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  1. vtjean

    Who is sailing in less than 30 days?

    We'll be heading to New Orleans on Feb. 10th, 2 weeks from today! It's cold and snowy here in Burlington, VT. Can't wait to see NOLA and taste some great seafood. And we'll be on the Triumph sailing down the Mississippi River. Never thought this vacation would come, booked almost a year ago! Wow... Jean
  2. vtjean


    Hi, My mom's passport doesn't have an issuing state on it. e.g. mine has Boston on it. When filling out Carnival's documents, it ask which state issued the passport? My mom's says:US Department of States. Will this be a problem. Hear all the horror stories about not being able to board! Thanks, Jean
  3. We'll be on the Triumph, out of New Orleans Feb. 12. I would like to know what the weather was like, while on your cruise. Do we need to bring more than 2 days worth of cold or cool weather clothes? Hope to hear back from you. Thanks, Jean
  4. vtjean

    New Orleans cruise

    Thanks to all who answered my question. Can't wait to see New Orleans, for the 1st time, and then the Triumph! Jean
  5. vtjean

    New Orleans cruise

    Will be on the Triumph on Feb 12, cruising out of New Orleans. Coming from Vermont, not sure how to dress for the weather. Usually cruise from Florida, so we bring all summer clothes. Know its cooler in NO, so we'll wear our winter clothes down. What do other people bring in a similar situation? The 1st and last days of the cruise are kinda cool, I've heard. Want to bring just a large beach bag and a carry-on suitcase. Any one with some helpful info? We'll be arriving 2 days before our cruise, which is a 5 day cruise. One week total vacay. Thanks...Jean
  6. When buying vanilla in Mexico, look for "no coumadin". The Mexican vanilla is the best in the world. I buy it whenever I'm in Mexico.
  7. vtjean

    Chair hogs

    [quote name='Nan-L']I'm the one that have the costume...(and on the other end my husband's costume was a chief, with a butcher knife in his back, with " I said RARE", written in blood...employees loved it and my husband and I both work in resorts,so know the employees problems too)My only problem is with "TRUE" Chair Hogs.. Ones that get up at 6:00am save a bunch of chairs with items and you NEVER see anyone sitting on the chairs for the day. I'm a later rasier, don't get on deck till around 11:00 and have gone to get chairs, stayed most of the day..and yes we do LEAVE our chairs for a dip or lunch....but we USE them~~~ I've come spent most of the late morning and afternoon on deck and have seen chairs saved the entire time and never saw "ONE" person using any of them..I've even seen a few chair hogs come at around 3:00 and take stuff off about 7 chairs that no one had been using since that morning!!! Guess they decided not to use them after all..and THIS is soo rude! To those of us that ACTUALY use the chairs during their stay I have no problem with them taking off for any period, to do something and return..and you can tell them from the others.... as the chairs look like they are being used!! I've never taken anything off a chair and perfer to be top deck, not by the pool, as I like the view/wind..but there are times it's been hard finding chairs for the 2 of us and when I see all those chairs with no towels on them just a book or a shoe and there are 4-8 in a row..I FEEL like throwing their stuff away.. Then if we get chairs in the same area as those saved chairs it's hard not to notice they are not being used.... and you see other people looking for chairs ...coming and going by them....To these TRUE chair hogs I say...this is just RUDE![/QUOTE] I think that you should give up your chairs when you go to lunch. You'll be gone anywhere from 30 - 60 minutes. Let someone else enjoy sitting by the pool...
  8. vtjean

    Carnival Past Cruiser Benefits

    What do you get after 5 cruises?
  9. Originally Posted by KroozNut View Post Is your niece blond?? JUST KIDDING...LOL!! AND a Rocket Surgeon! Dan [quote name='dan40']AND a Rocket Surgeon! Dan[/QUOTE] I've never heard of a rocket surgeon? Perhaps you mean a rocket scientist? Are YOU blond, by chance? LOL!!
  10. vtjean

    Noisy passengers on Balconies

    I have cruised 6 times, always have a balcony. Haven't had any problems with pretentious neighbors! Pretentious really doesn't fit here!! I am always amazed at complaints on CC about smoking on a balcony- with the breeze from the ocean, I don't know how it would be a problem. Even if you're sensitive to smoke, it wouldn't linger, the smoke would be gone in a few seconds/minutes. And noisy balcony neighbors and retaliation! It seems to me that revenge takes up too much energy. Get a life- why would you spend so much time thinking about ways to get revenge? It seems that you are part of the problem you are complaining about! And to not book a balcony because of a past problem- your loss of a beautiful area on the ship. Chances are, you wouldn't have the same experience on another cruise. Too much complaining. When I'm on vacation, I don't sweat the small stuff. Let the flaming begin...
  11. vtjean

    noisy balconies on lido

    My mother and I cruise every other year. Our next cruise will be on the Triumph in February and we booked a Lido deck balcony room. My mother has trouble walking, so I thought this location would be great. We usually book a balcony on the Upper deck and that's always nice. For $15.00 more per person, we were able to move up to the Lido. For the convenience of not waiting for the elevator and being able to walk a few steps to the buffet and sun and fun, I hope that the location is ideal for us! Any negatives from people who've stayed on a balcony on the Lido?
  12. Been to Jamaica twice. Never felt safe. People everywhere begging-extreme poverty. Very dangerous and scary. Didn't even feel safe near the pier. Will avoid Jamaica in the future...
  13. vtjean

    Carnival's Luggage Express

    Posters are saying they like this service, but specifics please! What airline and ports is this offered? Has anyone used this out of New Orleans on Continental? Thank you...
  14. Once again, I do not understand why someone would want to remove tips on their cruise! If you can afford to go on a cruise, then you can afford to leave the tips on your account. When people justify removing tips, I think they are just being cheap! Why not just leave the $10 per day tips on their account, and tip more, to people who go above and beyond? I believe everyone who waits on you, and others who are behind the scenes deserve to be compensated. You may not see them but they help to make your cruise vacation enjoyable. Please, don't remove the tips. The staff deserve them... Jean
  15. Hello, I really enjoyed your review-especially the pics! My mother and I will be on the Triumph in February. We'll be heading down to New Orleans a few days early-never been there. Looking forward to sailing down the Mississippi River. So sad about the oil... Did you enjoy this part of your cruise? Always have sailed out of Florida. Were you able to see a lot on the river or was it dark by that time? Was your balcony starboard or port side? Thanks again, Jean