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  1. Excellent job explaining the details ;). I couldn’t agree more with what you said about Staying in Cancun or Isla Mujeres do this. Strongly considering doing it again next summer this way. I’ve already been looking at the resorts in the area :) so nice!
  2. It sure is worth it I promise you. Ya it’s per person. For children it’s 184. Haha don’t count on spotting them in the water near Cozumel. they’re only in that particular area off the coast of Cancun. And this excursion did sell out fast. I remember when I got on the ship, the excursion rep said there were only 5 tickets left. So this is one excursion I recommend purchasing on the carnival website
  3. No problem. The cost was $194. We were snorkelling. From Cozumel, we took a ferry to Playa Del Carmen. The ferry ride was about half an hour. Which picked us up directly from the cruise ship. Then from there we took a van ride to Cancun which was an hour. Then from Cancun took a small boat ride to the whale shark area. Which was about another half hour. We were 52 miles off the coast of Cancun. Like I said though, when you get in the water with these huge magnificent animals, the travel time so worth it! You will be in awe! We had to jump in in pairs. We got to jump in the water w
  4. Well my friend, I am about to make your day with my review :). I just returned on Saturday the 20th from my cruise and I am more than happy to give you a full detailed review of my experience. First things first I cannot tell you enough how MUCH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO THIS! It was literally one of the most life changing experiences! :). I did this excursion on July 18. The travel time was Completely worth it. I am still in shock at how many whale sharks there were. There were an estimation of 150!! Yeah one hundred and fifty!! lol. I had a whole panora
  5. has anyone booked excursions through the shipmate app? if so I would like to hear about your experience
  6. Hi. If anyone has done this your can anyone tell me if the guides take your photos for you with either your camera or a progressional camera they have? And do they have photos available for purchase ?
  7. Hello, I am taking my first Cruise with Princess next summer. Everyone who has booked their flights through eZair, do you really save money by doing this rather then booking your flight independently? I am just wondering if it is worth it for me. I am flying to Fairbanks and doing the land portion first, then the cruise part so I won't be worrying about catching my cruise on time. Feel free to share any experiences or advice. Thanks
  8. Hello, I will be Icy Strait point this coming summer on Wed July 12. I am a solo traveller and looking to join FISHES whale watching excursion, they need at least two or more people to join. Maximum people that can join is 6. If interested let me know. Details are here: http://www.visithoonah.com/fishes/
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