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  1. Hey neighbor, Grafton Hill here....
  2. On the Sky a few years ago, they backed in the slot closest to the mainland. Behind us was a US Coast Guard ship. Not interested in Nassau, I sat at the Great Outdoor Cafe and watched the passengers come and go. I really enjoyed the tranquility of the afternoon. As we set sail, they didn't quite make it out of the harbor. One of the crew took sick, so they backed it to the dock and off-loaded. Funny how that stuff happens and how little information was INITIALLY passed on.
  3. My Bride got a Haven room on her last (girls) cruise. Said she wanted to do another with me this time, so she booked what was supposed to be a family cruise that dwindled down to us and my SIL/BIL. Even though we got a sweet deal, it still is rather steep, but alas, she wanted it. I'm torn between it though. She likes the casino, I like the bars, the poolside ones are my preference. Don't know how I'll fit in with the Haven package, but damitall, I'll suffer if I have to!
  4. Hopefully those Dodgers will beat the Yankees this year!
  5. What time does the Haven restaurant open on the Bliss on embarkation day?
  6. Hopefully the same for the Bliss T-day week.....
  7. Couple years ago, on the Epic in Port Canaveral I was at O'Sheehan's celebrating Saint Paddy's Day waiting to leave port. I'm sure my Irish butt had many beers but I seem to remember only a charge of about $0.89 or so when I viewed my charges the next day. I tip every drink, maybe they just didn't bother to ring my card. I was pretty much a regular at O'Sheehan's that week. I was the only adult male in our group of seven. My Bride, SIL, Niece and friends, and a 3 year old little ***** that ruined the cruise for all of us. There was a waiter at O'Sheehan's that resembled Shemp from The Three Stooges. He never kept me waiting. Anybody know who he is? Sorry for the hijack.......
  8. Plastic bottles as well. They work hard to eliminate any glass near the pools..
  9. I sailed the Epic last year. Had bartenders tripping over each other to serve me. That dollar bill per drink goes a long way.
  10. Sun and Sky have steam rooms in the Mens Locker Room at the gym. As far as I know, the Epic and Bliss have steam rooms but the spa package is required to use them. I like steaming, but not paying for the spa package for only using the steam. And i'm on the Bliss Haven soon too!
  11. Been watching this since the OP put it up. Still reviewing thinking it was some kind of Penthouse forum...
  12. Where does your cruise depart and what's the itinerary? Ours is NYC, Canaveral and GSC I think.. BIL and I are doing an airboat tour in Canaveral.
  13. Enjoy yourselves, and carry LIGHTLY!
  14. Saw the video the other day but thanks for thinking of us. Our cruise is in November, si I'll await your review instead!
  15. We are sailing the Bliss shortly, Haven package but the cabin 10106. We will move a bit, but it's a cruise ship. Moving is a huge portion of the experience.
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