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  1. I’ve sailed out of NYC at least a dozen times, mostly in January/February and some in May/June. I’ve had cruises that were smooth as glass and others as rough as can be (the Anthem cruise into the storm) and everything in between. I’ve also cruised out of Miami and been in storm and unable to tender to port. It depends very much on the weather. There’s no way to predict now what you will experience. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. Thank you for your most unique review. It gave me some of the best laughs this month! Hope you continue to enjoy your cruise Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Think this was my cabin last year. It is the set up as in the picture with the beds closer to the front door. No obstruction of the view on deck 8. Great location.
  4. Thanks all for the great news. Hated Royal iQ
  5. Learned of a new mobile app when I went to begin check in on line. Using the app, check- in was fast, some information was already loaded, scanned passport instead of inputting all the data. There seems to be lots of functionality with my calendar and the cruise compass once on board including the ability to book things once on board. Is this app replacing Royal IQ which was minimally functional? Can I delete Royal IQ or will I still need it?
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