near to a smoking area, although I completely understand why you wouldn’t want to do that
  11. Are you looking at a particular ship, janny? I’m afraid I’m one of those smokers so might be able to help you from memory?
  12. My childhood haunts, apart from Port Solent which hadn’t been built back then. We were always off on our bikes to the castle, Wicor recreation ground or over the hill. We’re in Cosham now but still like to take the dogs over to Portchester when we can, especially on summer evenings. The fields at Port Solent are nice then too, if you’re there when the sun is setting over the castle it’s lovely.
  13. The last time we were on Britannia there were 2 smoking areas on Deck 7, one midships starboard and one port side aft. This was 4 years ago however and I know they do occasionally move them so Andy’s info may well be more up to date, but if you do want to avoid the smoke then a forward cabin may be best?
  14. It's less bovver with a hover(craft)..
  15. I was going to sell this picture. I thought I was asking a reasonable price but was told it was too dear.... I'll get my coat!
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