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  1. Yuch! Might have to go back to Royal Caribbean
  2. I wish I knew the answer to your questions. You could book the April 11 cruise, but keep in mind that you might end up cancelled (at least you wouldn't have any air fare or hotel to worry about).
  3. No I haven't seen any offers at all! I would totally go for it, enjoy your almost free cruise! :)
  4. We are on Mediterranean Cruise May 30, but haven't heard anything from Carnival about OBC or New Itinerary or Cancellation yet, which is ridiculous since it seems they are only giving to March 31 to make the cancellations. I'm not sure what we'll do, waiting to see the choices. Not really afraid of COVID19, but would hate to be quarantined somewhere, especially since we have another non-cruise trip scheduled 10 days after we return, which we would end up possibly missing as well. :(
  5. Thanks for posting your review, Love the Breeze! I cant wait to read the rest of your review
  6. I think you’ll be fine. We were on the Spa Deck, but in a similarly located cabin and didn’t have any noise issues other than the noise from our next door neighbors playing music and talking extremely loud in their cabin and on their balcony. We even booked a cabin in the same location on the Lido Deck for our Radiance cruise
  7. When we sailed in March it took a couple of days before we received the email confirmation
  8. Just booked this cruise yesterday so hopefully your family was able to get what they wanted
  9. I know your feeling. We were on the Triumph in 2013 when it had the engine fire and have avoided the ship since (we actually avoided Carnival altogether for 4 years). We have sailed on the Sunshine this past March and are planning on the Radiance next May. With all that said, I would consider cruising on the Sunrise but it probably wouldn't be my first choice ;)
  10. We were on the Sunshine in March and although some of the Muster Stations were inside, our station was out on the deck
  11. The only downside for the Radiance is the fact that it's further from your Wedding Date. If you don't mind the extra wait then I would definitely choose the Carnival Cruise
  12. Just got back from Grand Turk last week. We were the only ship in port (Carnival Sunshine). The beach area around Margaritaville was crowded but we walked down to Jack’s Shack and it was much less crowded and the water was clearer (more blue, less seaweed etc).
  13. Can anyone tell me what kinds/flavors of sugar free energy drinks Carnival carries? i thought i saw Rock Star listed somewhere but can’t find it now to verify, nor which version of SF Rock Star if might be.
  14. We had a balcony on deck 9 forward in July 2017, it was plenty cool with the AC turned down.
  15. Add me to the list of people not liking the new website format
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