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  1. cruisewithwife

    Carnival Fantasy November 17-22, 2018 Review

    After lunch it was time to do some exploring....first up was going to Camp Ocean to finalize registration. Always do this early as there is no lines and it makes the first time they go much smoother. They had computers and activities for the Sting Rays and Sharks
  2. cruisewithwife

    Carnival Fantasy November 17-22, 2018 Review

    I got myself a Guy's burger The oldest had to get pizza this girl will eat more pizza on the cruise than anything else and it has to be just cheese We also picked up a pastrami from the deli
  3. cruisewithwife

    Carnival Fantasy November 17-22, 2018 Review

    I headed to Guy's with the oldest while DW and the youngest headed to the deli. There was people everywhere already think you could notice the ship was a bit smaller from this perspective. We got our variety of food and found a table to sit down at. The hot dogs are very good at the deli if you have never had one I suggest you try it on your next cruise.
  4. cruisewithwife

    Carnival Fantasy November 17-22, 2018 Review

    We were ready to get on so here was the family pic before boarding the ship We got on and headed straight to our room to drop off our things. One of the big bonuses of having FTTF. After dropping off our things it was time to do a little exploring and get some food. I loved the design look of the Fantasy We made our way up to the lido deck and now it was divide and conquer who wants what for food
  5. cruisewithwife

    Carnival Fantasy November 17-22, 2018 Review

    I don't know why but I didn't take any pictures at the hotel but it was amazing. We stayed at the Wingate by Wyndham in Mobile. We did the Park and Cruise Package. I paid a $145 with tax and had a King Size Suite room which was two rooms that had a pullout couch for the kiddos, a chair and table with chairs and a kitchenette. Then in the other room had the king size bed and full bathroom. With this I was able to park my car their the whole time and they shuttled us to the cruise ship and picked us up. They also served a very nice breakfast in the morning. Might I add just to park at the parking garage was $90 at port so I thought this was an amazing deal. So the morning finally came and we were very excited had to make a quick trip to walmart for a few items that were forgotten. With staying there you reserve a time that you want the shuttle to take you. We had FTTF for the cruise so I had called earlier in the week to get put down for the first shuttle which was 10:15. The driver loaded up our bags and off we went. With the shuttle package they have a separate entrance so he pulled us right up to the front doors to drop our bags and walk right in. I will say going through security at Mobile seemed very relaxed. I had a cooler with my soda and wine and when I walked by the security she asked what's in there I said soda and wine and she said ok didn't even look in it. We made it through I would say in about 5 minutes and over to the FTTF section to wait to board the ship. By this time it was about 10:45. They started calling for boarding a little before 11:00 there was one wedding party. John Heald actual posted about our cruise that morning and here was his little info about it.
  6. cruisewithwife

    Carnival Fantasy November 17-22, 2018 Review

    The week leading up to the cruise was crazy busy between work and the girls were finishing up their softball season which I am also the head coach for. Since the cruise was leaving out of Mobile on Saturday we were driving over from Houston on Friday afternoon. Grandma and Grandpa live in North Dakota so they were flying into Houston and then riding with us in the car. So Friday morning came and the amazing race started, off to school for everyone and Grandma and Grandpa were on their first leg of the flight headed to Houston. DW and I were both working a half a day so I finished up at 11:00 which meant drive home load up the dogs to take them to the vet for boarding, then off to get the girls from school and then load the suitcases in the car. DW went to the airport to pick up GP and GM then met us at home. As I was finishing packing the car they pulled in and the girls got to see GP and GM. We finalized packing and on the road well almost...we don't even get down our road and find out the girls didn't wear the shoes they were supposed to so back to the house to grab their shoes. Alright headed to Whataburger and then we are on the road to complete this 7 hour drive. We are doing good it is a little after 1:00 at this point. Through the drive through get our food pull out and they forgot the girls drinks so turnaround and back to Whataburger. Needless to say got it fixed and we are officially on the road headed to Alabama about 1:30. Overall the ride was fairly smooth however there was a few accidents on I-10 which delayed traffic so it turned into about a 9 hour drive. We stopped for some food on the way and made it to our hotel about 10 o'clock.
  7. This cruise was a 5 day out of Mobile, Alabama on the Carnival Fantasy traveling to Progreso and Cozumel Mexico. We had this cruise booked for quite some time and were anxiously waiting since it had been about a year since our last one. We live in the Houston area so this was our first time not traveling out of Galveston. With that being said there was a little more pre-planning of hotels and stuff which I will get into later. DW and I are both in education so cruising over Thanksgiving has become our new tradition. Our girls ages 8 and 5 were super excited as this was the oldest 3rd cruise (so she is practically a pro at this in her mind) and our youngest 2nd so now she got upgraded to the "Red" card. The girls were also excited because Grandma and Grandpa were coming on this cruise with us. Hopefully you enjoy the review as I go along and I will post plenty of pictures. If you have any questions feel free to ask along the ride.
  8. Always enjoy reading your reviews...looking forward to the rest
  9. cruisewithwife

    My Freedom Birthday Cruise Review 9/29/18-10/6/18

    Nice start...we loved our 2 trips on Freedom
  10. cruisewithwife

    New Happy Hour

    You recall was it only Port days or seadays or just a random deal Sent from my XT1565 using Forums mobile app
  11. cruisewithwife

    New Happy Hour

    Hoping to have something like this on the fantasy Sent from my XT1565 using Forums mobile app
  12. cruisewithwife

    Casino Account - Can you see balance on Hub app?

    It will show you how much you charge but you would have to just go put it in a machine to check your balance of how much of that you have actually spent
  13. cruisewithwife

    Just Back From Progresso

    2 for $5 is what I thought I saw elsewhere as well which sounds goos Sent from my XT1565 using Forums mobile app
  14. cruisewithwife


    We are headed there in November and looking to do the same maybe someone will go before us and actually give some info
  15. cruisewithwife

    Just Back From Progresso

    Curious how was the margarita prices? Also was it just the Sol beer or did they have other deals?