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  1. Grab a beer at the first opportunity and head to the pool area. We usually sail with others and they know where to find me after they've settled.
  2. Ask the bartenders about that bottle of booze (cognac I think) in the red box on the bottom shelf center behind the bar!
  3. I don't know either of the two bartenders in your picture. I'm curious if a whole dining/cocktail crew takes vacations at the same time. In the Haven restaurant, there was a very pretty young lady that served us. She spoke very quietly and had the appearance of a geisha girl. If she's there, please show her our picture and say hello. TIA
  4. He had plans to go home may still be in China. Hope he isn't stuck there. Is there a female named Alex on the haven bar there? Sorry to hear about all the kids there. School vacation week. We sailed Thanksgiving week and there were a ton of kids.
  5. Stop and visit Will the Haven bartender. He will not forget your name.
  6. Just my opinion, the entire bar area reeked of tobacco smoke. My Bride smokes and spends considerable time in the casino smoking area. By virtue of marriage, I too spent time there. Non-smoker and non-gambler too. The service was good when there wasn't a crowd or when the shows and dinners closed! A dollar bill with my key card for a drink improved the service.
  7. The bar is in the smoking area of the casino and it smells. It can get pretty busy there as well. A dollar attached to your cabin card will get you better service.
  8. Try the airboat ride for the adventure and a different view of Florida.
  9. I did the Thanksgiving sail on the Bliss and all the bar TVs had the NYFL games on but they didn't have any audio, nor could the bartender control it. The only bar that had audio was in the District Brew House. Go Patriots.....
  10. Don't let that cruise keep you from trying another NCL ship. The Bliss was full that week because of the long holiday weekend. Many folks took advantage of that so it was sold out. Navigating a cruise ship is easier when there are fewer passengers. Also, there were only three days of sun basking poolside so the lower decks were getting all the traffic.
  11. Been on RCCL's Freedom and Brilliance, NCL's Sky (2X), Sun, Epic and just recently, the Bliss over Thanksgiving week. Way too big for me. Give me the 5 day Sky and Sun cruises anytime. Destinations are not important to me. Floating in the tropics poolside with a cold drink is all I need.
  12. The wage information I posted was shared with me by an Asian bartender on the Bliss over the Thanksgiving week cruise.
  13. Just want to make a point here. The vessel is registered in the Bahamas but NCL is a Miami FL based business. The employees are paid according to US wage standards and are subject to US Tax Law.
  14. Just off the Bliss Haven. I tipped my butler, steward and concierge on the last day and my bartenders and wait staff for every transaction. The day before disembarkation I went to the service desk and requested the DSC to be removed. I signed a form, no questions asked and it was immediately removed from my invoice. The only charges on it were US port taxes for alcohol. I tip very generously, and receive excellent service because of it. Your mileage may vary. Bon voyage.
  15. I posted this last wee but will repost again. Boarding the Bliss on 11/24 they scanned our passports and used that picture for the key card as well. When I was disembarking I went through the facial recognition but was stopped. I passed with the green light but the official in charge asked me for a retake. When I did he asked me to remove my eye glasses, which I did. He then allowed me to pass. I did not wear glasses in my passport photo. Otherwise, it's a very simple system.
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