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  1. Seaday brunch is the best and a few times we have went early to have straight up breakfast items and swing back right before it closes again later for some lunch options
  2. I love using the Carnival Hub app and then you can save your favorites and it will give you an alert 15 minutes before the event starts
  3. Fantasy walls are not magnetic....we typically use magnets and the shoe organizer on the wall. If I recall correctly the door was magnetic but the walls definitely were not.
  4. Good to know we have FTTF and sailing out of NO this fall for 1st time. Any advice on parking or hotels?
  5. I put a lot of pictures in my reviews if you are interested in checking out....just finished up one on the Fantasy but haven't put the tag in my signature yet
  6. We finished up with the lights and on our way home made a quick phone call to our favorite pizza and pasta place to pickup. We made it home to enjoy a nice meal outside relaxing while sitting around the fire.
  7. Moving over to the other section which comes with a bunch of custom made items They made this reindeer sleigh set and it is huge This was one of the new features a Polar Express train
  8. They had pathways made with little street signs for each themed area
  9. We were almost home and decided we would stop at a Christmas light display which is about 20 minutes from our house. This family won the Christmas Light Fight tv show the year before so we thought we would check it out and we were not disappointed. They didn't even have everything put up yet due to the weather and it still looked great.
  10. We got up in the morning and had a great breakfast as always at Drury. The drive wasn't too bad...the one exciting part is there is a bridge that goes for like 26 miles that you go over in Louisiana. We stopped for lunch in Louisiana at a place called Fezzo's. We tried a sampler which had some boudin balls, fish bites, hushpuppies, and a few other things. The boudin balls and the fish bites were very good. I had a shrimp po boy which was very good the bread was perfect The oldest had a corn dog DW had like a club po boy which she said was very good Before getting in the car the girls had to get a picture with a gator
  11. After that we headed back to the hotel as it was almost kickback time. For those of you who have never been to a Drury each adult gets 3 alcoholic beverages, they have a soda fountain machine, a popcorn maker and then serve food as well. Tonight's menu included nachos, baked potatoes, salad, chicken tenders, broccoli cheese soup, hot dogs, and some penne pasta with pesto alfredo. It was all very good so we enjoyed our food and then sat down in the lobby area enjoying drinks and played pinochle. We played for a while and then decided it was bed time as tomorrow we would drive back to Houston.
  12. This is a picture of the battleship you can purchase a ticket to walk around on. This thing was huge....we were trying to decide how it compared to the cruise ship
  13. We went to the Battleship Musuem. We are not sure if it was because it was the holiday or because it was getting closer to closing but we did not have to pay anything to get into the general area. We were too late to purchase tickets to go on the big battleship so we just walked around the area and looked at things. It is very cool how you can get right up and touch the vehicles and they have information about them posted
  14. There was a Bass Pro Shop there and was open so we decided to walk around in there. The girls started by checking out the fish. Grandpa found some good Black Friday shopping deals on cold weather gear...who would have thought you had to go south to find deals. After the fish we headed over to Santa's wonderland inside There was very few people in the store so the girls had the whole area to themselves Then we went to see Santa which there was no line amazing After they talked to Santa it was back to check out the fish for a bit and then on to our next destination
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