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  1. I am hoping to go on the Dream when it comes to Galveston. I want to go on the bigger ships but not ready for a 7 night cruise the Dream will be 4/5 night out of Galveston. I’ve only been on the Valor.
  2. Valor is the only cruise ship I've been on. It's probably the smallest sz I'll want to go on. We are looking at Vision ots. Is it same sz or smaller than the Valor? I know Liberty is larger but we are wanting a 5 night not 7 night. Is Vision a nicer ship?
  3. Toilet paper or Kleenex for Cuba. My coworkers husband is Cuban but was raised in the states he recently traveled to Cuba to visit with family. They told him to bring his own toilet paper he took Kleenex. Supposedly they don't have any in their restrooms but someones there to sell it to you. I would also take bottle water too. I took a small fan on my last cruise. A lanyard.
  4. I've only been on one cruise this past April 22-27. It was great! Very few kids- I googled on line and most of the spring breaks were done by middle of April. Price was good and water was fairly smooth. I get motion sickness so having smooth sailing is important to me of course you never know when a storm or something else will effect the water. It was more choppy around the Yucatán tho. I don't mind trying October, January or February but I think cold fronts can make the ocean choppy?
  5. I was on Valor April 22 it was my 1st cruise and we had a group of 20 ppl. DH and I stayed in a GS which was awesome! I agree with using deck 4 to get to/from MDR we didn't figure that out till end of our cruise. We would walk thru the Lincoln DR and Winston Bar to get to places. The Winston Bar was always empty if your looking for a quiet place to hang out. I think that's where the art auction takes place? We had one of the photographers take our group photo on the stairs after dinner on elegant night then some of the couples did individual pics on the stairs those were all great!
  6. My co-worker is platinum with Carnival she does not like their change in no adult pool so she is looking for a change. She jumped on the WOW sale told me RC doesn't have sales that often. I guess for someone who cruises often but thinks RC is out of their price range this sale looks good to them. I'm even thinking of booking too it's cheaper than the Carnival cruise we went on last month but that was my 1st cruise so I'm still trying to figure all this out!
  7. Ugh! We want to stay in a GS but also need to be midship due to motion sickness. Both these ships have their GS fwd not ms. I would think they would put the more expensive cabins in the best location? We sailed Carnival Valor in April and stayed midship in a GS deck 7 that was a perfect location was hoping to get that on RC ship. These go out of Galveston which we live 45 min from. Is it because they are older ships? Is there more movement fwd and on deck 8? Are these ships way smaller than the Valor? Sorry so many questions trying to book our 2nd cruise don't want to get sea sick!
  8. Is the WOW sale good to book Vision out of Galveston in January? A GS is only $891 pp. I've only been on one cruise booked carnival GS was $1269 pp.
  9. Is this ship bigger than or same sz as Vision of the Seas? Which one is better? My friend just booked on Vision for January 26- 5 night. She said with the 30% she's getting a good deal.
  10. Valor 4/22 had a GS saw the steward when we went to drop off carry on. He had a piece of paper with diff choices I told him both morn and evening and keep ice bucket filled. DH gave him a $20 then and another $50 last day. He did an excellent job! We saw him often in the hall he was always very friendly.
  11. I just took my first cruise on the Valor. I was on deck 7 midship. I am very sensitive to motion but I did not get sea sick. I could feel more movement on the higher decks and more aft. I'm a believer in midship being better for sea sickness. I wore a wrist band and took bonine to help.
  12. My BIL got a cabin the day before we sailed on Valor April 22. Maybe something will open up!
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